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I'm setting up this GoFundMe account for my friend, my brother-in-law and the brother I never had.  So many people have asked about how to help and I know Terry and Lisa are both too proud to do this so I'm doing it for them.  In September of last year Terry Byrd was diagnosed with Colon Cancer during a routine screening, at the time he was only 51 years young.   The ONLY reason he had the test was because his father, Hershel Byrd made him promise on his death bed that he would get screened.  Hershel knew colon cancer ran in his family but who would have thought it would affect someone so young.  At the time of the diagnosis Terry had already been dealing with the loss of his brother Curtis in 2012, his father Hershel in 2014 and his mother Nora in 2016 and found out he had colon cancer in September of 2017.  Most people would throw in the towel under so much pressure but Terry continued to stay upbeat and went into this with a strong positive attitude. 

Upon being diagnosed he was told he would need surgery to remove part of his colon and then 12-chemotherapy treatments.  After removing part of his colon, the doctors found out 28 of the 34 lymph nodes were positive for cancer.  He was told the surgery would remove the cancer in his colon and the chemo would prevent the cancer from spreading anywhere else since it had already reached his lymph nodes.  The chemo treatments were tough and hard on his body causing him to lose weight, stay very tired major neuropathy.    

He finished those treatments and was told to come back in 6-months.  Unfortunately, about 3-weeks from his last treatment he started having stomach pains and his stomach was swelling.  Upon further examination, it was discovered that #1 the chemo did not prevent the cancer from spreading or coming back.  #2 he now has two inoperable tumors about the size of a lemon and a cancerous nodule on his lung.  #3 He has what's called Ascities, which means he has what the doctor described as looking like "bird shot" in his stomach, meaning lots of small cancerous cells throughout the fluid in and around his stomach cavity.  The cancer is causing this fluid to continuously build up and as of today he has had over 15-liters removed and now has a permanent drain that was put in today.

The chemo caused severe neuropathy in his hands and feet.  To know what that feels like he described is as that terrible feeling you get when you sit with your leg under you for too long and then try to stand up.  Now take that feeling and put it in your hands and feet and keep it for 24/7.  That's enough to drive most people insane.  Terry had every intention of doing his chemo and going back to work.  Those of you who know him know he’s an extremely hard worker and tough individual.

As you might imagine the bills are piling up.  Terry and Lisa are very private, proud people that like the rest of us don’t like asking for help and that’s why I’m doing this now.  Hopefully they won’t get too mad at me but this is what I do know.

When Terry was out of work for 12-months his job was required to fire him because it is a company policy to fire anyone that is off work for more than a year regardless of the reason.  When he was fired they had to maintain their health insurance and so they had to go onto a “Cobra” plan.  Their health insurance alone is over $1,000.00 a month.  This is almost half of Terry’s disability check.  Although the insurance covers a lot there are many, many things it doesn’t cover.  For instance, they are having to pay for a hotel while staying in Georgia.  Although they get a discount it is still $50/day or $1500/month.  That’s the rest of the check and we haven’t gotten to all of the hospital bills, pharmacy bills, much less their monthly mortgage and so forth.  Lisa is the most frugal person I know (meant in a good way) but still you can only stretch a dollar so far. 

I’m sure I’m leaving things off and I will do my best to update as well as answer any questions that people have.   

100% of the money that you donate is going to Terry and Lisa to be used for doctor bills and expenses except for the fees that GoFundMe charges which aren’t much.  I think they charge about 5% plus a small withdrawal fee.  If you feel more comfortable sending it directly to them email me for their home address.  Also, please help me spread the word by liking and sharing on Facebook.  There are a lot of good people out there that are willing to donate $10 or $20 even if they don’t know him.  Every little bit helps.  No amount is too big or too small and will be appreciated more than you could ever imagine.
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