Reece's Transition

Hey all!

     I am currently trying to save for my transition (FTM). I am a trans male, named REECE.
     For those who do not understand this, FTM is transitioning from female to male. For as long as I can remember, it has felt like I was a male trapped in a female's body. It has trapped me both in body and mind. I have been battling dreams, mentality, and physicality for too long. This is not an easy process. It comes at a price. Not only is the price costly according to the aspect of money, but also a price to my body and mind. 
     To continue my transition, I have to take the road less traveled. I have started (and have for most of my life) dressing more masculine. The first step in this amazing and difficult journey, to become who I truly am inside, is to start seeing a therapist, followed by starting Hormone Replacement Therapy. Yes, this will change my appearance, voice, build etc. But one thing the hormone treatments cannont do is shrink my chest (though it would be much simpler). I have been binding for a while, meaning concealing my breasts to show that I am a male and not female, and it has become a part of me to the point where, without it, I do not feel myself at all. Here's the thing, binding is not the healthiest. It should not be done for more than 6-8 hours and constricts breathing dramatically. Coming from experience, this is true and it is very uncomfortable.
     I am currently working and living on my own, as well as going to school full time. So why do I need $8,000? Like I said before, this transition comes at a price. This amount covers therapist visits, hormone replacement therapy (when started), and the future double mastectomy, which I have discussed with a plastic surgeon and begun looking at all of my options. 
     All I am asking for is your support. In my life, I do not get much support from my family, which breaks my heart, but I need to be happy with myself. I need to have a consistency with my body and mind. I have a good number of supporting friends, who I love dearly, and will support me through this. That is where the therapist comes in. Not only do I have to see a therapist before starting any hormone treatment, I will continue to see a therapist during and probably as my transition progresses. This will help me cope with the (potential) loss of family members or friends, the toll this takes on my mind (before surgeries, where my physicality is still feminine), and will help me speak about how I am feeling as the transition progresses. 
     Simple things, like a few dollars here and there, can go a long way over time. 

Thank you all!



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Reece Everson 
Canton, OH