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Remembering Evelyn and Supporting the Roy's

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With love and caring for the Roy's, this Go Fund Me has been set up to offer them help and to ease some of the strain that their daughters diagnosis has financially taken, and to offer them the caring that they so often give to others.  It is our goal to sustain and help them through this difficult time. It takes a village, and we want them to know that THEIR village and tribe is behind them.
Sadly in September 2018, the Roy family was given a shocking and difficult diagnosis, that their beautiful 10 year old daughter Evelyn had a soft ball sized tumour in her abdomen. After subsequent testing and after many investigations, Evelyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer, that started in her adrenal gland.  

Since then, the Roy's have faced some very hard and painful days.  They have steadfastly been with their girl, as she has gone through painful bone marrow aspirations, many rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell harvesting and transplants, G tube inserts, and MANY more gruelling procedures, that no child should have to endure.  It has truly been every parents worst nightmare.  However, all the while, Evelyn the little warrior girl,  has faced this with the bravery of 100 adults, and even then, some adults can't touch her spirit!  The entire family has been so brave, and positive, by relying on  their unwavering faith, and the prayers and help of friends and family.

Undoubtedly, the toll this has taken on this family has been tremendous; emotionally, spiritually, physically, and financially.   The Roy's - if you have had the pleasure of meeting them - have had an impact not only on my life, but on the lives of so many, giving of whatever they have to help others, in so many various ways, with open arms.

It is now our turn to help them, in whatever way we can.  Through all this, Heather has been unable to start her brand new job, to be constantly by Evelyn's side, and as you can imagine,  this has been financially taxing on this beautiful family.   

In whatever way you are able  - big or small -  please donate to  Mike, Heather, Evelyn and Harper while they navigate this uncertain road.  It is my goal to help ease the burden as much as we can as a community for them.

For more information on Evelyn's journey, please see the following link:

With thanks and gratitude. https://www.kidscancercare.ab.ca/stories/2019/03/hope-for-evelyn/


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Kathy Morgan
Calgary, AB
Heather Roy

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