Mrs Hanh's Restaurant

There are two reasons Mrs. Hanh is opening a restaurant. It has always been her dream to own her own restaurant, and she has always wanted to be able to help her community in a sustainable way. When orphans in Vietnam turn 18, they are forced to leave the orphanages with little or no education or vocational skills, often making it difficult for them to find work. Mrs. Hanh plans to take a number of children into her restaurant to live as her family, while they train as cooks or wait staff, with the goal of providing them with the skills to find long term employment by themselves.

What is being planned?
The opening date is set for March 17th - what better day than At Patrick's Day! The ground floor will host a restaurant and cafe which will open daily, as well as a wedding reception restaurant.  There will be facilities for the children to live, as well as for Mrs. Hanh and her family. She will also offer free room and board for any volunteers passing through!

What's already been done?
The building is now fully constructed and almost fitted out. Since mid-January Mrs Hanh has been sourcing suppliers and making final decisions on various elements. I've been here as chief - communicator and spokesperson to the world since then too! I've also been helping as much as I can by basically being her PA while we're shopping- it's stressful times!  
Mrs Hanh's father, Dam, is now back at the restaurant to act as her accountant so all accounts can be published and he will stay for one year to get the business' accounts in order.
It is currently estimated that the total cost of the build will come to approximately US$200,000. She has raised the majority of funds through loans from family and friends.
Mrs Hanh needs a further US$30,000 to complete fitting out and servicing (power, water, etc.) of the building. Some of the recent purchases have been on credit also.
Since 2005 Mrs Hanh has had great relationships with all of the children and orphanages she has come in contact with. She has spoken to some orphanages to ensure that they will be happy to let the children go to live with her and they are. Some of the ex Home of Affection children (now living in Hoi An) are particularly keen.

Why does Mrs Hanh need money?
Getting a bank loan is difficult and expensive, so Mrs. Hanh is drawing on her existing assets "“ her international community of friends. If you can offer any amount of money as an interest-free loan for her, she will make every effort to have all loans repaid fully within ten years.

So wait, are you asking me to fundraise or donate or loan money?

That choice is yours. If you fundraise, please be clear to people that this is not an orphange. It is a sustainable way for a local community to support its disadvantaged people via the efforts of one woman and her family.
If you donate, Mrs Hanh will be forever grateful and there will always be a meal, a coffee and a comfortable bed waiting for you at the restaurant.
If you lend Mrs Hanh some money she will note it in her "Repayments Ledger" and will make every effort to repay you when she's profitable. She will try her best to have all loans repaid within 10 years.

Here is a video I made with her last year, it's a bit long winded but what she's basically saying is that she's really excited and that she's going to pay back everyone who lends her money. And she loves everyone and wishes you all good luck!

Whatever you do to help - sending messages of support, sharing this page, sending money - Mrs Hanh and her family will of course be eternally grateful. Here's hoping we can work together to make this happen.

Éadaoin, on behalf of Mrs Hanh
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