Thom Strong!

Whether through math classes, math club, wrestling, international trips or the numerous other activities that Dr. Morris has led, he has undoubtedly helped thousands of students explore new possibilities, expand their horizons, and reach their goals. He has always been, and continues to be an inspiration to all he has come in contact with. Today, it is our turn to help Dr. Morris reach his goals and recover from his stroke.

On January 3rd, Dr. Morris suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in his brain. For unknown reasons that day, a blood vessel leaked, causing a large blood clot to form in part of his head that helps control the right side of his body and his ability to speak. Luckily, as we all know, he is a fighter, and made it through the initial critical period of this terrible condition and is working incredibly hard to recover his strength and speech. Luckily for Dr. Morris, Sonny has been by his side day and night fighting for him as his advocate and demanding that he get nothing but the best care to set him on the road to recovery. The journey has been long, and he still has a grueling road ahead of him. That is why we are asking for your assistance in getting Dr. Morris access to the numerous therapy services he needs to recover and to help reconfigure his home to allow for his safe recovery. As he has made the transition back home, he is still at a point where he requires significant assistance. Sonny opted to have Dr. Morris come home so that he could get the best possible care in his own home with his puppy by his side.

As you may imagine, this long journey is time consuming and resource intensive. We as a community can come together to help Dr. Morris get through this chapter in his life. Whether through a note, video, visit, or donation, all of these items help him recover. Sonny has read each and every letter to him and Sonny reports that it truly brightens his day. So for all that he has done for me, and you, I graciously ask for a donation in the name of Dr. Morris's Recovery. #ThomStrong

Disclosure required by GoFundMe: Funds will be dispersed directly to Vince "Sonny" Del Monte who has been the driving force helping Dr. Morris fight as his rock-star caretaker and P.O.A.

What will the funds be used for?

Outpatient Therapy Sessions – These are roughly $100 a session for work with the Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists. He currently has home health coverage, but this will end roughly in July. Medicare and the rest of his employer insurance will cover some additional sessions. Out of all of the expenses, this will be the most important for Dr. Morris. He needs intensive therapy for his arms and legs, continued improvement in his swallowing, relearning how to do daily tasks, and most importantly redevelop his speech. We all want to hear his un-mistakable voice once again, and each of these speech sessions are one step closer. Based on the location of his stroke, this will be a long road, which is why he needs so many sessions.

Home Renovations – These are necessary to update the house to make it accessible for Dr. Morris. The contractors have estimated the cost to be roughly $40,000. The majority of this will be used to make the bathroom much larger and easier for him to navigate and use which will require moving walls to reduce his office and bedroom.

Assistance with Care Giving – Certified Nurse Assistants round anywhere from $12-20 an hour. Sonny has been Dr. Morris’ biggest advocate and now that he is back at home, he is also his 24/7 caregiver. We need to make sure that Sonny can get some assistance for bigger tasks with Dr. Morris but also to assist him for periods of time so Sonny can run errands and get some time to himself for his own health. Small things like dog walks, shopping, gym, or just a well-deserved break. Sonny also is able to work from home at this time, which is a blessing, but this may not always be the case and will need help with coverage.

Supplies – This is very variable, but includes medicines, medical supplies (some of which insurance is not covering), walkers, ramps, drink supplements like boost and nutren, liquid thickeners, and many other supplies need to take care of him.

If you have any questions or would like to donate in ways other than through this page, please feel free to contact me through the link.
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