Support an equity company, destroyed by looters

Dear Friends and Community,

One of the most giving people I know, Ron Leggett, had his small, equity,  owned business targeted by armed robbers this last weekend. They were operating under cover of the protests and looting that were happening around Oakland, CA, due to the outpouring of outrage about the systematic racism in America and about the absolutely gut-punching and heartbreaking string of black people being murdered by police.

Of course, the police did nothing to help Ron; his businesses was hit both Saturday and Sunday nights, and the police failed to respond in any reasonable time frame. It took at least an hour to get their help after the first robbery (Saturday), which wiped out his entire company, and more than three hours after the second (Sunday), when his business was fully looted and destroyed.

Ron lost everything in his business, right down to only his business license itself and a few small boxes of papers. They shot up his security system, broke down his door, and took or broke every asset he had. His space is now boarded up with plywood, and he can't even enter to start cleaning up.

As his friend, I know he invested everything he had into the business. He won't make it without community support. He is a father, a husband, a former fire fighter, founder of the Oakland Food Pantry, and is a struggling small equity business owner, who needs us all right now.

Please click the link here, and donate what you can to Ron Leggett. Yes, my own business was looted to the ground, too; Ron shares the building. I care for him so strongly, and believe in our community so greatly, that I want to start helping him first. Please spread this everywhere you can, right now. Let's see if we can get him restarted, or better yet, farther ahead than he's ever been! Love to you all, and please, be safe.

Debby Goldsberry

From Ron Leggett's facebook page:

[Robbers] broke in and looted my business last night!! I'm a small minority owned business who has put every last dollar I have into this business trying to do the "right thing" by being fully licensed and legal. They shot my DVR twice with a 9mm....

I have so many feelings and emotions right now pertaining to all of this. I'm trying to stay focused on the bigger picture....

I've been detained for "matching the description" several times. I've experienced unlawful use of force by a police officer, I've been pulled over and pulled out of my car at gunpoint by the police. I can go on about how I'm still followed in stores... How people judge me by my appearance. How ladies hold their purse when I'm around. How bank employees behave when I walk in... How I've been assulted by a CHP officer outside of Truckee on my way to Reno one night. How one of our new neighbors threatened to call the cops on me one day as I was riding my bike around the block because "I don't look like I live around here" to her. Her and her husband, and another housemate of theirs physically stopped me from riding my bike and confronted me. How my brother received life at 17, and the stories I can tell about his life while incarcerated. How the guards have treated him, and what the guards have done to them. I recently spoke to the assistant district attorney and she told me how the previous D.A. had a history of sentencing people of color to life and that my brother could have been eligible at 25 yrs old to be paroled if it wasn't for what the D.A. charged him with. Venus even said it wasn't premeditated and said she wished she was around back then.... How I can't voice my opinion in certain situations...

As of yesterday, the break-in cost me everything I put into the business, and Debby and I were both looted again last night... I owe money on most of the stuff that was destroyed. I'm almost certain, my insurance policy will not cover the damages (civil unrest)... No banks, insurance carriers will not fully cover us, over taxed, and over regulated....

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