I'm Going Blind - I Need Your Help

Breathing is one of the many things in life that we all take for granted. Good health and sight are two more. Even though I've lived with diabetes for years, I never envisioned a time where I would be contemplating what life would be like if I could not see. Even with the progress made by the ACA, there are still many like myself facing surgery and medical bills that no one could forsee or plan for. Right now I am facing a major one.

Those of you familiar with diabetes and the ancilliary health issues that can arise will know what the struggle with eyesight is like. In less than a week I was told that I had lost 90"% of the vision in my left eye and that it is irreversible. Now I  am facing major surgery to relieve the pressure in my right eye which is dangerously high and the only way to alleviate it is via surgery. I was told after consulting with my Doctor that the surgery needs to be done ASAP and that the longer we wait the more damage that is irreversible that would be done. It would be the first of a few proceedures to at the very least forestall the damage to my eyes. In order to do this we have to pay the hospital up front.
If invasive surgery is not done to alleviate the pressure it will cause irreverisble damage to the optic nerve and will result in blindness. 

Not having a rich  Uncle Louie or the numbers to the next powerball jackpot means seeking help by other means. While many themselves may be struggling it is my wish and the wish of my family that you give what you can, and if you can't give that you at least share this link with your friends and family.  I thank you for taking the time to read, share and do what you can to help. My wife and my daughters, who it is my sincere wish to see grow up into wonderful women all thank you as well....


I am so profoundly moved and touched by the incredible outpouring of support from everyone. Words for one of the few times in my life fail me. What has been done in 24 hours through the generosity of strangers is the stuff of legend. It is those stories that we read about but never think it could happen to us. 

I decided last night that whenever I reached my funding goal that I would leave the campaign up and donate any excess funds to the local St. Judes Children's Hospital here in Tennessee. I will also be making a donation to the American Diabetes Association.
Both organizations are fitting recipients of the generosity that I have been fortunate enough to partake of and are engaged with dealing with issues of health with obvious societal overtones - so please if you planned to give still feel free to do so with the knowledge that your support will go to help someone. 

Please know that on behalf of myself and my family we as a body are truly, deeply and eternally grateful for the support no mattter what form it takes and we all Thank you ! 

Signed Me...

UPDATE: 11/19/2014

Continuing the ongoing battle to save and now restore my vision - I am scheduled for surgery this coming Monday in an attemtp to correct a situation that ocurred from the previous surgery which left my eye wit below normal pressure and which over time, ultimately made my vision worse. I have not been able to write since the last surgery and while i may try to follow on occasion social networks the only place ive been able to poke my head in the door has been facebook and thats only because of voice command interactivity on my phone. Typing anything and reading especially on my phone is not happning. This would explain some of the crazy typos you may have seen and scratched your head about. 

I know this time of year is hard on everyone, it just got a little harder here.  Whatever you van do to help is greatly appreciated, Please be sure and share the link on your social networks. 

Thanks yet again, in advance, 

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Patrick A. Phillips 
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