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Hello to all of our family and friends and extended family <3 As of 4/15/16 are plans for Pop changed course. So accordingly we have adjusted our goal amount at the moment to a lesser amount. This months I have decided to give a drawing, via Pop on video putting everyones name in a hat (this could take a while LOL) that donated through the bottome of the page rewards button. 
And before we tell the story.......Let me tell you how much we are thankful and appreciative of all those who gave, prayed, and planned to give. from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU <3

As you all know our Pop - Ramon Rodriguez - has always taught us to help others in need even if it means giving them the shirt of your own back or your last plate of food. No matter who, no judgement.....just do it, even if it's your last $20.

He is the reason and the drive behind why my brothers and I creatin the UMySkin for Life Foundation to help and serve others in need. Each year we hold the HUGE and wonderful Tattooing for Autism, in honor of Pop and our three boys in the family with Autism. Tattoo Tony does countless, upon countless selfless acts of fundraising for so many people we love and care for and even more for those we don't even know. Hurricane Sandy came and went and the UMSFL stayed Jersey Strong.

Little Sister here, has become a college educated Christian Counselor, helping those in need, Domestic Violence Victims, Drug addicts, homeless, and low income families since 2009.

And Richie, the oldest has just recovered from the same exact cancer that is the threat to Pop everyday.

In 2005, Pop was diagnosed with non-hodgkins large B cell lymphoma and has been battling it ever since. He has undergone three chemo rounds over the years and no longer wishes to do those. So now he has permanent Hospice care (and the nurses scare him LOL in a good way, he's such a prankster and a flirt.). Which is great because everyone on his care team is a close personal friend and he can't get away with nothing! HAHAHA....those that know Pop know he is insanely stubborn and refuses to be anyone's burden.

We have had to move him out of his home because the roofs have fallen in and there is black mold everywhere in the walls, on the walls, on his clothes, in the furniture......Very bad stuff. Pop is now using an oxygen machine every day and taking pain medication to stay comfy. But as we (his children agreed before) we are not going to make him do anything he does not want to do anymore like the Chemo or morphine. He just desires to live out the rest of his days in peace and comfort and when it is his time to go home to the Heavens, he is ready. His fairy tail of course is actually he wants a cabin in the woods with no electric or plumbing (ewwwww gross) and a hammock between two trees. So we are giving him that Plus the plumbing. LOL

He is frail and tired. Many of you not only know of him but also love him like a Dad. He was always taking someone in. ALWAYS!!!!!! He is the inspiration of who we have become as adults. Sometimes bad-ass, stubborn, hard headed, strong willed Rodriguez's....but most usually sweet, kind, caring, loving, give you whatever we have, help you whenever you need family (you don't need to blood for us).

Having had to move Pop out of the black mold before it killed him we have him in temporary housing. GREAT NEWS though! We have found him a home to live out the rest of his life in peace. We are praying that you would like to make a contribution to his care and peace now via this gofundmepage. Of course if you can't we will always appreciate your love and prayers. ERRRRRRR!!!!!!! Put the brakes on NOW!!!!!!! The houe didn't work out, the deal was to good to be true and it all got cancelled right before signing on the dotted line and even after giving a deposit!!!!!!!!! But thankfully they were honest enough to return the deposit ya'll had raised. :)

Please help us help the man that not only helped so many but taught us to do it even bigger an better each time. Even while sick and sitting on his oxygen pretending he can't feel the pain (but you see the look in his eyes say different) he keeps encouraging us all to do better, be better, and know better :)

God Bless You All and Please Share this Page........  Tattoo Tony, Princess & Rich
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