To convince Riverside Animal Control  that we, and the rescue community, are committed in keeping these dogs out of their shelters. They have a very high chance in being killed because they are senior dogs as the shelters and rescues are overwhelmed.

Rosie & Hopi's Dream

Our Goals in Priority:

1. Raise funds to get the required kennel license $650 just for license, plus fees for Land use/inspections, Health inspections and Animal Control inspections.... total in fees approximately $4,800. 

Has Been Raised

2. Raise funds to pay Rescues the $150-200 ($2,000) fee to vet them and then to continue to donate until they are re homed.  We need to find homes or new placement for minimum of 10 dogs to become compliant with Animal Control.

3. Help with food and health care.

4. Kennel required....Kenny Class II

5. Kennel Shelter  $10,500.

6. Kennel Runs: $8,000 have to be 5x10/dog; county requirement

7. Kennel flooring, $2,000

The Back Story

The Promise to Rosie and Hopi: A pair of stray dogs that no one cared about and animal control could not capture.   We fed them, rescued their puppies until we gained their trust.  It did not stop there.  My partner Dan and I picked up other strays and found homes for them when we could.  Then in 2008 we had two beautiful females a month apart left on our property.

 (PIC) Jill was found tied to our arbor in front of our house after spending a day away.  She was so scared and trembling, and very pregnant.  Two days later she had 13 small puppies that we immediately 11 boys and 2 girls.  All survived with the help of us bottle feeding and rotating them nursing on mama. 

(Pic)Three weeks later, a pretty black girl, Squirt was found tied to our property gate post.  She gave birth to 5, 3 girls and two boys.  

We contacted the rescue group we had worked in the past, and they helped with some of spay and neutering, gave us the venue to show these guys off.  The poor economy and after 5 month, only 1 had been adopted.  Then our truck broke down, and no way of getting them out there to show off, and the rescue abandoned us.   We gave them love and did our best.

Then in fall of 2013 a vindictive neighbor called Animal Control.  We were on the radar to get these numbers on the property reduce to comply with code.  Ever since we have been calling and emailing rescues for help.   NO support, very few replies and no rescues to help our fur-babies to find good homes.  Now we are threatened weekly by Animal control.   They are soon to start taking them in pairs.   We have been told, not a good chance the shelter will find homes for them, advised more than likely they will be put to sleep.  How is that a better for them then remaining here?

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