Aid for the Yemeni people

Please have a read before you exit this page, maybe what is contained in our story can help you understand who we are and what we plan to accomplish. This project is to bring humanity together again, to bring together every faith, race, and ethnicity together for a cause that matters to many

This project is 100% NON-PROFITABLE with 100% of your donations reaching the people in need personally.

The aidforyemenn project will ensure that the voice of those that is too quiet to be heard will be heard by someone whereby they will be attended to personally, the campaign will not only focus on big cities but small villages where the cries of those in need is unheard and unattended. 

The situation In Yemen is an ongoing story of tragedy, the conflict has caused hundreds of thousands to lose their lives and millions to lose the basic human rights which includes the issue of starvation and disease outbreaks; with no access to much needed medicine to treat major outbreaks like the cholera breakout in 2017 thousands passed because of it and it still affects many till this day: without proper medicine the situation will only get worse. The situation continues to deteriorate every passing year, over 50,000 children were believed to have died in 2017 alone.


Routinely every night there are air raids that would shake the entire city, whilst many are killed there are children who have been orphaned due to losing their entire families, we can’t imagine the pain of losing a sibling or even a parent but imagine losing every family member in less than 5 minutes with you being the only person left to identify the unidentifiable bodies of every dear person you have ever loved. Millions of children have been left orphaned because of the war and with the conflict not improving there is only more to come but we can help by providing those in need with the aids to help them survive.


17 million people (over 60% of the population) do not know when they will have their next meal, with over 7 million on the verge of famine. More than 2 million children in Yemen are acutely malnourished and require urgent care. Only 45% of healthcare facilities are believed to be operation however of those 45% many lack the resources including medication to treat those with severe conditions or even life threatening diseases, at least 1 child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen due to the lack of health resources or even the poverty that swoops through Yemen with most unable to afford anything other than a single piece of bread for their entire families.

18.4 million yemenis are expected to starve to death by the end of this year, THAT IS 3X THE DEATH TOLL OF THE JEWS KILLED IN THE HOLOCAUST. 


Having witnessed the conflict in Yemen first hand it was heart-breaking to see children as young as 3 years of age on the streets begging for as little as 1 yemeni rial which does not even convert to 1p, women with babies that were barely a couple of months old sat in the middle of streets pleading with any passers by to help them feed their families, the price of healthcare is simply  not affordable for most and most are forced to go out in any public place they can to plead with people to give them anything that may help them with getting closer to the healthcare they are much in need of.


The funds raised will go towards helping families have access to water, food and any healthcare many need, we will also be helping to support many people displaced by the war by providing clothes, food, blankets, and any other necessities they may need. Another major issue is the starvation and malnutrition of children and the poor conditions of those in hospitals so we will be visiting hospitals to provide any support we are able to.


Personal Message from the project creator 

This project was started as a result of what I witnessed being in Yemen in 2016. Although there was a ceasefire when we went, 2 weeks after we arrived the air raids started again, during the 4 months we were trapped in the country we experienced many things that many could only imagine; I visited hospitals to see the conditions, I spoke to people, I saw how they lived, there were daily and nightly air strikes, deaths upon deaths, massacres upon massacres, I felt helpless as to what I could do to at-least help those in need.

There was one moment however that changed everything for me. Although the news of a new death became common, no one will ever understand how traumatising it is to think you will be the next name mentioned as a ‘new death’ and no one will ever understand how traumatising it is to have a ballistic rocket explode 500meters from you, the car we were in was lifted into the air due to the impact and rocks and pebbles from the ground showered the car,alhamdullilah there was no injury and although many in my situation would have gone into shock I did not. There’s been many moments in my life where I’ve faced near death situations however this particular incident hit me hard: one of my family members was killed due to a missile directly hitting his group. This made me realise how death can come to you at any moment whether you expect it or not, death waits for no one, and with that, upon returning to the uk I’ve decided that the next time I return to Yemen I will not be the helpless person I was then and instead try and help in some way. This project will set the foundations for something much bigger in the future inshallah, everything starts with a plan and small steps, as-well as the support of a team. Please do not doubt my ability due to how small this project may be now but it WILL be a part of something much bigger in the future if Allah wills it to be.

Our plan is to either have volunteering members go and work for the year in yemen from 2020 through to 2021 or gather a team once in yemen to take part in this project, most of our members will have personal ties to the country so they will ensure that we make the most of every penny we have, we have set up the campaign a year early in order for us to raise as much as we can, our aim is for £10,000 in a year which will help thousands, with every donation we get a step closer. The funds raised will be withdrawn throughout the year and will be put into a safe box until next year inshallah, money will not only be raised online but also in events and donators who would like to hand the donation by hand.

“Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately and know that your deeds will not make you enter Paradise, and that the most beloved deed to Allah’s is the most regular and constant even though it were little.”
— Prophet Muhammad

For any further enquiries please contact us through our email [email redacted] or our Instagram: @aidforyemen2019


Please either donate or share this page, we have to unite as an ummah of humanity to help those that are suffering, there are far too many people visiting this page and waiting for others to do the work for them, we can only make a change if we work together, you alone can vouch for your actions on judgement day, let this sadaqah be one of the positives•
جزاكم الله خير

Once in Yemen we will be posting stories and photos of the progress to update everyone on where their donations are going and how they are being used.


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