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Update on Baby Elijah keep them all in your thoughts and prayers

 Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.
 · Hershey, PA ·

Hey guys, sorry the past few days have been very quite & he has been resting! Tomorrow he goes in for another surgery at 9am to place a shunt in his head which will release the pressure that is building up, naturally through his body instead of having these IEDs which he has now that is releasing the fluid outside of his body. They will also be placing a Broviac (central line) to start his chemo treatments next week however we are still waiting on pathology results to see what kind of cancer this is. CONTINUED PRAYERS NEEDED!!! ❤ ❤ Now that this has happened it is my job to get this awareness out there, this is just as common as breast cancer but we never see gray or hear of this! Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death in children & I never in a million years would have thought of this with the symptoms he was having. Mothers, please, please push & speak for your children if you feel you’re not getting the right answers go somewhere else, we know our children best!! Now a little bit of our story, at birth he went into the NICU for 17 days his lab work was showing infection they did antibiotics for 17 days we went home. At his 2 month well visit his head measured large, they sent us for an ultrasound at Dubois Hospital the exam came back normal, and they only looked at the front part of the head. Fast forward to 4 months he was reaching all milestones & was a healthy big baby, when we started solid foods it seemed to have hit at that time with projectile vomiting, pulling at his left ear, very sleepy, choking and gaging while eating, I took him to the Dr 3 times during this the 1st visit she said a stomach bug, 2nd visit just said to watch him she thinks he’s just not agreeing with something so I stopped all solid foods, stopped breastfeeding, stopped cereal & was trying to pin point what it was, 3rd visit she said he was colic (these were all different drs) I went home & said this isn’t right that’s when I reached out to you all & needed a 2nd opinion with a different Dr. I called the next day and got him into MNPG, went in & they sent us to ER, they ran fluids through him, gave him Zantac, said it was GERD & we went home, next day I followed up with them, he still wasn’t acting right. These 2 weeks were the worst, screaming all through the night while trying to sleep, not wanting to lay flat on his back, arching his back, staring spells, wanting to sit up straight, so we went back to Dr Zellnar she said give the medicine a chance he was throwing up in her office and just going limp on my body while I was holding him she gave us different formula & sent us home, we went home & he continued to get sick it was yellow bowel he was no longer holding anything down, I called the on call Dr & asked if I should take him back to ER because something is just not right she said take him in we will admit him to watch and see what you are seeing, mothers always know best so we took him in & Dr. Flickenger saw him & immediately noticed him staring, sent for CT, I knew when I was in there they found something I just had that feeling, we went back to the room, 5 mins later the Dr comes in & breaks the news that no parents want to hear, they found a large mass on his brain & he needs life lighted immediately, his heart rate was dropping, he was the last life flight of the night due to weather, we got to Hershey at 3:30am Thursday they(the pediatric intensive care unit) came & told us they had to do emergency surgery & place a IED in his head to relieve the pressure, his pressure was greater than 60, an adult can’t even take the pressure of 20!! Imagine what my poor baby was feeling. The Drs think because of the size of this tumor this started in utero, this should have been caught way before it was!!! Thank goodness I went back to the ER that night, if we would have stayed home & went into bed & he would have went into cardiac arrest, they would have said it was SIDS, they don’t do MRIs or CTs on the deceased! Friends please, speak for your children, push, push, push!! & let’s get this awareness out there so we can save children!!! Be your child’s advocate!!! #GOGRAY #TURNOURTOWNGRAY #GOGOLD #LETSHELPALLTHECHILDREN #PEDIATRICBRAINCANCERNEEDSACURE
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