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My name is Andrew Saporito together with my wife Bexx we make up a team of two that make up Dot Connector Podcast . A weekly podcast channel and video platform that pushes the limits of the known and unknown. We’re a research channel that never quits, we add comedy and a light-hearted approach to very serious matters that plaque our world from end of day scenarios, biblical breakdowns, pandemic coverage, altered history, manipulated present and manufactured and scripted futures. We love covering things like cryptozoology, paranormal along with myth and legend - nothing is off the table as long as we can connect the needed dots in order to prove it’s reality in our world and our lives.

Together we’re joined by an amazing crew of independent researchers who are all motivated by the same goal and have been for the past 4 years solid. This goal is what drew us all into the same place but love and the true feel of family is what keeps us all together We are a team of professionals who’s passion is shooting the dome.

About the Dome

The dome is a collection of only three items which is a less expensive alternative to something called the Santilli Telescope Method. The Santilli Method is the only known and proven method of recording, documenting and researching alternative and parallel universe as well as invisible terrestrial entities that exist all around us here on Earth and here within our universe.

About the Santilli Telescope Method
The Santilli Method was discovered by a Jesuit and Vatican Astronomer by the name of Ruggero Maria Santilli from the Institute for Basic Research .

About Dr. Ruggero Santilli
As Im sure you can already tell from the sound of it - there’s absolutely nothing basic about his institute or his research. Mr. Santilli did something very basic to a very well-known telescope and that’s probably the basis for his institutes’s name. He took the end lens on Galileo telescopes and turned it concave. When he did - it opened an unknown universe that’s existed all around us since the days of creation. The ITEs we all have the power to record, document and track by all intensive purposes could be the angels we’ve only read about in the Bible, the Torah, the Quran and many other religious scriptures across the world and throughout history.

Let’s hear straight from the astronomer and inventor himself in one of his existing physics papers devoted to the use of this Santilli Telescope in the finding and recording of ITE-1 and ITE-2 entities here in our world where they’ve been since the beginning of time, since the days of creation.

About the Santilli Telescope Method (Taken from the Abstract of peer-reviewed Physics Paper ) By using telescopes with concave lenses, known as Santilli telescopes, we review preceding evidence for the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays. Independently from these astrophysical detections, we present for the first time evidence for the apparent existence of entities in our terrestrial environment that are solely visible via telescopes with concave lenses, while being invisible to our eyes and to normal everyday conventional Galileo telescopes with convex lenses, which entities leave dark images in the background of digital cameras attached to the Santilli telescopes. These entities are here called Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the first kind. We then present, also for the first time, evidence for the apparent existence in our terrestrial environment of additional entities that are also visible to telescopes with concave lenses while being invisible to our eyes and to conventional telescopes with convex lenses, which entities leave bright images in the background of digital cameras. These additional entities are here called Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the second kind (ITE-2 ) or bright ITE. It is pointed out that both types of entities generally move in the night sky over sensitive areas, and their behavior generally suggests unauthorized surveillance. This paper has been motivated by the significance and diversification of the collected evidence, as well as available independent confirmations, that warrant systematic inspections of the sky over our sensitive civilian, industrial, and military installations via telescopes with concave lenses, so as to detect possible unauthorized surveillance.

What Do I Need from All of You?
That question is an easy one - this information is something the world deserves to know about. My plan is a 4 part informational series but the series starts with a book. That book isn’t a normal one that you may be used too. If we’re discussing and teaching the dome - we must include the dome setup with the book itself. This informational guide on how to shoot the dome and record, document and understand the Santilli Method will come paired with the most beautiful Dome Setup.

Now that you know what in the dome setup not it’s time we show you exactly how it works. But before I do I want to clear your head and mind of expectations. As we’ve been doing this for 4 years we are positive how every party will react to this setup.

The first thing you think we’ll catch is nothing more than dust, hair, specs and debris on the lens. NOTE: I can assure you after 4 years we don’t pay attention those sorts of things on our imagery. I hope you would trust after 4 years that we are well practiced on how to clean our equipment before using.

