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Wilson Antonio Rodriguez Macareno

Watch the illegal arrest of Wilson Rodriguez, ploice bodycam video link below:

My beloved friend Wilson Rodriguez was stolen from his family and friends by the Tukwila Police and ICE yesterday. In the early hours of February 8th 2018, Wilson woke to the sounds of a prowler outside his home. Scared for his family’s safety he called the police. When the Tukwila Police arrived they arrested Wilson and called ICE.

Wilson was 19 years old when I picked him up at Home Depot to help me on a home improvement project. He’s been my trusted friend and family member ever since. He has a kind heart and constantly goes out of his way to do good. He goes to church, doesn’t drink or do drugs, and loves more than anything his wife and three toddler children.

The money we raise will go towards Wilson’s legal fund and directly to his wife and children, to be used for food, shelter, and the needs of their three US-born toddlers.

Thanks for your calls of support. Please instead call the Tukwila Police and tell them how you feel about their police actions and policy. There is no room in this State for those that don't protect and value the incredible contribution that people like Wilson make.

Let us welcome the Wilson's of the world, who truey "Make America Great Again"!

Please donate to help Wilson and his family!

Translated to Spanish for our Spanish speaking friends and family:

Mi querido amigo Wilson Rodriquez fue robado de su familia y amigos por la Policía de Tukwila y ICE ayer. Por la mañana del 8 de Febrero, Wilson despertó con los sonidos de algún desconocido afuera de su casa. Con miedo por la seguridad de su familia llamo a la policía. Cuando llegaron, la policía arresto a Wilson y llamaron a ICE. 

Wilson tenia 19 años cuando yo lo contrate a trabajar conmigo en proyectos de construcción. Desde ese tiempo ha sido mi amigo de confianza y parte de mi familia. El es un hombre muy querido, con un gran corazón que siempre hace lo mejor para todos. Es religioso, no toma drogas o bebe alcohol, y mas que todo ama a su esposa y tres niños pequeñitos. 

Los fondos que estamos recogiendo van a ir directamente para ayudarlo en su caso legal, y para cubrir las necesidades y gastos diarios de su esposa y sus tres pequeños niños. 

Gracias por todos sus colaboraciones y ayuda. Por favor llamen a la policía de Tukwila y pregunten porque este caso fue hecho de esta manera. No hay espacio en el Estado de Washington, para los que no van a proteger y valorar los contribuciones de personas como Wilson.

From Wilson's close friends, Peter and Heather:

Peter and I have known, trusted, and loved Wilson for nearly a decade. In this time, we've seen him fall in love, get married, and become the father of three lovely children. And throughout it all, he's been a rock—holding down a stable job as a highly skilled tradesman who works harder than 99% of the people in this country. Wilson is one of the most honest and kind people we're ever met. And equally impressive is his love of God. Wilson is a deeply religious man whose faith is unshakable. Despite racism, hard financial times trying to make ends meet, and constant fear of deportation, Wilson keeps attending church and giving back to his community. He epitomizes what America should stand for. If you're a patriot who believes in what's best about this country, please help Wilson and his family. Send a message of hope to him and his family. And send a message to the xenophobes in this country that we're better than that, and that they are the true minorities! Thank you for your support. —Heather Mitchell & Peter Tysver 
The Tukwila City Council will hold a community meeting on Thursday Feb 15th to talk about immigration safety.
That meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at the Church by The Side of the Road located at 3455 S 148th St. in Tukwila. Please attend and express your concern / anger. Ask the City of Tukwila what they will do to help Wilson and his family.

Per Wilson and Idania's request, I will be receiving these funds and then relaying them to Idania and Wilson to be used towards legal fees, rent, and food.   We are thankful for your support and ask that you continue to give as Wilson will likely be locked up for a VERY long time.
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