Help Summer's Cipro Toxicity Battle

Please Help Summer in her Cipro Toxicity Battle

Hello! I'm Amanda; best friend and sister to the beautiful woman pictured here ...
We need your immediate help, please!

Summer recently had to move to her grandma's due to the health issues and finances, but that alone will not meet ends. She has had to travel back and forth from Prescott to Phoenix quite often for doctor appts, treatments and surgeries, which takes a very large on her body as well. Because of her lack of funding at this time, she has continued to go downhill without being able to afford the regular treatments, supplements etc, that have kept her alive and have kept her out of a wheelchair permanently. She is headed in that direction, a downward spiral without getting some help ASAP.  She is in complete desperation right now with some pressing concerns therefore she has the following immediate financial needs which your donations will go directly to:

1. She DESPERATELY needs to pay some of her bills right now that are already behind  - such as, but not limited to, her auto payment, her cell phone that will get shut down soon, her internet is also 2 months behind, etc
2. Supplements, ongoing weekly maintenance treatments, daily detoxing from environmental and continual viral issues   
3. Currently, for approx 12 days, she is receiving intensive daily IV's and treatments, neural injections, to try a full reset of the immune system. This is an attempt to push really hard for relief before she starts working (hoping for job to come through soon!!!) 
4. Regular day to day living items that she can no longer afford (like shampoo to gasoline etc)
5. Other bills including medical/ER bills - many that have already dropped her credit score :( 

There are several ways you can help - here are some ideas:
~~ Donations through this GoFundMe site, of course
~~ Donations through PayPal - 
~~ Directly make a payment(s) to any doctors office(s) that have saved her life and continue to care for her. We can provide those doctors information if you wish to help in that way 
~~ There is an Amazon wish list of some of the things that she needs some of them immediately: 
~~ You can run your own little fundraisers with your own creativity or through your business (we can even give some good suggestions if you are interested in doing something like that)
~~ Other sites that we will add lists of items she truly requires (i.e. specific vitamin D, calcium etc)
~~ We are also open to suggestions and purchases of things that might have worked for you or someone you know
~~ Donate to a recording studio so she can record a song(s) This would give her great hope and happiness
~~ Donate to one of her vocal coaches so she can have some lessons - this also would give her Great HOPE
~~ Help build her confidence back up in varying ways. This is a big deal after all she's gone through, - love letters, texts, phone calls, visits, just checking in with her, rides to appts, etc
~~ Donate a service that you might own, or a service that you know would make her feel good (haircut, manicure, massage etc) she needs to feel pretty every once in while instead of feeling like she's aged so much from the toll this has taken on her body
~~ Gas Card? 
~~ Gift cards? 

PLEASE also go to this FB Site:  . This is a FaceBook Page that I have created for Summer. It provides general information, more specific info and updates, pictures and support sites. Also, at a later time when Summer is doing a bit better, will provide info on how to get a message to her directly. She wants VERY desperately to help others and ADVOCATE, she wants to open a wellness center, use her knowledge, her music, and many other avenues to help people heal. But we need to get her to a better place first. You can also find more detailed excerpts of Summer’s particular story. While each case of floxing follows several similarities, it also varies greatly per individual and manifest itself different per person.

As you know, Summer got extremely sick nearly 5 years ago from Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Toxicity (Cipro was her specific poison) - we refer to as “floxed" or "floxing” easier to say. 

We all want Summer to get better, to have a better quality of life. We want her to at least have a chance to be allowed opportunities to be presented; to enjoy a good hour, a day, a week. We desperately want to see her back in the studio recording and on stage singing, travel, working a job, dancing, cooking, playing with her dog, nieces, nephews, Godbabies, jeeping, hiking, enjoying nature, and hanging out with friends like she used to. All of this without fear of hurting herself further. There is still hope. The hope begins with us here and continues with all of us. This is why we are reaching out for any help possible.

Myself along with a countless others; loved ones and friends, who have put this site together, want to first thank you for taking the time to visit and read these words. Through this, we hope to fill you with knowledge of a condition that takes many forms and often goes misdiagnosed for hundreds of thousands of people; but they have all been through so much. We also hope to inspire you to take action to help, because Summer has inspired so many of us with her spirited thoughtful nature, her strength, positive attitude and a very animated, resilient soul.

While many are already well aware of Summer’s health battle (and have graciously helped in the past in varying ways), others may stumble across this page and perhaps identify with many parts of her story.

This is not only a plea of current and immediate necessity to keep my fighting sister afloat, but also advocacy and education to all that come across this site. For these reasons, we ask that you share as much as possible.

For those who are new or simply want to learn more about this ever-growing and even more publicly recognized condition, (even by the FDA) who has labeled it  "FQAD" go here
--  - and
-- ).

This is a great site for people to read and ask community questions, read blogs and people's stories:


“Summy”, “Summicorn" "Sumflower" is a professional singer; an extremely talented musician, writer, and incredible teacher. She has performed in MANY large and well known concerts, opened for large artists, performed at other large national venues/events and has managed a few of her own bands over the years. She is also of a very intellectual mind in her successful 15+ yrs in an IT career.  