You will think that everything in our dome is nothing but affects of refraction and reflected light and you’re not totally wrong but it’s that how every telescope works? Yes, this is a method of studying the reflected and refracted light spectrums within and now outside of our visual spectrum. We are researchers and by all intensive purposes scientists and most definitely professionals in shooting the dome.

My Photography Experience
Just so you know all of the parties in our research team are seasoned photography experts. I’ve been a photographer for over 20 years now and I have over 800 videos to prove it. Once you take the time to check out my video library you won’t have an ounce of fear that I dont’ know what I’m doing behind any camera rig. I”m a wiz -this I assure you. You’re not going to be able to come up with a hurdle, issue or doubt that I haven’t already battled and won a million times over. It’s time you understand that you’ve never walked this path as my team and I have and it’s time you place your trust in professionals at this method and allow us to work the magic we’re used too producing.

Seeing is Believing
For those that just don’t believe what they are seeing at first go out of their way to prove us wrong. They usually do so by buying their own dome setups - which we recommend you all do. Once you test it out yourself, fall in love immediately and realize that all of your fears were for absolutely nothing - those naysayers become our biggest fans only weeks later. It always ends up like this — it never fails. Ever. We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals who have wanted to be a part of our team and apart of the mind-blowing research and the method discovered by Dr. Santilli.

About Dot.Connector.Podcast by [BMC]
I’ve chose two separate videos to show you. In the first video it’s a 101 of how to shoot the dome. I’m speaking directly to our 20,000+ subscribers, members, followers and super fans on our Private Membership Portal called Boogie Man Channel - it’s a side project of Dot Connector Podcast and you’re all more than welcome to come and visit, sit in on a dome lesson or two to help yourselves get comfortable with what you’ll hopefully be investing on. I personally think that time would be wasted as you can just invest and still sit in on the classes as an added bonus. As I was going to throw in a ton of classes and memberships for all investors anyways so you might as kill two birds with one stone but that’s just me talking here and I’m a very biased opinion if I must say so myself but lets continue

About Skydome Atlantis
In the dome my team and I have all pin pointed an alternate reality and parallel universe mirroring our own which we’ve nicknamed Skydome Atlantis. In this place they don’t live on land, instead these entitles live on the clouds, Their entire construct, although looks exactly like ours (minus the earth) lacks a real sun, a real moon or real stars. Basically anything in the sky is simulated.

About The Waters Above
These entities live on cloud crafts and structures located in the sky, tethered to something in the Bible called “The Firmament” a hypothetical home around the Earth stopping anything coming or going. In the last few years, NASA has discovered something described exactly like this structure they’ve nicknamed the “A Manmad Indestructible Barrier Shrouding Earth” - it really makes you wonder how much of this alternate reality is actually alternate.

In this reality the cloud structures these entities are located and live atop they can best be described as aircraft carrier clouds but modern science calls Occulter Pads. Some of these occulter pads are in charge of taking care of random lights in the sky - fake stars, fake planets, fake suns, nebulae and the likes. So some of these occulter pads have things like sun simulators or stars on flexible neck leashes bent in interesting manners while they coast along their construct acting as engineers and maintenance men of their world and universe. These are the handlers of the their world and ensure everything is up to par and operating at maximum capacity all of the time. They take it very personal if something they were responsible for breaks down during there shift or on their watch as they say.

All of these occulter pads and aircraft carrier pads are tethered together and connected by these very sophisticated track systems. Many of the occulter pads and aircraft carrier clouds are overly tethered in the firmament dome - I”m not sure why the extra straps and tethers are needed.

About the Track System
The vehicles in this reality are my favorite because these entities pride themselves on the technologies they develop inside or outside of their own reality. You’ll find like super bikes, track cars and trucks, track hover boards and hangers which are track cars which hand from the track system itself and operate underneath it. You’ll love the bikes on the tracks with the front wheels angled to the downward position towards the track system - it really looks amazing and these vehicles go super fast. These entities don’t understand basic traffic rules as we do and you’ll find them running over one another at full speed all the time - it’s quite enjoyable to watch. I’m positive I have some on recording - I’ll play a disaster for you once we come to one.

I just wanted to give you some very basic knowledge of their construct before we begin on these videos. But I believe I’ve done just that so lets’ begin - shall we?

If you would like to see some of these videos in action

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