Skylar's National Karate Fund 2017

Hello everyone, it’s Skylar !  I appreciate you taking the time to read my request to help fulfill a long-time dream of mine. I’m hoping to raise money to offset the cost to attend an International Karate Tournament held in Dublin, Ireland this fall.
         My Karate journey started seven years ago when I was a White Belt in Simcoe,  with Sensei Tom Foster as my very first Karate Instructor.   This is where my karate journey started and that same year,  I recieved  my Yellow Belt.  At age nine, I moved to Tillsonburg and Sensei Scott Hill became my Karate Instructor. Over the next four years with Sensei Scott Hill, I progressed to an Orange Belt, then a Green Belt, a Blue Belt, to a Purple Belt and finished with a Brown Belt!  Over the last two years, I have trained at the Delhi Karate Club with Sensei Spring Kaye as my Kata & Kumite Instructor, Sensei Darwin Sherman as my Shindo Instructor and Sensei Jim Atkinson as my Chief Instructor. I have just finished this year’s season and now have graduated to a “Red” Belt with just one belt colour left to go, my “Black Belt”.  This is a rare occasion and I am so proud to be a recipient of this “Red” Belt.  I believe I have worked hard for this special award. 
         Recently, at the Shintani Memorial National Tournament I was asked by a couple of the Shintani National Team Committee Members if I would be interested in trying out as a developmental member for the Canadian Shintani Wado Kai Federation National Team.  Qualifying for a Junior Elite on this team is something I was striving for in 2020. This entry level is new, so this opportunity was unexpected. However, I figured, what the heck, it’s going to be a good work-out anyways.  Shockingly, I made the Team!   My mother and grandmother were overwhelmed with joy, not to mention my younger brother Chase, my Aunt Melanie and Uncle DeMal. Oh yeah, and my grandfather, he cried…. he’s a big suck.
We'll be sure to keep in touch here on Go Fun Me & on Facebook and post pic's of my future adventures !  

Thank-you to everyone who has supported me during this wonderful new adventure ! 

* Attended 1008 hours of Karate Training Classes
* Attended 36 Karate Clinics
* Attended 33 Karate Tournaments
* Attended 14 Black Belt Workouts
* Achieved Medals at all Tournaments in Kata, Kumite, and Shindo events I entered.
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