The Rise & Fall of White Supremacy Project

---Former Organizer For the White Aryan Resistance (WAR), Tony McAleer, Co-Founder of "Life After Hate ,"Testimony to Congress on Domestic Terrorism in June 2019. 

There has been a huge upsurge in domestic terrorism, mass shootings, and violent hate crimes due to the growth of the mythology of White Supremacy.   It is time for descent people to take a stand and resist. 

My name is Frank Blaney.  I am a Conflict Resolution and Violence Prevention Specialist, researcher and writer.  I have worked for 17 years teaching Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution in low-income communities of color in Los Angeles, and most recently as a consultant in Africa and Europe. 

I am a "White" man of Northern European descent.  I am (like MANY other peoples of European-descent) deeply sickened and horrified by the domestic terrorism and violence being perpetuated by racist fanatics of my same ethnic background. 

I long, pray for and work hard for that day when racist extremist violence will come to an end.  I refuse to leave a world like this to my children and grandchildren.  

Civil Rights Era Activists Moved Our Country 2 Steps Forward -- Towards Racial Justice & reconciliation.

41603306_1567368503336362_r.jpeg(Thich Nhat Hahn, Buddhist Priest & Peace Activist  whom Dr. King Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize)

Politicized White Supremacists Have Shoved Us 7 Steps Back -- (and still losing ground!)

I am fighting back and taking a stand against this racial insanity.                

I am asking for your help to make the impact of this anti-racist project faster, deeper, and broader. 

I need your help to complete this book project soon to cut this destructive lie off at it's root:


After working 17 years as a violence and conflict resolution specialist in distressed communities, I knew that the toughest (yet, most powerful) approach to help people re-think self-destructive and violent behaviors was to  get them to buy this
one simple premise: 

"Violence Is a Learned Behavior.  If Our Beliefs and Behaviors Are Learned, They Can Be Unlearned." 
(That makes sense to most people.  So, they will pause and consider what you have to share.)

If that premise is true, then this is also true:

"Racism Is a Learned Thought-Pattern and Behavior.  If Racism is Learned, It Can Be Unlearned."
(and hence, PREVENT these violent expressions of this destructive thinking  pattern).

This same educational premise can be applied to PREVENT these horrific atrocities that are casting shame upon our entire nation. 

Many countries have issued travel advisories to their citizens to be wary of mass shootings and violent racist hate crime attacks here in the United States, the "Land of Freedom."  This is OUR collective shame.

Innocent humans are dying (rather, being murdered) due to this destructive lie of White Supremacy.

On the weekend of August 3rd, 2019 in  El Paso, Texas 22 innocent victims were murdered (and 24 injured) by a heavily armed White Supremacist.   

In the weeks leading up to that, I kept awakening in the middle of the night with a sense of urgency to complete this anti-racist, anti-White Supremacist project.  My spirit felt a deep and pressing need to accelerate this project's completion. 

When that weekend of mass shootings erupted, I was heart broken.  I knew I had to do something to crank up the speed of this book project I had been researching and planning for years.  

Our Nation's  Immigration Policies Are Being Dictated by A Sick Ideology of White Supremacy. 

Children are currently being held like animals in cages in America because of policies based on the foundation of White Supremacy.  If this core premise can be undermined and discredited in certain arenas, then change is possible.  Beliefs change only when challenged.  It is way past time to challenge this destructive dogma of White Supremacy that has caused such a huge toll of murders and human suffering.

This is the goal I need your help to finish:

We need an easy tool, right now, that can break this lie down simply, debunk it, and chop it off at it's core root --- of ignorance. 


1.  I work beyond full time in social work teaching conflict resolution, so my spare hours are few. I am an author with a very small publishing company.  In the past three years Less is More Press has been in existence, I have only been able to published two books due to time and resource restraints.

I need your help to get this particular book on a fast track to production, distribution and promotion---- A.S.A.P.

2.  I want to make it available by the holidays of 2019 and before the 2020 Election Year gets into full gear.  There is a "base" that must be effectively challenged.  There are families where holiday discussions will take place that can either alienate, or cause people to re-think their premises --- IF people can share the simple truth in love.  This anti-racist book project will make it easy to provide the right questions and answers to get respectful dialogue in motion and to CHALLENGE unhealthy beliefs.

Books change lives.  Are there not some books that have changed yours?

3.  As part of the overall marketing and promotion plan, I will be distributing this tool to key media influencers, policy makers, broadcasters and politicians who have a forum to spread this message
.  This promotion will be aggressive in order to cast the net as wide as possible and get the public conversations to constructively address this root cause of our problems.

We are putting in hard work to get this information out effectively!

4.  It lays out pragmatic  steps individuals can take to stop racism and its violence.  This anti-racist book project is PRACTICAL.  It is designed to be a tool for people to initiate personal introspection and change. It is a tool to help tactfully challenge others in our circle about their presumptions around race.   This will benefit ALL groups of people, regardless of their ethnic background or political persuasions.  The focus is on interpersonal and national reconciliation around the heated issue of race.

This is not just a book, it is a tool.  White Supremacist seek to sow discord to feed a "Neo Civil War."  This tool will help sow some peace and sanity back into our nation at this key tipping point in our history.


"THE RISE & FALL OF WHITE SUPREMACY," is extremely well researched and documented, but NOT laid out like some boring academic textbook. 

This is "user-friendly" for everyday people to read, enjoy and be challenged by and grow from. 

Though non-fiction, it is engaging like a good novel.  It is succinct and to the point.  This is not just raw information.  The book has real pragmatic advice on HOW we change our culture of racist physical and emotional violence. 

The outline is in the title.  The first section answers the question about the "Rise"  ---
"How & Why did this myth came into being?"

The second section explains the lasting impact of our countries past and recent history of White Supremacy, and what it looks like today. 

The final section explains why White Supremacy is doomed, why it must FALL, and what we as individuals can do to speed along its needed demise. 

That is it. 

Simple, straightforward, and impactful. 


From the requested $8700:

$2400 will buy me time to expedite the completion of the manuscript, which is 70 % done.

$2800 will pay for professional raw and proof editing, and a final proofreading.

$800 will pay for the final manuscript formatting and upload.

$1200 will pay for the print  production.

$1500 for the marketing and initial promotion.

Please consider donating to this project: 

---- If you are sick and tired of having these Nazi-like political acts of violence and domestic terrorism occur in our name and in our country.

---- If you do not want your children and grandchildren growing up in an ignorant, hateful and violent society like we have now. 

---- If your know that Stories, Creativity (and Love) are the ONLY elements that can cause LASTING change. 

Now, more than ever, we need to hear the "1/2 Of The Story That Has Never Been Told."

Please show some love and donate to get this information out to people. 

The time is up for this nightmare of violent White Supremacy to end. 

If you do not have the resources to donate, please share this project with your family, friends and others in your social circles and social media to help spread the word. 

Please pray that our nation still has the capacity to change, to heal and to grow. 

Peace & Blessings,

Frank Blaney

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Frank Blaney 
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