Petra’s cancer journey

Hi there and welcome to my GoFundMe-page where I’m trying to raise money to be able to go on a vacation with my kids before my life ends, because I have stage 4 cancer and it’s sadly it’s incurable. I hope to meet my goal before the end of July 2019 (hopefully sooner) because my time is running out!

Update May 5th 2019!
Hi friends! Thank you everyone that donated last year so me and the kids could visit our capital city Stockholm for a weekend. We had a blast, but sadly me and Melanie were in a accident on one of the carousels at the amusement park “Gröna Lund”. The staff didn’t locked us in at the right way so we were thrown forwards and backwards for 5-6 minutes. Melanie was able to crawl down to the floor in our part of the carousel but I was hitting my forehead in the seats in front of us every time I was thrown forward and when I was thrown backwards I hit my neck and back in the seat behind me. I was unconscious for a while and there had been other people on the carousel that was shouting to the staff to stop the ride but they were to busy looking in their phones. When the ride was over I nearly couldn’t walk but slowly we were leaving the amusement park and took the boat back to our hotel. A charity Facebook group had also helped us with the trip and when I talked to the group owner she wrote an open letter on Facebook that was shared over 5000 times, I got contacted by the news and then the security officer at the amusement park called me on the phone and we decided that we were going back there the next day to have a meeting with the security staff and the parks guest-relations boss. We got all our money back that we spent, the kids got 2 kg chocolate and we were also contacted by their insurance company that was for guests that in someway had been injured because of rides or personnel wrongful doing. They payed for our medical visits to the ER and we are going to get money for the pain and suffering we have went through.

The times that my back and head were thrown forward and backwards gave me a concussion and I also got very bad spinal disc hernias on left side that led to my left leg being paralyzed, I was in massive pain and after almost a month at the hospital I had to go through a back surgery October 31. My leg started to function again, except for my left for that never will function normally again because those nerves were totally destroyed. In the beginning of this year my back pain came back and I got admitted to the hospital again.  They found 3 more spinal disc hernias on the right side and my right leg was paralyzed. I could start walk a tiny bit after two weeks at the hospital, but max 5-6 steps. And then I got really sick. I was in and out of coma and my heart started to flare. They found out that my liver and kidney were starting to shut down and I had a really, really bad sepsis that made me so sick that I don’t remember much from the 3 weeks I spent at the hospital. I came home April 30 and are in a wheelchair now, I can’t walk and I have nurses helping me with everything I’m gonna do. I was 1-3 hours away from dying. That scared me more than the fear for death I have because of my incurable cancer. 

My name is Petra and I’m turning 38 years May 15th 2019. I live with my family in south Sweden. My kids is turning 13 (Melanie) and 16 (Kevin) this year. Since February 2017 I’m battle against cancer again! I have battled against cancer two times earlier in my life (and lost one Ovarie because of it. There was a malign cancer tumor that was growing on it). This time it’s really serious, I got cancer tumors in so many places that I can’t even count them anymore and my chances of winning this battle is 5%. I’m fighting against stage 4 Lymphoma.

Here is my Stage 4 Lymphoma story:

March 28th 2017 I went through a Hysterectomy where they had to remove my uterus, cervix (they left a little piece of the cervix) and fallopian tubes because they found aggressive cancer on my Fallopian tubes in the beginning of February 2017. I have had many surgeries done in my stomach. (One time they put me down to sleep and opened me up because they thought that I had appendicitis, but I didn’t, instead there was a tumor that they removed.  I have had Ileus two times, surgery to remove my Gallbladder and Bile Ducts because my Gallbladder was filled with 16 stones and one stone was stuck in my Bile Ducts. I have also done an Gastric by-pass 2010.) I had very much scar tissue in my stomach and that made the Hysterectomy a little complicated to do and afterwards I got a lot of complications, for example MRSA in the wound, sepsis twice during the healing process and when I had my second sepsis they had to re-open my surgical wound (May 11th 2017) to take away all the inflammation and pus that was standing there in my lower stomach and was making me very sick. I spent almost 5 months on the hospital last year just because of the surgeries and complications after the hysterectomy and the removal of all the tumors.

