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A Service Dog for Becca

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My name is Diana Floris, and I am the mother of three children. When one of your children hurts, your mother’s or father’s heart hurts too, and you want to do something about it. I am not different in that respect.


I am planning to raise $45,000 (=€40.000) to finance the adoption, training and expenses of a service dog for one of my daughters who suffers from severe hypoglycemia and posttraumatic stress disorder. Becca lives in the Netherlands. The amount was estimated by the Dutch government organization (WMO) that looked at her case. 

What happened?

My middle child, Rebecca Floris, has severe hypoglycemia. Becca is a bright and beautiful 26-year-old, who would love to go out and work. Due to the disease she needs a sitter all day and cannot exert herself too much. From hurricane Katrina, she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder as well, and that seems to aggravate the hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia makes your blood sugar levels drop too low. In Becca’s case, it drops too low each day up to about 12 times per day. Without someone or a service dog present, she gets unconscious about once daily. That can easily get her in a coma and worse! She doesn’t feel it coming at all. The specialists didn’t know what to do with her and put her in the hospital for several days in the hopes of finding a solution to no avail. With the help of a dietitian, she switched to a plant-based diet that eased it a little bit. A service dog can sense that her blood sugar level is dropping. The dog will alert her, can get food, and warn someone. He can also keep her anxiety level low.

Becca filed for government help with the payment twice. And, she got denied twice. She will send in the rebuttal soon, but chances are slim she can make them change their mind. She also tried one of the tv programs that help people in impossible situations. They did not want to take her case either. She will be seen by a new doctor in a different hospital (Radboud UMC in Nijmegen) in December. Hopefully, they are willing to put a diagnosis down. The first hospital (Maasstad Ziekenhuis Rotterdam) is not willing to give 100% certainty on the diagnosis, and government organizations use it to deny her services.

Future without a dog…

Right after Christmas, she and her fiancé will move to their own home. Since she doesn’t have a service dog, her fiancé will have to bring her to his parents every morning on his way to work and pick her up at night 6 days per week unless there is someone else available to keep her company in her home. Not to mention: who is doing the housework and the groceries? Hypoglycemic attacks are exhausting and the amount of anxiety she has due to it is excruciating! She feels imprisoned. Getting a service dog is urgent, because she will be able to participate in society again!


Please help me raise the money, so the training of a dog can start. We learned that training can take up to two years, since the dog needs to be customized to Becca.


The funds raised will solely be spent on the service dog. In the unlikely event Becca gets healed, I will donate it to a nonprofit helping people with the same need. I am raising the funds for Becca, because in the Netherlands, the government will require her to use personal savings before helping her if she needs social welfare. These funds raised will be seen as such if transferred to a bank account with her name on it.


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Diana Floris
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