PLEASE HELP My 23 year old daughter Maria!


Hello everyone... I'm reaching out to the world for help to fund my stepdaughter Maria's need to get to an extraordinary place in another country. Maria was diagnosed four years ago with aggressive stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma at 18. We live in Canada, and Maria has had access to the best treatments available in our medical system; she's had five different chemotherapies, three different immunotherapies, and her stem stell transplant, but nothing is working, and her condition is getting worse. Her lymph nodes are getting larger and larger and compressing her lungs, and she's slowly losing ground on this terrible disease every day.
However, her mother, Elsa, may have found hope! A specialized clinic in Tampa, Florida, the Moffit Cancer Center, has agreed to evaluate her condition and validate if she will qualify for treatments. This service and therapy are not free; as you may or may not know, the cost for these services is quite expensive. Maria needs the get to this hospital as quickly as possible. We can manage to get her to the clinic, and we found Maria and her mother a place to stay with family, but we need the extra funds to pay for the treatments to save her life!

Because of Maria's condition, she could not fulfill her dream of being a nurse, and she had to stop attending school. Maria's employer graciously called her back to offer her employment, but her condition made it hard for her to breathe and complete an entire day. She loves being with people, but even that seems out of reach.
We would appreciate anything you could do to help Maria get to that center and begin her evaluation and potential treatment!
Bless you, all, and please take the time to hug your children daily!
Thank you
Elsa & Rick
Maria was in her prime before the attack!

After dozens of chemo treatments and is challenging and painful!
Sometimes there are good days, even on those chemo days!
With the help of a wig and a cute hat...Maria still manages to face the world and find the courage and a smile in the face of this horrible disease!
Maria enjoying her life one day and a time with her best friend, Moka :-)
Please help us keep our baby healthy and happy!
Our hearts go out to you...thank you for your gift!