A unexpected turn of events...

My sons fatherJoe andstep dad to 2 girls, was diagnosed 2 years ago with severe depression and was currently being tested for manic bipolar in which he was also receiving SSI which allowed him to stay at home with the kids and do the daddy daycare stuff in which he was heavily involved,  and happy while he was in treatment to get back into the real world.

A month ago he was expressing the readiness to get back out and get a job in which we agreed driving for UBER would be a good start, there fore he can still manage the kids at the same time introduce himself back in to the public and resource out. 

My oldest daughter Andrina turns 16 on Sept 13, so I went and purchased a new car, 2017 Kia Forte, in my name and we agreed that he would drive until her 16th birthday so he can see if this would work for him, and if so then he could get his own car, etc.

Everything was going great the first 2 weeks, as a 2nd income was finally coming in, Joe was glowing,  and I was able to see some savings for the first time in 7 years!

Two weeks ago a sudden turn of events took place. He went out to drive for Uber and Lyft and he NEVER CAME HOME!!!!!

I took vacation days to stay home with my kids to figure things out. My purse also ended up getting stolen and the police would not do anything because they said since I let him use the car, I would have to sue him myself via civil court, and how do you sue someone who disapeared?? I called the dealership as my first payment for the car is due TODAY 07/31/2017... they advised me to turn on my skylink so i can find the cars whereabouts and it would cost $100. So I went online to check my account and it showed NEGATIVE 1500! I also seen my car was at the Casino, so I grabbed the spare keys, drove up there, seen the car and took it back. Inside was food for 2 and bags packed, with female stuff in he front seat like makeup, etc.  I immediately drove to the bank and because I have a joint account due to his SSI so he could receive his payments, the bank (wells fargo) advised me that they could not do anything, that i am 50% responsible!! I even showed them my mental health papers and requested a copy of those checks that were deposited. The checks were cashed via ATM and the signature is NOT HIS... 

I was able to make contact with him at random times and he only replies with statements like "we are better off with out him" etc.. I told him if he comes back we can get him professional help and that the kids are worried sick about him. He only responds once in while saying he cant come home, he is ashamed what he did, etc.. but that is as much communication that i can get from him, and the police again will not let me file a missing persons report since he has responded to my texts... he has a suicide attempt history.. I have called people on the phone records, but no luck.

I am trying to preserve my job and I do not need to apply for public assistance with the county, as I can take over after the 15th of August, I only need to come up with the car payment $625- daycare for half the month for 2 kids in 1st grade and 4th grade $700 and for a payday loan I borrowed to get by this last week, and they cannot pull from that one account, since now, my account is negative, and there went all my savings.  I have sold our Huge TV's, I have cut the cable and I am signed up to drive UBER and LYFT after my full time job with added Overtime, including I have been loading as much as I can on Ebay and Etsy for my clay crafts. All of this extra work I am dedicated to put in will pay off, but not for a few weeks, and I am in need of the money asap to prevent my daughters car to get repoed, as its the first contract payment, the account hit my rent in which thankfully I have 5 days left to come up with the rest, and my oldest starts school a week before the kids do, so I need the daycare started by the 15th. My oldes was not able to participate on the tennis team due to this sudden absence, and now she is considering home school so she can help babysit, and once she said that, i was like NO WAY.. we are not going to let this affect you like this. We will find a way.  SO please, anything can help, I can provide receipts, pictures, anything to show that I am pulling all strings I can to only get me thru this bump and i will be able to take it from there, once I get my regular check on the 15th...  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and helping prevent my kids from losing everything overnight.


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Nicole Sanchez 
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