A boost for a brother

Greetings my name is Robert Comanche 1%er Santiago MFFM.
Four years ago last month I was released from federal detention, (for those who are unfamiliar  of the cases details , you can log on to Aging Rebel. Com. And search “ the New York Mongol”, “ Robert Santiago “ & “the New York Mongol Set Free “, )after almost four years of fighting the lying bastards .
Since my release that case has haunted me...
at first I was unable to find work so I went to CDL school and earned my Class A license.,thinking all I needed was a trade to improve my chances of getting hired. but,no one would hire a me thanks to that case and after a few months of doors being slammed in my face I swallowed my pride and took a job at Walmart.... UNLOADING trucks part time for minimum wage!
I figured, at least I can earn SOMETHING while looking for a better job.someone will hire me any day now. (I had my resume on line and was electroniclt dropping app’s ,etc.)
Eight months later:
I took a job driving a non cdl lot sweeper , it came with a two dollar raise and the promise of making “BigBucks”driving a ClassB Road Sweeper ,making prevailing wage doing road work. And nine months later,seemingly true to they’re word, I was given a $2.25 raise and allowed to earn prevailing wage for 6 weeks out of the seven months I drove those trucks,. ..Yep I got played!
I was bitter, every time I saw one of the bosses I wanted to bash they’re lying ,cheating faces in . It was only a matter of time before it became impulsive so I had to go! Besides I was getting deeper in debt with every paycheck .
FATE  took direct notice and interceded as if to say ‘ enough!’
The co owner of Empire  Waste asked me “ you ready for this yet?”meaning; am I ready to drive a garbage truck for him.to be honest, i didn’t think I was!
The job is hard, I’m 55 old. Each route has  a minimum of 200 stops at which you have to get out of the truck and empty a 65 ,or 95 gal. Cans full of garbage. Salaries at $900 a week( almost twice what I earned a week.), but ,your there till the job is done.!Which is usually about 54 hours a week, sometimes more.
Jays a great dude , no bullshit in him. Tells you straight how it is and he gives a fuck about his guys.
The job is hard, most nights I come home too exhausted to eat! My body is always sore but I’m starting to catch up with my bills I
And in about two months, with some tight budgeting, I’ll level out .
So, I would imagine your thinking, “ Than what the fuck are you asking for help for?!?”
I’m getting there
A good friend of mine ‘s mom and sister are realtors, and they know a woman who had raised her family in this one house for about fifty years before her husband died . She decided to get rid of it for far less than it’s worth to a family who would appreciate it. And the house is Beautiful! A 1960 Ranch on a half acre of cleared land in a quiet manor hood. And the school is the best in the area.
the deal of a motherfucking life time!
My family and I went to check it out and quickly negotiated a low down payment and a more then reasonable and easily coverable  mortgage, then we shook, hugged and promised to meet at the closing.... a little less then two months from now.
We rushed to do our taxes and found that We would be getting less this year because I made more money. No sweat, we got more than  two months ,right? I can cover it.just be a bit tight.... then fate took a U turn!
I hadn’t noticed my car inspection had lasped and, yeah, the check engine light was on.( couldn’t cover the bills on my last job,let alone car repairs.)$540 later, and I still haven’t went to court yet.
Then the other day the light bill came in... $900 ! They want the whole due amount of $2500 , a portion that was incurred while I was locked up & last months bill that is so high because the trailer we live in has like no insulation and we had to heat with place heaters, couldn’t afford heating fuel at my last job either!
On top of that there is a Christmas loan that I’m down to $550 on, and a speeding ticket I caught  while driving for EAST COAST INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, out of pine bush ,N.Y., my last job, in the amount of $200 left.
As I said , given time, I can take care of all of this, but, I don’t have time.
In order to make this move I have already signed out of the trailer park that I live in,so in two months, make it or beak it, we gotta be out.
There is a Chinese proverb, “ may your life  always be interesting.” It’s intended as a Curse!
When we were kids on Rikers Island, we had a saying that we thought was tough;”if it ain’t rough it ain’t right!” In my life I have come to find; “if it ain’t rough, SOMETHING is fuckin wrong!!” But, does it always really have to be?
Yeah , I know, twelcome to the real world of the upstanding citizen! We all have our shit to go through.and it’s all relative and just as much a pain in the ass to each of us.why hang my dirty draws out on Main Street?
My wife had asked ;”can your Brothers help you out? Maybe with a loan?”
What Brother? Which Brothersu? Just about all my brothers are going through their own shit, I’m not trying to be a burden on my Brothers!
A friend at work suggested I try this. Aside from it being kinda embarrassing, ( but desperate times call for desperate actions.)
I thought , fuck it! Let’s give it a shot.
At worse , I’ll get no help and I’m no worse off for my effort and , those that don’t know me that well will learn alittle about me .
but, at best ,I will be able to provide something for my family, with a little help from my Brothers and friends, that I could never DREAM of having when I was a child!
In the end it’s about quality of life, right?
each generation improving the standing  and condition of the last, right?
So, there it is.
What makes this platform work is that it don’t take much from each to make the difference. Every bit counts.
Don’t feel obligated because we’re Brothers or friends, if you ain’t I got it no sweat, but, even a nickel will bring me that much closer to the mark.
I am going to make this happen, one way or another! I refuse to let this opportunity pass, would you?
if this works out it will only make things a little easier.
So, thanks for taking the time to read this BOOK, lol. And I hope every thing is copastedic in your life.
Money don’t buy happiness but it can buy RELIEF!
Much Love and Respect!

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Robert Santiago
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