Teebo's Fight to Live a New Life

Found this little dog howling in very hot weather, no water or food. Chained with visable medical problems. I suspected physical abuse as his hip looked to be dislocated plus his male parts looked very bruised. Was not his hip! His little leg is fractured above the knee from being kicked. It needs pinning and will update. Yet he was still friendly to us humans. Locals and tourists had been setting him free and giving him food and water. He needed medical treatment. I couldn't leave him and found a charity to help me save him. Last night he had his first operation. His balls were infact black from suspected being kicked and were infected. His hip is dislocated from more suspected kicking. He is underweight and has tick fever which is fatal if not treated. He had grass seeds imbedded in his neck which, when removed pus followed. My husband and I are paying for him to come to England and his vet bills. We need help to pay for his hip operation as his medical bills are higher than I estimated. Every penny raised will go towards Teebo's vet bill and any extra if we manage more will go to the charity that has helped me rescue him.

The full story of Desperado becoming Teebo. I had not planned to come to Rhodes last week! My wonderful friend and her hubby are here on a holiday of a lifetime following his retirement from 30 years as a british police officer. They kindly invited me Wednesday morning as I was up with the pain in my legs due to all the bad weather. (another long story and lots of operations) but my friend was saying just come here! Few days and defrost! Hubby said go too, my other great friend said she would take my fur babies Charlie and Pandora while hubby works. We had only returned in April from our dream holiday in Australia so he had no holidays left. By 7.30 am flight booked, I trotted off to my craft class with my friend Chris and later that day Chris took me and my fur babies to the airport ! (never packed so quickly)! Thursday a little stray friendly dog came flying round the corner and threw himself up the steps, to the veranda.  Locals were freeing regularly Teebo and they saved his life by giving him food and water and this enabled him to run around scavaging too. His enormous heart won them over too.  Someone would catch him and put him back on the chain,  I assume that was his owner!  His owner and his family had moved away.  Someone did pop and check on the house that was abandoned and the dog (my Teebo) might of been left as an incidental . Don't know, but i bonded with Teebo (previously Desperado) I could see he needed medical help and couldn't relax as I was already worried about this little dog that the owners were treating so badly! Didn't see him Friday, Saturday I had a seista and woke to a dog howling nearby. I went for a walk expecting to find a dog in pain and trouble of some size. I went alone as my friend is not a dog person especially big dogs. Bless her, she is scared of large dogs, would never hurt one but is actually scared of them. I found, not a big boxer dog as I was expecting by the noise but Teebo. Huge heavy chain on him, no water or food and I took photos to show my friend and went back to get him food and tell my friend. I was floored. I was uneducated that this went on and I was distraught (lost the plot) I was in floods of tears, my poor friend had never seen me like this. My friend kindly let me unchain him and take him to her villa. She drove me so I could buy him food and I sat clipping out his matts and gently brushing him with my tangle teezer hairbrush. I realised at bed time I couldn't put him back on the chain. I worried all night as I didn't want to ruin my friends holiday but I couldn't leave him to God and good neighbours. I facetimed hubby and said we need him home with us help me! My none doggie friend helped me contacting expats, hubby linked me rescue places and then Lorna Shea contact details were given to me. I contacted lots of charities some were on the wrong island, some full, or they could get him in a couple of weeks, I honestly felt he would die if no medical attention was given.  His gums were so pale.  He had signs of fighting an infection.  I pushed hard to get help and Lorna kindly responded and said she would come after work, that day, Sunday. My friend had planned a lovely trip out with a relative and friend to show me the island etc. I couldn't go! So I ruined that but said please go still, I will wait for the lady. Those beautiful women (none doggie, but wonderfully kind women) changed their lives to enable me 'the guest' to stay and wait for Lorna's mum. I was sitting there, worrying, as I love my friend dearly and I am a guest! I wouldn't dream of taking a dog to someones home without permission! Then her mum said she would collect him that afternoon. (phew) 200 euro for him and I was paying balance on Thursday once home. 749Euro. I knew his balls were dead and sick looking, he needed clipping and grass seeds removed from all over by a vet, so i gave 400 euro as here with prepaid card! Figured he would need extra treatment and castration. Plus his hip looked to my untrained eye, dislocated so asked could the vet take a look while he was asleep for the castration at his hip too. Lorna's mum had trouble finding the villa and she ran out of credit calling my English mobile! (I owe that lady a mobile top up card! ) Lorna has done everything I asked and more. All the legalities of getting him chipped, blood tests, vets, x-ray (another 80) 340 euro for the previous day, paperwork for his passport. His hip/leg  needs a big operation which can be done in the UK by my vet or I send him to Athens. We want him home. So I am taking him to my vet Katie at companion care once he is with me. I have researched hip displaced and costs. I will post his actual bill on here. If I manage to raise more than his vet bill those monies will go to Lorna's charity, which is non profit. Please help Teebo to walk and run painfree. He has had a terrible first 4 years. Neglected and badly treated. Locals had been fed lies by the people who left him chained with no access to fresh water or proper food. I will set up a blog for Teebo and his new life with his doggie brother and sister plus his new friends xxx Thank you for taking the time to read this. Will edit once home and on the laptop! 
21st June 2017
Teebo arrived at Manchester Airport!  After a very long drive from Northumberland to collect him, just couldn't wait! Pretty much first time I have been early ... he was an hour late! xxxx 

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A1 north bound was closed so had fun getting home! Pit stop to stretch legs and tinkles at the services plus hydrate! Of course selfies was required! 
A1 closed before our exit! Not fun! Fell out with satnav! Still needed to collect Charlie and Pandora from our lovely friend Chris! At nearly midnight... but of course time to play a little fetch before the last little trip home! xx

 beddy byes with Lil sis, big bro likes the conservatory sofa to himself! Mummy has to let daddy know when he gets back from work not to squash me and Pandora.. Love Teebo
First Morning waking up with my new forever family 
Oops, my clock is two hours ahead of my mummy's ... uh huh 4.30 am walk around the park ... need a siesta xx

Teebo had a very tough day on Monday 26th June 2017.  My vets had referred us to Moorview Referrals Veterinary Practice Limited, Moorview Referrals are amazing and have Orthopedic surgeons. Emma is Teebo's surgeon and we will be forever gratefull.  Teebo was scared but still loving and giving out kisses! Emma phoned me to tell me Teebo has multiple bone fractures. Including a very bad one through his right good hip. Luckily it has started mending in a good way but it will give him premature arthritis. His little frame is damaged and he has not had any bones set until Emma! If his brake and fracture had been dealt with straight away he would of had a very good recovery.  The break and fracture is a good couple of months old but Emma managed to plate and pin his leg. He has only lost 4 mm of length so should make a full recovery! He is confused but very cuddly and we are camping in the lounge with him as we are up through out the night with him xxx I have attached the several pages of this complicated operation bill.  Thank you everyone for your support.  Thank goodness for creditcard and my bank too. Seeing Teebo walk without falling is fantastic. 

 Huge thank you for helping us get Teebo's leg mended rather than amputating! xxxx
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