Help me complete PHD in Miracles

Twelve years ago, my life took a sudden detour with an "epic" ski crash. My daily routine of business-corporate stress and 120hrs/wk of overtime had veered to a near-death-experience. I woke up in a hospital three days later feeling blissfully peaceful and blessed by the time-out.

On day 10, I walked out with my fractured neck miraculously healed. Right there and then, I chose the road less traveled toward a thorough personal improvement and feeling at peace daily, and later working with people caring for Mother Nature, and studying principles behind miracles.

53085906_1607470738807938_r.jpegMy dream today is to inspire easier, healthier and brighter daily lives for all people, including men, women, youth and seniors, through a natural state of peace and harmony (for if no one goes to battle, there is no battle).

With focus on miracles of healing, as well as peace, integrity and care for the environment, I want to make the messages entertaining, practical and direct (yet humble and open-minded) so that anyone can claim this mastery.

Once the new normal catches on, it will support more effective and expansive collaboration, which will result in superior solutions and inventions to many of our big challenges (local and global). For example, efficient & sustainable heat and electricity production or water desalinization, or development of a hyper-advanced technology (medical or personal) that's easy to use and accessible. This will lead to all peoples’ even better well-being and happiness.

But everything starts with peace inside each individual: his or her good health, positive mindset and emotional ease without conflicting thoughts or actions, a peaceful and happy day-to-day being, a good relationship with self as well as toward and by others, and overall inner calm and life mastery rooted in love, wisdom and confidence.

Thus the focus and thesis of my life’s work:

“Peace between all people begins with peace within each person.” – Kamil C.K.

I’ve launched this Campaign because I NEED YOUR HELP to complete my PHD* in Miracles. 

The phrase is a codename for my 12-year-long spiritual project about Peace Health and Direction (or Purpose) - my own, all people's, and planet Earth's. I consider this Campaign to be the grand finale of this journey before a new chapter begins in 2021. A clean fresh start. 

I've included a lot more details further down, but without you, this may not happen soon. Every little bit helps.

The Ask

My whole life I've helped many, but rarely ever asked for help myself. I feel the time has come to receive the help I need, before continuing my peace project in a bigger way.

Here is where the first priority $50,000 will go:

● $48,549.70 towards loans used for studies, research and operations, provided by friends, family and credit cards – regretfully first to support and last to be paid back, please help me make it right

● $1,450.30 towards GoFundMe processing fees (2.9% + $0.30 of $50,000) with love & gratitude to GoFundMe founders and team for making fundraising so accessible

Here is where additional $30,000 if raised will go:

● $22,320 to supplement further research and operations expenses for 1 year and provide priceless peace of mind while I commit to taking my PHD* thesis to the next level (giving the wisdom back to the community)

● $6,809.70 to acquire basic audio-video recording equipment and/or outsource production of a video trailer for the book & movie, and organize an attractive value-add sponsorship package to secure further funding

● $870.30 towards GoFundMe processing fees (2.9% + $0.30 of $30,000)

Here are 5 ways how you can please help:

1. Donate funds via GoFundMe; or by 5 other means (scroll down for details)

2. Share this page far and wide with SHARE button or 

3. Bless this campaign with magical Fairy dust, prayers, and positive love vibes

4. Nominate me for the Nobel Peace Prize at 

5. Partner with me by securing a premium logo placement and other tangible branding benefits with a Super Early Bird B2B Sponsorship Bid of $10,000 or more. Please feel free to reach out to learn more and ask specific questions, and join me today.

It is my promise that I will personally thank you for your support, and will send you blessings for your best well-being.

Thank you very much for reading, your compassion, and your generous support.

You are now a very important part of this brand new chapter in my life that features a benevolent world. We got this!

With love,
Kamil C.K. - The Original 2009 Blog - Energy Healing and Coaching - Patient & Client Reviews - IT Consulting Company

Happy New Year!


53085906_1607371970676486_r.jpegThe Details behind the Idea of Kindness over Money

I was originally inspired by The Secret movie I had watched in 2007. The goal was to rewrite just about everything I was taught or experienced in life, in order to make it feel better, happier, and more fulfilling.

My estimate for the upgrade was 1-2 years tops, but it inevitably ended up an alluring and illuminating twelve-year expedition – with everything documented in my daily journal since day 1.

 “Facilitated” within the first few years had been my:

• constant and never-ending improvement (aka. personal evolution)
• resourcefulness in just about any life situation (lemonade from lemons)
• retreat from a toxic environment into a small & cheerful apartment
• mastery of emotions and non-reactance (I swear I’m not a robot)
• great health, true self-love and inner security anchored in the Divine Core
• learning to trust the Divine Plan and that the solutions always exist
• and publishing of my first book: Get Things Done and Feel Great

53085906_1607470858582753_r.jpegGiven my full commitment to this passion at all costs, earning my living through full-time work or biz has taken secondary priority.

To pay for this project I’ve used mostly debt financing by family, friends and credit cards, plus occasional part-time gigs like background acting or interpreting for accident benefits claimants (while sharing my Angelic energy with those suffering). Also lots of bartering, and in 2016 starting my energy healing & coaching practice.

I had also survived numerous humbling experiences of adversity, difficult challenges, and many setbacks, including downhearted and deflating comments such as “Could you stop with this stupid spirituality?” or “Just get a [real] job already!”

I had learned to use psychological coping mechanisms such as positive reframing with optimistic perspective, introspection into the treasures within such as genuine gratitude and appreciation, finding seeds of inner peace in spirituality including trusting the Divine Plan, and whatever the self-care and self-compassion I had been able to access (eg. being my own best friend and going one day at a time).

For "If I'm ever to have freedom, somehow or other I'm going to have to accept everything that's given to me."

