A Home & Medical Care For Lisa

My sister Lisa used to be vibrant, bold, outgoing, hard -working , social, funny, happy.

This is a photo of her before she fell ill:

For the past 7 years she has been listless, timid, withdrawn, sick with many, many symptoms. After a series of surgeries and long-bouts with chronic pain and misdiagnoses, Lisa has lost her house, job, savings, and even car.

This is Lisa after becoming ill:

We now have found the causes of her chronic illness. She has recently tested positive for Lyme Disease and other co-infections which would make her more susceptible to bio-toxin illness ( Mold Toxicity aka CIRS) multiple chemical sensitivity. As a result of the severe nature of her illness, Lisa has had to leave her home and all her clothes and other belongings abruptly due to toxic mold causing life threatening symptoms. She was left without a place to live.

After 7 years of disability, loss of function, loss of her savings, her home, and anything that was worth even a little money she sold long ago trying desperately to get a diagnosis for her condition. 2 years ago she even sold her car in a desperate attempt to find a doctor who could diagnose and help her. She was still 2 years away from finding the cause of her illnesses, and when she did find it, she found it on her own after exhaustive research.

First the Lyme diagnosis which was confirmed, then the mold, also confirmed and now the metals, once again confirmed. Lyme, mold illness and heavy metal toxicity are all conditions that usually go hand in hand. Healthy people may not be as effected by mold as someone with an already weakened immune system, such as my sister's. These illnesses have left her unable to function and are potentially fatal.

Our goal is for Lisa to receive treatment for Lyme and mold & detoxify while avoiding any further exposure by finding a mold safe living environment. Her symptoms which she deals with on a daily basis include: Encephalitis (brain swelling), brain fog, confusion, impairment of her central nervous system, memory loss, inability to focus, electrical shocks, Cardiac arrhythmia, heart racing, blurred vision, tremors, chronic fatigue, chronic insomnia, tinnitus, facial and eye swelling, metal taste in mouth, irritated eyes and sinuses, headaches and widespread muscle pain and others. Imagine having these scary symptoms and infections and being this sick without a place to rest and cover out of the very toxins that keep making you sick? It's an unimaginable nightmare for her.

Being unable to work, think, socialize and just be herself and not having the funds for treatment for her illness and very little in the way of answers has her feeling very hopeless and depressed. She feels like she has lost everything and just keeps losing and doesn't know where to go or what to do. She just wants to feel better and get her life back. She needs hope and she needs help. This is why I am writing this today in a desperate attempt to get her the help that she needs.

Lisa has had to leave her living environment and all of her possessions and is now homeless and sick. Until she can see the right doctors who can treat her for this, she does not know how much damage has been done to her body and organs so far. My sister has nowhere to go and no money left. She lost everything over the years trying to find out why she was so sick and now all of her personal belongings due to having to abandon them abruptly. Doctors failed her over and over again, allowing her to get sicker and sicker with no explanation. She has been on disability, and after she pays for her medicines, some food and medical bills, there is nothing left. People who have other more known chronic illnesses have their treatments covered by insurance and get help from their communities. The same is true when someone loses their home and all of their possessions to a house fire. But this is not the case at all with mold illness or late stage Lyme disease. Most healthy people can live and work in water damaged environments and have no symptoms, however, when your immune system is as compromised as Lisa's is, it makes the situation much worse. Her body is overwhelmed with different toxins and simply cannot take much more.

There are doctors who could help her: one is in New York and has helped someone else in RI with this type of problem. The other potentially better option is in New Hampshire, and there are clinics throughout the country and even Mexico where they are treating people with these illnesses and they are getting their lives back. Unfortunately, most are out of our reach financially. Even the local specialists ( NY, NH, DC) require a deposit just to make an appointment. Any doctor she sees for Lyme and mold will want to run extensive and expensive tests and give treatments that will not be covered by Medicare or any other insurance. -->**Additionally, Lisa needs to find a safe place to stay with clean air so that her body has a chance to get rid of some of the inflammation that has built up without being exposed to more toxins.** She even had to leave her beloved dog Milo with a family member all of these month's and she has still been unable to find a home for them both. He has been Lisa's main source of emotional support all of those years being stuck at home and sick.

In addition, Lisa's things will need to be slowly replaced after she finds a place she is able to tolerate. We are trying to determine if at least some of her clothes can be saved. It doesn't appear likely since they are heavily contaminated and may be too risky for Lisa to be near again, even after several washings. Based on experts recommendations, Lisa's top priority is a safe living environment. This may be in the form of a vehicle so she could camp in a location with clean air for an extended period of time, such as a cargo van or camper specially outfitted with chemical free & mold resistant materials (new is best to avoid contamination from previous owners but used could work as well) Or perhaps a tiny house built with special materials. Or a Newish house or apartment with low VOC materials and chemical free as much as possible. Whatever is best to give Lisa a chance to get rid of the toxins she has built up and avoid further exposures.

We have set Lisa's financial goal at $25,000 but we are hoping to surpass that so that she can find a suitable living situation and be able to pay for ongoing medical and dental care, as well as bills accumulated over the years while she has been ill as Lisa is currently drowning in medical debt.

Another way you can help: If you or someone you know can offer services that may help improve Lisa's health and/or financial situation, whether it be acupuncture, energy healing, massage, fundraising, etc., please let us know, as well. We greatly appreciate your love & support.

We ask that you please share this with your friends, family & professional network to help spread the word for Lisa so she can finally focus on moving forward, healing, and getting her life back. Thank you so much for reading, for your prayers and support and for any help you can provide to us. GOD BLESS.

Some resources for further information are: https://www.survivingmold.com/community/as-i-see-it-lyme-disease-and-cirs




Documentary by Dave Asprey of Bulletproof called "Moldy" which is informative

Also the documentary "Under Our Skin" is an excellent insight into what many with Lyme Disease go through: http://underourskin.com/



"How much exposure to these mold toxins is required to trigger a response? This can vary but often the amount is very small. For instance, it is not at all uncommon for an object such as a book to be contaminated with enough toxin to be able to cause people with this type of hypersensitivity to become very ill. People or pets can have enough toxin sticking to their hair or clothing to cause severe reactions in hypersensitive individuals as well."



"Recovery from mold toxicity, which is the most pressing issue, requires that I avoid all buildings and homes with any history of water damage, and adhere to a lengthy and costly treatment protocol. Consequently, I'm now sleeping in a tent, because I can't afford a mold-free home."
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