A Different Choice for President 2024

Slogan: "All Lives Matter. Period."

Quote: "There is only one race. The Human Race"


It doesn't matter if you're white, black, blue (police), red (firefighters), Asian, Gay, Lesbian, child, adult, senior citizen... ALL LIVES MATTER. PERIOD.


Who is Donald Faulknor?

Donald Faulknor is 38 with four children (3 boys, 1 girl) all under 18 years old.

Donald Faulknor has lived in poverty his entire life (don't worry, this is a good thing)

Donald Faulknor has no previous political experience (this too, is a good thing)

Donald Faulknor is compassionate, kind, caring... has a heart of gold. Donald Faulknor cares about YOU. Donald Faulknor will fight for YOU.

Donald Faulknor is younger than any other president in history. This doesn't mean, lack of knowledge, it means Faulknor isn't senile (as some presidents have been). Faulknor is young and active... actively fighting for YOU.

Donald Faulknor is a Republican. YOUR Republican candidate. Vote for Faulknor.


How is poverty beneficial to a Presidential Candidate?

All past presidents have had some sort of wealth or really good career prior to getting elected. Because of this, the presidency usually benefits the rich. I will turn this around. The low class and middle class will benefit from my presidency drastically; whereas, the rich will also benefit indirectly. This will be explained in my agenda in full detail.


How is no previous political experience beneficial to a Presidential Candidate?

Past presidents (except Donald Trump and maybe a few others) came into office with extensive political experience bringing with them the corruptness they developed in their previous political office. Bringing their ideas that benefitted one particular region, instead of thinking about the country as a whole. Faulknor will bring to the presidency a new and fresh vision not clouded by previous offices. Faulknor has, however, kept up with current events and developed necessary political knowledge over the course of the last 4 years and is continuing to learn today.


Is there an official campaign setup for Faulknor?

Yes, Faulknor 4 President is registered with the Federal Elections Commission and Donald Earl Faulknor, Jr. is registered as a candidate with the Federal Elections Commission. Faulknor 4 President has a campaign committee bank account where all funds will be deposited to prior to any expenditures being spent. Faulknor 4 President also has tax exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service and an Employer Identification Number with the Internal Revenue Service.


Is there a website?

Yes, but it's currently under construction. You can gladly view a "coming soon" page with basic information. Visit the official campaign committee website at https://faulknor4president.com .


How will contributions be allocated?

Contributions will be used for any necessary campaigning efforts including, but not limited to, wages/salaries, advertising/marketing, agenda planning & setting, travel, office supplies, bookkeeping & statistic tracking, research, & more.


What will happen to remaining funds after the election or in the event of campaign disbandment?

Upon the closure of Faulknor 4 President, all remaining funds will first be used to pay remaining liabilities then be donated to Alliance for Children based out of Fort Worth, Texas.


Sample Agenda

This is not a complete agenda, but will outline some of the path of this presidency:

Lower taxes for low and middle class.

Increased taxes for upper class (if they have the financial ability to pay without being negatively impacted). The increased taxes will go into programs for education, workforce training, and career assistance, which benefits upper class as they will have access to more prepared & qualified employees and employee retention.

Loan and Grant programs setup to benefit "green" corporations to encourage a better, healthier America and to help battle Global Warming.

Programs for education, workforce training, and career assistance will be setup to help assure every work capable American can actually find a career.

A proposal to increase social security benefits by roughly 10% and a 0.5% increase in the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA), which is currently at a measly 1.3%. Note: This increase is not a promise. The House and Senate must approve it.

Coronavirus will be dealt with if it's still a problem in 2024. For now, this is a back-burner agenda, since we could only hope it's gone by 2024. The closer we get, the more we'll create an agenda regarding coronavirus. Experts will be brought in as advisors regarding a coronavirus agenda, if necessary. A plan for any and all future pandemic responses will be set regardless of the path coronavirus takes us in 2024.

There is a lot more to come. When it's ready, you will find the complete agenda on the campaign website.


How will the initial contributions be used?

Being elected President is not an easy thing. It's even harder for someone that no one has ever heard of before. The initial step will be ballot access, which will require either a Republican nomination by an existing politician or 1% of the voters from the last election in the home state of the candidate, which is Florida. Initial contributions will be used for getting ballot access and petitions signed for that purpose.


Contribute Today!

Contribute some of your hard earned money... we know that you work hard for your money and we apologize that we need your support, but your money will be well spent in fixing a broken system. Every dollar helps.


Federal Law Says:

If you contribute more than $200 in any calendar year, we must make every attempt to collect your full legal name, address, occupation, and employer's name. If you contribute more than $200, please provide us with this information. Federal law also states that you may not contribute more than $5,000. Please, we don't need more than that... so, just don't do it. Any funds from one individual exceeding $5,000 will be refunded. We may also not accept any contributions from corporations, labor unions, foreign nationals, and federal government contractors.


You Consent to Marketing Materials, if:

You provide your phone number. If you provide your phone number, you consent to receiving marketing text and/or voice messages. We promise, however, not to be annoying. You won't receive message after message after message and we will never sell or give away your phone number or any contact information to any third party that isn't directly working on our behalf.


Donald Faulknor
Deltona, FL

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