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Too much to say
I’m fighting Lymes for too long

Below is from February 2018 and March

Finally, fought of the life threatening brain eating virus. Thank you for everyone who has contributed so far to my life.Now, I’m facing multiple strains of Lymes and all the roller coaster body issues that come from it such as hypoxemia which allows any chronic illness to continue despite medications to eradicate disease.
I’m so blessed to be alive! Though my body needs dramatic improvement. Now I am going to open up to you about some of the things along my journey and still going through:
I my body has hypoxia which isn’t uncommon in Lymes m or anyone with a serious chronic illness. That’s why I’m here to ask for help again. With out proper oxygen to the brain and the body I can’t fight properly to gain control over this illness let alone function.
My levels of oxygen in my body should be at 92 for my age but I have oxygen levels of barely 70, That of someone who is over 80 years old. I’m told it’s not so bad in terms of recovering with this program where the body is submerged into a liquid which has high concentration of oxygen and it forces into my body as well as I am drinking this high oxygen potency water. This pulls my body of of hypoxia so that my immune cells can fight all the virus, bacteria and fungus that is weakening it.
I’m doing this currently but am having physical complications as well as miss financial backing to complete it but if I follow it through completely I would be able to work and start being somewhat normal again to live, so I’m counting on this.

The first 5 days will be hard on the body. (Which were and still) I will be sleeping a lot. I’m told not until after second round do I start to feel better which is in 6 weeks. I’m only at almost 2 weeks and now I’m told due to my specific case and obersvation so far, things will get harder and worse before they get better. I believe it’s working for sure but I also believe it will get worse again before it get better.

I reacted well to the H2nOn right away before sessions started I’m on first trial now. I have a very hard time to keep asking but I have no choice yet again:

My funds are broken due to inability to work and keep a stable income. To give you perspective please at h this you tube video as this man explains it exactly in a happier way I cannot at the moment:

of my last six months when you haven’t seen me: I have had faint spells in the shower Sometimes even taking a bath I get “shortness of breathe” and cannot get up. I suffered from everyday fevers for month and they are still here of and on. I get faint spells now even going up a flight of stairs or walking up hill. I sometimes faint when walking for a prolonged period of time about 10 minutes or less. I’ve started using scooters when I grocery shop because I’m often having hard time carrying things on my arms as they will give out after a while. I’ve lowered all my closet hanging shelves and I use step stools more often when reaching for things so my arms are not above me to long for fear of light headedness or shortness of breathe feeling. Reaching for something above my head repeatedly or for more than just a moment causes lightheadedness and sometimes fall as well as repeat jesters with my arms such as scrubbing or writing for extended periods of lungs work perfectly fine thank goodness that it’s more my head/brain that runs out of oxygen due to hypoxia. The conduit for the brim to nervous system is still faulty. My joints ache that sometimes getting up in morning it hurts my joints in my feet to much to even walk. But I do anyways. I know this sounds odd but My muscles sometimes go slack in a way it’s like I am fatigued from over working out or even numb to control.
I have bouts of memory loss and sometimes not memory loss but mental glitches or physical glitches. I accidentally switch words in conversation such as “do you need a lighter” is my intended statement and I would say “do you need a watermelon?” With full intention that is the correct word coming out. I will ask the time and have said “close the blue” instead of “what’s the time?”Or “do you know the grape?” I have said “pink” when I mean something entirely different and even said four in place of another word often.
I repeat myself in a loop in my words. I recall I said a word in the middle of a conversation and started blanking out in distraction of these weird electrical pulses in my head. I have lost conversations even mid talking or conveying an idea.
I get head pains often sometimes even in my sleep where they wake me up but they happen for no reason known. Lights and sounds unexpectedly bother my mood. I get more agitated physically and mentally in a way its unbecoming. I feel bad for this.
I have tough time holding focus on more than three people in my space it triggers a cramp like feeling in my head and my head shakes on its own or arms start dancing. Raising my voice to be heard causes me to lose energy quite quickly in conversation. I used to be the best salesman I knew and could handle multiple stimulating conversations and debates at once.
I ran and operate a business with fast past and physically demanding challenges to no longer being able to keep convo or remember my next steps. There was a good two months where my head would on it’s own shift to the side turning or I’d unknowingly Rock a bit back and forth. Twitches here and there or uncomfortable moving of legs that had gone on a bit before I noticed.

Sometimes my body jerks or spasms out of no where. Usually happens most when lying down or sitting after dinner or when I get overstimulated somehow with my senses cause if epilepsy or seizures and the like but I’m conscious.

For a few weeks in October I had a very tough time handwriting things like notes I was taking. I’m a big note taker. But I couldn’t write and barely talk much either. I took up painting and singing to recover my ability but it still comes and goes where it’s difficult to write.
There have been moments where I will go about a task in the house to do something and then I don’t remember what I was going to go do so often so that sometimes it would appear I became conscious all of a such and no clue the last three hours went. This has gotten better but sometimes happens even in conversations.

I smell funny smells that are like bubble gum or cotton candy, candy apples and a few other unpleasant things like blood or burnt food or rot of some kind and these are indications of a bigger seizures coming on. I sometimes vomit. I lose my appetite here and there.
I get random pains, pinches and pins in my ankles and feet or hands or an itch like there was a bug on me when there wasn’t. Some days I had much trouble getting up from bed not mentally but physically like I had been drinking or doing massive drugs the night before. I don't drink or take drugs. I don’t even smoke or drink pop.

Sometimes I would adjust my head turning over in bed I’d feel a mud like sensation moving as if gravity was pulling it after I shifted. My physical state get so debilitating sometimes I cannot carry out simple cleaning tasks are walk and hold phone up at same time. Or I’d forget a simple thing how to do it like fork to mouth.
I have no appetite but I still keep my food intake up to be healthy. (With this program my appetite has come back)
Even still I find myself looking for something and forgot or don't know what I’m looking for so often it becomes a joke and it’s not funny depending on some days were my mood is less understanding.

I feel shifts in my personality about things I usually find funny and things I didn’t before also with foods I used to Love I am repulsed by now. I have forgotten words in other languages I once knew.

There was a good month where I didn't feel comfortable being by myself. For fear I was loosing my mind and even my own memories bad and good simple or complex. Sometimes my emotional state would go numb

If you knew me most my life I’m emphatic and loving and caring I feel I am loosing myself to whatever this physical disturbance. I’m noticing more often now though that I am replacing words I didn’t intend to say. Every day words with little emotional meaning to the sentence I’m stating.This is very hard to live like this and I often ponder solutions for faster recovery. It can take 3-20 years to finally maintain a workable life style.
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