She has so many remarkable relationships, several lasting over abundantly incredible years; the types of friendships that not everyone is so lucky to possess.  She is one of the most loving and generous people you'll ever meet. Summer has a way of always making people smile and laugh. This alongside her talent, is one of her many greatest qualities. She selflessly gives to others even in the worst times. Anything from gifts, humor, time, or just spreading so much love from an ENORMOUS heart, to all that she meets. Her presence and companionship alone is enough to bring an abundance of laughter, great memories, reward and you feel blessed and loved to have her in your life. It is amazing the impact that she has on people daily, even complete strangers; she consistently brightens anyone's day. We really want to return that favor and brighten her days by doing this, and we sincerely need your help.

The “floxing” has completely changed Summer’s life. It has wreaked havoc on her body and caused permanent damage in horrendous ways. This has been VERY hard for friends and family to watch. In almost 5 years she has not been afforded a day without agonizing/debilitating pain. The day to day is completely unforeseen as to how she will be feeling with the varying types of pain that this condition possesses. This has made it hard at times for her to work, though she has held on really well to work when she was able to go back to her careers and has pushed herself beyond what she should even do at times. While she really wants to work, and has put forth effort to do so, it has been hard to find the right thing that will allow her remote and part time, but some have been very understanding and have worked well with her still, knowing her disabilities but also know her drive and her expertise in her work. She is still very capable of a good job with the right people. She is however supposed to start a job that she interviewed for on May 11th 2018, and due to some issues on their end, it still has not started. This has really been tough for her. She has been without income on and off through her journey and at this point she has been without ANY MONEY for quite some time. She has been in survival mode for a LONG time and without income lately has become very desperate as the pain and the frustration has been getting her down. 


More information here on general floxing:  , but for a quick overview of what Summer suffers currently or has suffered from since the floxing happened in 2013:
- Paralysis
- Permanent nerve damage - very painful peripheral neuropathy's across her whole body. Sometimes it's sharp stabbing pains, sometimes it feels like shards of broken glass being ripped down her arms, spine, legs. Sometimes pins and needles from head to toe, sharp pains down the legs through her feet.
- Seizures 
- Degenerative Connective Tissue Disorder - this is connective tissue across the whole body, including spine and any ligament tendon
- Tendonitis, Ruptured Tendons
- Arthritis
- Blood Clotting
- Auto Immune Disorder(s)
- Mental/Brain Fog & Anxiety mostly at the beginning, during the acute stages of floxing
- Fibromyalgia
- Bone spurs  Over 50 (often painful) across her body
- Erythromelalgia- This is like a heat intolerance, especially making Phoenix a hard place to be. This condition is a vascular peripheral pain disorder in which blood vessels, usually in the lower extremities or hands, are episodically blocked then become hyperemic and inflamed. There is severe burning pain (in the small fiber sensory nerves) and skin redness. The attacks are periodic and are commonly triggered by heat, pressure, mild activity, exertion, insomnia or stress.
- SI Joint Dysfunction - also related to the connective tissue problems. SI Joints connect your hips to your low back (sacrum) and have been so damaged that this more often than not, causes her debilitating pain, lands her in bed and often causes falls. Her spine is extremely messed up from this and the worst current issue by far.
Compromised immune system that forces her to be very careful to keep it boosted and remain in safe places and not around sick people.
- Inflammation - sometimes it's so bad, she cannot walk
- Chronic Sinusitis and MarCONS Staph infection in her sinuses
- Dental Issues that have started from all the infections and viral issues
Muscle Atrophy across the whole body. This has caused a lot of problems and weakness
- Hysterectomy - Recently had a surgery to remove 3 large uterine fibroids - this was not Flox related, but was NOT helping any of the situations
- Endometriosis - found when hysterectomy was performed - also not flox related, but had already spread to other organs, so this is ongoing research
- Extreme Anemia - massive bruising all over her body quite often

Per Summer's request on this site, please help us spread the word about Cipro (and all Fluoroquinolones). Someone you know may be suffering and not getting relief, even after diagnoses and treatments and may identify with something here. It could be their chance to learn what really happened to them and/or to take precautions in the future by being informed. Help others on the path to knowledge and potential recovery by sharing; and let’s get our singing, joking, hyperactive, class clown, adventerous Sumshine back on top, by offering financial support towards her new path. It's a tough path, one she didn't choose, but she has accepted it and is trying to move forward and do her best. Let’s get her healthy enough to be able to perhaps one day: raise awareness, to help in research, coordinate fundraisers, provide grants, and even record some songs (that she's written about this experience). Let's help Summer inspire and support others through her music, as well!

Thank you for reading, sharing, donating, YOUR LOVE,and giving support to this extremely special person.

Summer and Lyric

Here's a FaceBook Site with a reasonably positive group of people (considering all they've been through), they try to bring comfort and answers to any sufferers, or friends/family of sufferers . Summer is also on the board of directors with this non-profit called Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Toxicity Syndrome Network (FATSN), though she has been a little inactive with it lately, she will get back to it very soon! 


Sense of humor is always there! 

This picture was with the letter to Congress that we will include with a link soon :) "NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!"

The Girls; taking Summer out to concerts, even when she was still doing pretty bad!

Singing and dancing a Joss Stone song - Pre Flox

A Little Collage - Pre Flox

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