Sanita's Surgery

Meet Sanita  

Sanita is a shy, little girl  Chris Bertish met on Nias, a little island in Indonesia last April where he vacationed after completing the Atlantic Sup Crossing.

Sanita could not walk, run, jump or play like most little girls because she has an infection in her knee.  

When Chris saw the condition of Sanita's knee, he realized the antiseptic and antibiotic cream he had with him would be of no help for Sanita.

Her knee has been painfully drained numerous times and she was put on antibiotics but it keeps on swelling up further and locks up and wont move. 

It did not heal and wont heal to enable her to walk.

Sanita's knee keeps re-infecting and continuously drains.  Chris has talked with the doctor and was told the problem is systemic, its internal and she needs further treatment, X-Rays and surgery which is only available on the main island, meaning her and her mother would have to fly there and for this they have no money...and thats where we can all help and make difference. 

Why We Need Your Help

Left untreated, Sanita will either never walk again, lose her leg entirely or worse, die from septicemia. 

Her family is not able to afford the medical care or even the travel expenses, they live hand to mouth.

Chris is in the process of coverinf the costs of further consultations, X-rays, tests and Travel, however the cost of the treatment, surgery and aftercare are great and urgently needed.

Please can you help...What We Need?

"I believe we can all make a difference and all make a positive impact. "
-Chris Bertish

Every child deserves to be just that, a child; free from pain and suffering.

There is no greater gift in life than giving back to those in need.  

Chris celebrates a birthday on 11 July and can think of no greater gift to receive than to give Sanita the treatment and aftercare she needs.

He is not able to do this alone.

Let's come together and give Sanita the life she dreams and her family the hope and support they need to make it happen.  

Every $5 or $10 makes a difference and every time you share this campaign with family and friends it brings us closer to the goal.

Any funds received over the cost of Sanita's care and treatment will be a gift to the family for a better life and a brighter tomorrow.

About Chris Bertish

"Nothing is impossible!"
-Chris Bertish

South African Chris Bertish is a Big Wave Surfing Mavericks champion, Stand up Paddle Boarding Guinness World Record Holder and Ocean Pioneer, who recently redefined Extreme Adventure by becoming the first human to Stand up paddle across any ocean!  Paddling 7500km, solo, unsupported and unassisted, 93 days, across the Atlantic Ocean
from Morocco, Africa to Antigua, in the Caribbean and raising +$500k USD all for charity.  A truly unparalleled global feat!

Chris’s life philosophy is that we all have the power to influence positive change within ourselves, towards others and the environment, simply by taking action and being the change we want to see in the world.

That’s why everything Chris Bertish-Impossible(CBI) is aimed at inspiring change, helping people and companies reach their greatest potential while creating a better and sustainable world and environment right
from his motivational and Inspirational Speaking message to his expeditions and projects, right down to the charities he supports and the various give back initiatives he personally undertakes.

Sanita's story is his most recent personal undertaking.

"Make the change.  Be the change.  Leave a positive impact on others and the world around you."
-Chris Bertish

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