Travelling to Save The Turtles

There is 0.75km of road for every square km in the areas we work. That means an average turtle (whose territory is about 8km2) will have to cross roads 12 times (6 roads twice a year as they move from hibernation, to nesting, to feeding grounds, summer grounds and back again- because each habitat has special features that the others don't and turtles don't survive well limited to one site or instantly relocated).
Therefore, road mortality is a major contributor to turtle-losses.

Turtle Guardians work form dawn to the early hours of the morning - each and every day of nesting season and throughout the summer, and across 9 counties (in Cottage Country, in areas in Sudbury, and eastern Ontario), responding to hundreds of calls to help turtles. 

Turtle Guardians: 
- monitor high mortality roads and at the same time conduct research under permits, on local turtle populations 
- help turtles in distress including transport injured turtles.
- guard nesting mothers,
- retrieve nests in dangerous zones (under wildlife permits) 
- train volunteers and respond to calls from landowners 
- work with municipalities and road departments to design nd install mitigation measures

When it takes about 60 years for one turtle to replace itself in nature only once, this support for our shelled friends is essential! Also, because turtles help our communities; they are invaluable janitors and gardeners of our ecosystems; they keep our water and wildlife healthy !

This year, more than ever, we need help reaching the turtles and releasing the hatchlings across these widespread areas. Our gas expenses for nesting season alone were $6000.00 and hatchling releases will double this. 

Would you consider a donation to help us purchase gas cards for staff and volunteers too?

  • Lawrence Arkilander 
    • 100 $ 
    • 1 mo
  • Marianne Pedretti 
    • 80 $ 
    • 1 mo
  • Eryn Jagosky 
    • 35 $ 
    • 1 mo
  • Derek Butt 
    • 20 $ 
    • 1 mo
  • Stephen Fowlds 
    • 25 $ 
    • 1 mo
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