I had to do the Hysterectomy because they had found very aggressive cancertumors in my uterus, they also found a cancerous tumor right next to my bellybutton and I was scheduled for a new surgery when my healing after the hysterectomy was done. But when they opened me to remove the tumor right next to my bellybutton (June 20th 2017) they actually found two cancerous tumors there and they were both removed. They had at that point (June 15th) also found a cancerous tumor in my spleen-area and when they found that tumor it measured 10.6 cm (4.17 inches) in diameter. I started with chemo July 4th 2017. Because of an autoimmune sickness they can’t remove my spleen and the tumor that sitting in and outside of the spleen because my body need the spleen to keep function. And because of osteoporosis I can’t get radiation.

During the chemo the tumor in my spleen-area became smaller and at one point it was down to 8.8 cm (3.46 inches) in diameter and the chemo did what it was supposed to do. I was so happy that the treatments worked although I felt like crap, lost my hair and got both depression, anxiety and a fear of dying.

After a while of chemo-treatments I started to have pain in my kidneys, running a fever and felt strange. The testing they did on me showed that my kidneys where failing, and it went quickly. They had to stop the chemo and put me on dialysis (first Dialysis November 14th 2017). Because of the lack of chemo my tumor in my spleen-area started to grow again and in just two months it went from 8.8 cm (3.46 inches) in diameter to 12.24 cm (4.82 inches) in diameter and my kidneys were still not good enough to get me back to chemo. Then, on one of my monthly full body scan (November 29th 2017) they found two new tumors on my small intestine. They still couldn’t give me chemo and the tumor in my spleen-area continued to grow and are now in the size of an adult persons heart. I continued with the dialysis. The tumor makes pressure on both my heart and my left lung and I have a hard time taking deep breaths on the left side. I also has gotten high blood pressure (I have always been having low blood pressure so now instead of taking pills to make the blood pressure rise I have to take pills to make it lower!)

Luckily they were able to remove the two tumors on my small intestine (on January 31, 2018) but when I was on a full body scan the day before the surgery they found a new lump, in a size of an walnut in it’s shell, in my neck and my anxiety and fear of dying was back again. Thank you God, the results on the biopsy they did on the lump showed that it was only an inflamed lymph node. And now, thankfully, it’s almost gone.

I got to start again with the chemo February 6th 2018, but after two treatments they had to stop it again because of my kidneys showing signs of kidney-failure once again and I was back on dialysis. Now, since February 20th 2018 I’m back on chemo and they are checking my kidneys every week to make sure they are ok. I got another chemo-mixture this time and it’s called “ABVD” and I also take Prednisone (but that is mainly because I have Addison’s Disease). On the last full body scan February 26th 2018 the results showed that my tumor in my spleen-area had grown another 0.5 cm (0.2 inches) in diameter. I don’t know the exact size of it in numbers but it’s still in the size of an adult persons heart and it keeps on pushing up on my heart and on my left lung so my blood pressure is very high although I have medication to lower it.

March 1st 2018 I had an appointment on the hospital because when I went to the bathroom there always came blood on my toilet paper. They found one tumor that was 5x4 cm (2x1.6 inches) big on my Ovarie (they didn’t remove the Ovarie because then I have had to take Estrogen the rest of my life and Estrogen-medicine can create cancer and I don’t want more of that). They did some biopsies on the tumor, the Ovarie and also on the little piece of cervix I got left. They also did some blood work that should tell if I had Ovarian-cancer. The result showed no signs of Ovarian-Cancer and the biopsy-result showed no cancerous in my tumor and the other places they took samples from but they are going to check it again in 4 months because in worst case it can turn to cancerous) Update May 5th 2019: my ovarie got removed this latest fall because of aggressive ovarian cancer.

Because of my bad kidneys and the growing tumors in my body I don’t know how long time I got left before my body, soul and heart walks over to heaven. My Oncologist told me on March 8th 2018 that the tumor in my spleen-area is incurable and isn’t responding on the chemo that they can give me and that the chemo-treatments is now mainly to not get any new cancerous tumors. That’s why I’ve started this GoFundMe-page. I would really wanna take a trip outside (or inside) of Sweden with my kids but since I’m home sick and can’t work I don’t have the economy for that. So someone told me about GoFundMe and maybe you could help me get my dream come through?

Please share my page with all your friends and I’m so thankful for all the economic help I can get. (Even though my donation-goal is written in Swedish currency, people from all around the world is able to donate.) My dream would be that me and the kids could go away on vacation this summer.

Thank you for your time reading all this and thank you for your help with sharing this GoFundMe-page and thank to you that donated! Maybe me and my kids can do our trip soon.

Lots of love from me to you


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Petra Rosenberg 
Perstorp, M, Sweden
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