I am an attorney. 

I am starting my own practice and intend to work with this unique community. I am also very interested in environmental justice. People are often targeted because they are threats to the powers that be. We know truths that they wish to suppress. Our voices will no longer be silenced!

I am suing the U.S. federal government, a law school, a government official, and school administrators, among others, due to  retaliation and harassment. I need your help to send a message that we're not going to take it any more.  It won't be easy but victory is at hand. I  am challenging the giant for me and for you.

It is my intent to speak truth to power and see this through.  I am going to launch a firm so that I may be of service to others similarly situated. I have been a lifelong public servant and I know how the federal government works. After witnessing fraud, discrimination, persecution, and retaliation at the federal governmental agency I worked for, I left in order to attend law school.  

I decided to go to law school because I felt that I could better serve others by representing them and speaking out against the injustices. To my surprise, the law school I initially attended was subpar and when students expressed concerns, administration retaliated. I was and still am aghast and outraged! We were vindicated because the law school shuttered in 2018 due to its poor performance. However, in the legal field, if you are vocal about these things, you will be blacklisted and harassed.

At the moment, I am working on my own case where I have identified eleven defendants, so far, including: a federal governmental agency, an official from the government agency, a law school, administrators/attorneys from the law school (including a former judge), the ABA (American Bar Association), former supervisors and colleagues at the ABA, investors funding the predatory law school (another of their law schools had already shuttered due to its subpar quality; they were on notice), and others.  This is our government and institutions on trial and the judicial system must uphold truth and justice!

So far, I have spent about $3,000 out of pocket to pursue this matter. Understand, I am not wealthy. I applied to the court for In Forma Pauperis, which if approved would have waived my filing fees and served several defendants. However, even though I will likely fall around the poverty level this year, the court said I made too much money! Welp!

I had to decide whether I wanted to proceed because of my financial situation. Ultimately, I found that I had an obligation to pursue this suit in the interest of justice and to help pave the way for other whistleblowers to come forward. This is not easy for me and I am on my own.

Examples of some of my costs so far are:
$400 filing fees;
$760 to serve only four defendants (I had to prioritize the main defendants to serve first while raising money to serve the others.
$190 Process server
$100 Process server
$  91 Wordpress (domain and blog)
$100 Printing (paper and ink)
$250 Mailing (Certified, registered)
$50   Address lookup/Skip tracers

Where possible, I am enlisting the help of friends to serve complaints for me to help defray costs); I just enlisted three more process servers to serve remaining defendants in the very near future; I am doing my own printing where I can and registered/certified mailing; have had to pay for skip tracers to find addresses, which is not always accurate...  Defendants are all over the country: DC, AZ, IL, FL, GA, TX…. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! (Ray, lawyer helping TI’s can attest. I hope to join forces with Ray and others working to expose theses atrocities and raise awareness.)

These astronomical fees discourage justice. Most people who are being targeted cannot afford to go through the legal system even if they can prove it.  Not to mention the difficultly presented in establishing culpability due to the covert nature. Their hope is that we will not be able to afford to bring these civil complaints forward - they bank on it and revel. 

I am interested in networking with those who want to help. I am learning hands-on, very much baptism by fire. If there are other attorneys out there who want to connect, please reach out. If folks are willing to assist in some way, I’d be grateful (investigative journalists/reporters/investigators...). I will be inundated with paperwork and motions (of dismissals...). I hope to hire a paralegal and/or another experienced attorney. Any takers? If I raise enough money, I would love to put someone on payroll. Yes, let's rally for Justice! Justice for me is justice for you! 
I will be starting a blog soon where I will post more in-depth information about what transpired, details about the case, radio/tv interviews, articles...  I foresee making some noise. I look forward to it. It’s time to hold those accountable for their wrongdoing. It's been a long time coming but I feel extremely passionate about this cause and I am excited to see this play out.  *I want this to be transparent. Vet those named. If they did this to me, they did this to others. If you have been targeted, come forward. Now is the time.

Why do I do this? I do this because it is what I have always done. I have always stood for the underdog.  When I was in the second grade, I witnessed a classmate being bullied.  I was only about seven years old but I knew that it was wrong to bully someone and so I did not participate. Instead, I chose to be kind to her because it was the only way I knew. The little girl got tired of being bullied and finally told her parents, who went to the principal, who informed the teacher, who interrogated the class. My teacher, a loving lady (Ms. Sura), called her to the front and asked her to identify the persons bullying her.  The girl informed her that I was the only one not bullying her. I didn't participate because deep down I knew better. That is my nature, to think for myself and defend the underdog. I do not have to ponder it, it is instinctual and automatic. I cannot help but to stand up against injustice and discrimination. 

I have another little story demonstrating my interest in demanding justice and fair treatment. When I was in the seventh grade, one of my teachers (Ms. Leonard), during Hispanic Heritage Month, insulted and offended the entire class by smugly telling us that all Latinos were lazy. She said that all the boys would end up in jail before finishing high school and that the girls would end up pregnant. Yes, she really did say that! I still cannot believe it! I became livid. Surely, I knew the rest of my classmates felt the same and I looked around. However, instead of outrage, I saw shame. Some of my classmates hung their heads as if ashamed to be Latino. I immediately shot up and blurted out to my teacher that she was wrong. I told her that our parents worked very hard for us to attend the private, Catholic school that paid her salary. I stormed out of the class and went to the principal's office. The next day, while the teacher never apologized to us, she did talk about a few well-known, successful Hispanics. I am certain the principal told her to do that. 

Why do you want to support me? Because I have what it takes to get the job done! I will prevail where others have failed. Will you join with me? 

For those who are suffering, I stand with you. I hope I can count on your support.  Every little bit helps.

The time has come for the tides to turn!  Be part of the movement!

Thank you!

In the name of love!

In the name of truth!

In the name of justice!

In the name of accountability!


*To see the complaint, go to:

On this site/blog, I will post information about the history of this complaint, articles.

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