The whole path has been overall tough, full of 24/7 inner work and exercises of patience, patience, patience. Yet at the same time, usually upon hitting each milestone, it was rewarding and satisfying.

It has led me to profound riches such as discovering the meaning of life, attaining self-realization, feeling deep emotional inner peace, and having practically no regrets regarding life experiences (which is the #1 life lesson from senior people).

53085906_1607560468959914_r.jpegSince 2017 when I started the count, I have experienced over 250 meaningful life shifts and over 40 miracles (big and small). There had been more before that, sprinkled all over the journal.

In summary, these include:

• Manifesting of one unicorn client and enablement to purchase my first home
• Lots of health, home and old car issues either solved themselves or inexpensively
• Dropped limiting beliefs & karma, balanced ego, and gained fearless & loving heart
• Rewrote past and updated DNA (using Quantum science, eg. retrocausality)
• Guidance & synchronicities from my inner Self, Gaia & Spirit (eg. Parking Angel)
• Special abilities like enhanced intuition, seeing imbalances & how to heal them
• Cheerful, positive and empowering yet remarkably candid personal relationships
• Mutually respectful, thoughtful, peaceful, safe & loving relationship with family
• Clarity on Life Purpose: Peacemaker or Angel of peace & wellness in human form
• Seeing this long journey as Success because of mostly doing my own happy thing
• Receiving inspired creative stream of memories and insights for this write-up

The best compliment I recently received was “I'm happy you are responsible for your evolutionary consciousness and heart. You're a great father” [to my handsome and clever newborn baby boy].

So What’s Next?

Today, here and now, “I’m still standing (yeah, yeah, yeah),” launching the crowdfunding campaign I have been gently nudged to do since the start of 2020 (then the Covid happened, a time for many to explore just as large the inner world).

Making much use of that positive reframing [Thank God* we’re all One – 7.8 billion of us, parts of the same Tree of Life], I am overcoming my certain degree of discomfort with a firm conviction that this could end up helping a really huge number of people. “I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord.”

I feel I’ve arrived at a significant milestone, where I am the change I wish to see in the world, and need to syndicate terabytes of my life research and wisdom into a book, movie, YouTube channel, podcast, online program or App; and thereby secure the last missing piece of my peace – the financial ease.

My wish is for everyone to find their own unique path to a fulfilling inner peace and freedom, that is, being who they are without fear of being judged by others – which will consequently (or simultaneously) secure Peace & Wellness on Earth.

Getting there may take some time, but I am confident it’s not only possible but inevitable. I want my (and many others’) miraculous stories and experiences to serve as powerful examples of what’s possible.

53085906_1607470904384109_r.jpegHere are 6 specific means how you can fund Our mission:

1. Here on GoFundMe using your credit card

2. With PayPal using this link: 

3. Within Canada using Interac eTransfer to this email:
gofundme [at] practicalwellness [dot] ca

4. By Cheque in the Mail payable to my name and sent to this address:
Kamil Kowalski, 6300 – 2100 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario M6S 5A5, Canada

5. In person at any RBC branch with a deposit of Cash or Certified Funds into the account # below

6. Via ACH / Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer:

RBC Royal Bank: 2329 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P1, Canada
[Canada]: Institution/IBAN: 003, Transit: 05382, Account: 5130117
[From US] Routing ABA Number: 021000021
[Internationally] SWIFT BIC: ROYCCAT2

Thank you very much for your generous support! It is sincerely appreciated.

P.S. If you're still reading and got this far, I love you!
You have to Like & Follow my PWG Facebook page where I’ll be posting updates and progress of my journey, and to get in early on the upcoming magic with significant discounts. 

* PHD – originally Peace Harmony Direction – term by Grettal Fryszberg of Activating Health Holistic Center – – used with permission

* God – All Mighty / All That Is / I Am That I Am / That that cannot be named / Allah / Holy Spirit / Divine Mother / Infinite Goodness / Supreme Energy / Higher Power / Creative Source (of everything including all life) / Intelligent Design / The Universe (all visible and invisible) / Mother Nature Gaia / Jesus of Nazareth / Love Vibe / The Self

* The content of this page has been edited down from the original 20-page outpouring of the heart. If you’d like to review the original unabridged version, please contact me.


1) What do you plan to do with the money if you receive MORE than the ask listed?

If I receive more than the amount listed, this means that my story and work resonate greatly, and I will consider the proof of concept validated. Thus I will GO BIG with my health, wellness, peace and love messages. Ideally, I will initiate the production of the Indie Feature film, to help empower the world toward both inner and outer peace. Specifically, the estimated cost of making the movie is $3 million dollars, which I would raise through a combination of donations, grants, sponsorships, equity or debt financing, and perhaps other unexpected channels. The initial expenses will include revisiting the collaboration with my contacts in Hollywood to update the 15-page movie treatment (outline), hiring the best team with at least one famous actor, and initiating the production in mostly local locations.

I will also donate 10% of the surplus to a charity that supports lifting up promising youth and women from lack and abuse, and empowering them to greatness. If the surplus is super extra beyond anyone’s wild expectations, I will enthusiastically support charities related to brain trauma and PTSD recovery, as well as pets that need our help to in turn support us in our day-to-day well-being, with so much unconditional love to give.

53085906_1607471195533253_r.jpeg2) What happens if you do not receive the entire amount asked?

Really anything helps as the first most important thing is to help cover my debts. I would be extremely grateful for literally any amount.

On the other hand, if this campaign doesn’t move the needle at all, I will have no choice but to put all my potential and dreams on hold until who knows when, and get a real job for real. Please let's not lose another bright and shiny soul that can benefit this world with so much value. We cannot let that happen.

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