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Together for KALINA

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Together for KALINA ❤️ 

She just turned 7 years last  Summer in 2021.
She was a very happy and playful girl who use to laugh a lot and enjoys outdoors. 
Suddenly, in December 2021, KALINA has a fever, without any other symptoms or pain and her fever persists for more than a week
living the parents unpleasantly surprised and shocked to discover what’s going on.

She was admitted to the Local Hospital in her birth Town:  University of Hospital for active treatment UHAT "St. Marina" @ Varna, Bulgaria/Europe and after numerous examinations and tests by doctors and variety Specialties they were unpleasantly surprised to find out a huge tumor and diagnosed her: CANCER!!!   !
A Huge Abdominal Tumor of the right ovary with multiple metastases and bone metastases!!! Aggressive and fast-growing cancer!!!

The official medical name is: Right ovarian tumor, salpingo-oophorectomy 
Mixed malignant germ cell tumor: Mature teratoma 50% + immature teratoma 40% + yolk sac tumor 5% + dysgerminoma 5%
pT1a / AJCC 2016 (FIGO 2018 Stage IA)

The doctors did not give good prognoses for treatment in Bulgaria and advises the family for a life-saving treatment with a Referral to Special Oncology Treatment Hospital in a neighbor Country : 
Address: Cumhuriyet Mahallesi 2255 Sokak, No:3,
Gebze 41400 Kocaeli Turkey, Fax:0216 678 55 45  
E-Mail: [adresse e-mail supprimée]

Besides the Covid-19 situation the parents travel with the child to Turkey on January 4, 2022 and her surgery and treatment started right away in Emergency.
We all KALINA's relatives experienced a huge shock! 
How this could happen to a such young and gorgeous girl?!! We are all very much suppressed how such a big tumor monster ☠️can live undisturbed in this tiny body because she actually eat very healthy!
Her parents are one of the best people I know who feed their children only with healthy Organic nutritious food, without any harmful preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and No packaged foods and processed food was given. KALINA has a younger brother who is 5 years old and her brother is currently entrusted to the care of his Grandma while his sister is ill.

KALINA is currently  at the “ANADOLU SAĞLIK MERKEZİ” Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey with her parents.
She received an Emergency surgery on January 6 by Surgeon Dr. Ibrahim.
The huge and aggressive tumor had pinched the intestine and the child could not defecate. He had covered the entire Right ovary and several lymph nodes around it. The Emergency Surgery was a MUST to remove the tumor as soon as possible, as he was outgrown to The last 4th Phase with metastasis to a large part of the skeletal system. 

During the Surgery on January 6, 2022 the Huge tumor was removed, and along with it, the entire right ovary of the child, but during the Surgery they discovered another Big tumor affecting 6-7-8 vertebrae of the spine. The Second Emergency Surgery-Neurosurgery was scheduled and performed on January 14, 2022 and both tumors were successfully removed.
During the 2nd Surgery they gave her legs electrical signals as they were unresponsive and paralyzed. After the tumor was removed from the Spinal cord, (which was almost big as 2 vertebrae of the Spine) it was released and responded adequately to the electrical signals. 
The both Surgeries were successful! But the Biopsy shows that the tumors are mixed 50:50 types of cells malignant/benign
The next step is to take chemotherapy and radiation therapy to destroy the metastasis.

Unfortunately, the necessary funds for the costs, the accompanying bills and the following procedures are huge and unaffordable for a normal family !!!

The Hospital bills for the Treatment are as follows:
·        1st Emergency Surgery on 01/06/22 and after treatment:
EUR 20,000 in today's currency;
.        Chemotherapy: 4 cycles of chemotherapy with 5 days of hospitalization for each cycle:
EUR 20,000 in today's currency;
·        Review + PET-CT + MRI of the abdomen and blood tests after the second cycle of chemotherapy:
EUR 2,800 in today's currency;
·        Review + PET-CT + MRI of the abdomen and blood tests after the 4th cycle of chemotherapy:
EUR 2,800 in today's currency

·        2nd Emergency Surgery - neurosurgery on 01/14/22 :
EUR 14,000 in today's currency;

This is terribly expensive and requires huge funds!!!
We all want to live with the thought that "this cannot happen to us and our loved ones"
... but live can be unpredictable and send difficult situations!
This is the reason we hope for your Help!
I hope that you will respond and get involved fundraising to give our love one a FUTURE!!!
I believe that TOGETHER we will be able to help her fight for her life!

Please, donate!!!
PayPal account: 

or to: Donation's Account
IBAN: BG87BUIN95611100694318   BIC: BUINBGSF

or to: GoFundMe fundraising organized by Ivka Stoyanova (family friend)

Thank you.

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