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Ollie is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel that originally comes from Louisiana. OlIie came to me as a foster dog in July 2016 through the Rocky Mountain Cocker Spaniel Rescue organization, when his previous owner was told that the climate in Louisiana was making his many health issues worse.

Before I met Ollie, I knew that he had serious skin conditions and an ACL surgery that had either been botched or had torn again and that his ears were infected, but I had no idea of the extent of his health problems until he got here. Ollie’s skin and ears were horribly infected and he was ultimately diagnosed with a skin disease that leaves his immune system so poor that even a little bit of scratching causes his skin to bleed and become horribly infected. 

It took my veterinarian here in Colorado several tries before she was finally able to find the one antibiotic that seems to be able to fight Ollie’s particular strain of bacteria that was causing all of his skin infections. His ears had to be packed with medicine for 8 weeks and for the rest of his life, he will require a bath every 3 days with special, medicated shampoo that will limit his outbreaks. 

Notes from Ollie’s previous owner told me that he was allergic to pretty much every food out there and that he needed to be fed things that were natural and home made, and so I had Crockpot’s going pretty much around the clock with turkey or chicken, green beans and peas. Anything other than that would prompt an allergy attack, which caused itching, and ultimately led to was a vicious cycle!

Did I mention Ollie’s knee problems? Both the ACL and meniscus were completely torn and the patella was no long staying in place on his right knee and surgery needed to happen right away, but we had to get the skin infection under control first. When it finally came time for the surgery, Ollie had a horrible reaction to the surgical scrub, so in addition to the 8 weeks surgery recovery time, we were now dealing with another skin infection. Thank God I am blessed with a great job that allows me to work from home so that I could care for Ollie night and day!

Even with the bath’s and medication, Ollie’s itching and scratching was just not letting up.  Flair ups and infections seemed constant.  We decided to do another series of allergy tests and I was shocked to learn that he was actually allergic to EVERYTHING I had been feeding him for the last 6 months! In addition to chicken, turkey, green beans and peas, we also discovered that he is allergic to beef, fish, lamb, pork, rabbit, barley, carrots, oats, peanuts, rice, wheat grain and every type of grass. Feeding Ollie is tough and we eventually determined sweet potatoes, eggs and a prescription food, hydrolyzed protein with soy are all he can eat.

Ollie recently underwent surgery on his other knee, which went surprisingly well. The previous ACL surgery was intact and although the meniscus was severed, the ACL and patella were good and strong.  It turns out there was a suture from the first surgery that had never been removed and the doctor determined that is what had been causing his pain and his knee to pop out. Recovery time was short and he was putting full weight on his knee after only 2 weeks. It was difficult to keep him down and careful for the full 6 weeks because he was finally pain free!  Rocky Mountain Cocker Spaniel Rescue Organization stood with us the whole way, and held several fundraisers to pay for his surgeries. 

Ollie and I have been inseparable since he came to live with me. We have been through so much together! As a rescue, Ollie found a new home, a loving foster mom that took care of him through illness, multiple surgeries, rehab and someone to be there and love him when he was miserable. 

I have talked a lot about Ollie and what he’s been through, but I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about all he has given me. Ollie has given me comfort and a purpose. The last couple of years have been really tough...I moved, went through a tough break-up, lost my dear Emmee (also a cocker spaniel) and I also lost a dear friend/college boyfriend to a heart attack. 

I had been reeling and was sad beyond one knew the pain and depression I was in, but Ollie saved me. He has been there through many sleepless nights, and lots of tears. For the last year he has been right next to me, always with at least one paw touching sweet baby boy!  

Ollie is now medically cleared from the rescue organization and is able to be adopted but without the financial support of the Rocky Mountain Cocker Spaniel Rescue, I can’t afford his monthly expenses and am going to have to give him up. 

Although Ollie has bionic knees and we have managed to keep his allergies and skin problems relatively under control, he will always require a lot of extra love and care to include monthly injections, medication, prescription food and a bath every 3 days. He will always have the allergies, skin disease and will continue to battle with chronic ear infections. He also has arthritis that will only get worse as he gets older, and his expenses are a minimum of about $350/month. 

I have run into some serious financial issues recently and am currently working 2 jobs to make ends meet as it is, but adding an additional $350/month expense is just not possible for me right now. I expect things to ease up financially in the next year, but right now I really could use your help so that Ollie and I can continue to take care of each other. 

I know this baby boy inside and out – I know how to keep him healthy, happy and am able to provide the extensive care that he needs, It tears me apart knowing I can’t afford to keep him.  Not having him to do our yoga stretches together every morning, not being able to watch him chase bunnies and have him to snuggle with at night – whew I’m not ready to say goodbye!

I know Ollie is “just a dog” and that there are a lot of other important causes out there asking for your help, yet here I am. I am trying to raise $4,200 to cover Ollie’s known expenses for the next year until I can get back on my feet financially. I have set up an account at my Veterinarian’s office under Ollie’s name and all donations that I receive will go directly to this account. 

From the bottom of our hearts, Ollie and I thank you!

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