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My happy, STRONG, precious baby Payton Warrick was born at 29 weeks weighing 2lbs 2oz.  At 4 months he was diagnosed with severe to profound bilateral hearing loss meaning he cannot hear in both of his ears. We were immediately told that he would need surgery in his head/brain on both sides to implant a Cochlear Implant to send signals to the brain so that he can hear. He was given hearing  aids to help stimulate the nerve until he could get surgery and he started attending a Speech School here in the Atlanta area for Speech. We started to notice Payton was not hitting his developmental milestones such as sitting up on his own, crawling, standing, and that he was not using his left arm to grab or reach for anything. We immediately added Physical and Occupational Therapy. January 30, 2017, Payton was diagnosed with Mild Cerebral Palsy. Of course my heart was broken to say the least because this was something else that my baby has to overcome. I cried a lot and still do at times but never ever let anyone see because of the strength I feel I must have for my baby as his mom. As a parent, you NEVER want to see your child hurt or go through anything and would do anything to change it if you could. But for something soooooo serious, we felt helpless. 1st Surgery May 24, 2017 
2nd Surgery November 29, 2017. I began to search for a more in-depth therapy and then someone told me about the Adeli Suit Therapy (please google if you wish to know more of what this does) and Intensive Therapy.  By the Grace of God we found one not too far from our home. We immediately went in for a consult and saw results after the first session so we knew we had to make this happen. What most people don't realize is having a child with multiple concerns (because I don't use the word "disability") is that it can be VERY costly (i.e. Cochlear Implants approx. $100K, Therapies $62 - $400, Therapy equipment such as Stander, Walker, Wheelchair are in the Thousands). Thank God for insurance but insurance companies pick and choose what they want to cover and not cover. With that being said, the Intensive Therapy and the Adeli Suit Therapy is NOT covered by insurance AT ALL.
Adeli Suit Therapy  $6000 for 3 weeks (He need to do twice). Intensive Therapy is $45 per session which he goes twice a week. If he goes twice a week for the rest of the year that's a little over $4,000 plus the 2 Adeli Suit Therapies which is about $16,000. To be honest, we struggled for the last few months in doing this GoFundMe because we've always been able to just "figure it out" and make it work but these are truly uncharted waters for me/us.  Due to the CP diagnoses and the extreme prematurity, Payton is about 8 pounds underweight in which he's on a special formula that cost $200 a month that insurance also does NOT cover plus he still eats food. Imagine trying to work and your child has 6 Therapy Sessions PER WEEK: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Intensive Therapy twice. Right...sounds impossible. Not to mention constant and regular doctor appointments to follow up with the Audiologist, ENT, and GI. Trust me...It's Very, Very hard but it has to be done to benefit this precious baby. The purpose of the Gofundme is to secure his Intensive Therapy for at least 1 year. Having a child is expensive in itself but just imagine for a second having to buy ALL the normal things a child needs. Now imagine having to buy those on top of paying for expensive special formulas to gain weight, MULTIPLE therapies, therapy equipment, and paying for a Speech School in a few months that's going to be roughly $19,000 a year but that's the only option that's going to teach my baby to Hear and Speak like you and me. We rarely talk to people about what we go through or Payton's story, but we truly Thank you if you decide to give and greatly, greatly appreciate it! We know that God makes no mistakes and we continue to speak healing over his body and great change in his motor skills that he begans to crawl, walk, run and hears perfectly and speaks with great articulation. He has NO lack or delays. The Bible says to speak things that be not as though they were. We tend to take things for granted like being able to walk, hear, talk, or something as simple as even picking up a spoon and feeding ourselves. All things Payton isn't doing at the moment at 2 years old but will be and this therapy has shown so much improvement. Since he started this Intensive Therapy he is rolling over to sit up on his own, his trunk and core has gained strength, he is using his left from soooo much more, he's holding his bottle with ease, and he's getting up on all four's briefly in crawling position with a little scoot. The humbleness and patience I have gained in experiencing this is beyond words. James 1:4-6 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting. A little from you, will mean A LOT to Payton! Thank You Sincerely! 

With Appreciation and Love,

Tabitha and Peter! 

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