Miracle Mindy ~ McLain-Severt

First time mother-to-be and her unborn baby are truly a miracle to be alive.  By the grace of God/ with the power of prayer...

As many of you may know, the Severt family experienced a very stressful and emotional past two weeks. Now that the three of them are home, unfortunately, it is not the end of the storm. For the next several weeks Mindy, Chris and their strong baby boy will have several more doctor’s appointments along with many sleepless nights as the memory of the past couple of weeks haunt them. With this being said, a group of friends very close to the Severt’s have created this GoFundMe account. After everything that this family has endured; the least of their worries should be how they will overcome these recent traumatic events financially. It is nothing short of a miracle that Mindy and baby boy are alive, but the medical bills that this family have accrued are astronomical.  Also, with Mindy's pregnancy now being considered high risk, she may not be able to return to her students at the beginning of the school year. Chris too, will be out of work to help her as she completely recovers, and as all of you know, bills are persistent even during our hardships.

If you are unfamiliar with the unexpected and challenging road that brought them home, please read below:

On Sunday, July 2,2017, the day after Chis and Mindy Severt announced to loving friends and family that they are expecting a sweet baby boy, their world came to a dramatic halt. The morning began with Chris waking up around 7am, with Mindy still asleep in bed. Very shortly after leaving their bedroom, Chris returned to find his wife, Mindy, unresponsive and not breathing. In a panic, he immediately began administering live-saving CPR and contacted 911. When paramedics arrived, they were required to use an external defibrillator to shock her three times, before regaining a pulse and Mindy regaining the ability to breathe.
Mindy was rushed to a local hospital to be stabilized before being airlifted to Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. After arriving at CMC, Mindy was place in a medically-induced coma which allowed her medical team to lower her body temperature to 93° F for a 24-hour time period in hopes that this would prevent brain damage from the lack of oxygen her body had experienced.
At 10 P.M. Monday night, the medical team began the process of warming Mindy’s body back to normal a body temperature. Unexpectedly, Mindy coded again, experiencing another episode of cardiopulmonary arrest. The wonderful staff at CMC sprang into action and immediately were able to resuscitate Mindy, once again, stabilizing her. At this point, her doctors were partially able to understand what was causing Mindy to experience recurrent heart failure.
Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is a rare congenital and inherited or acquired heart condition in which delayed repolarization of the heart following a heartbeat ... read more here.
As of Tuesday morning, July 4th, Mindy’s treatment and recovery was finally starting to go as planned. Gradually there was evidence of Mindy’s improvement. She was responding to commands and she was able to develop a few words. She was finally able to smile and giggle with family and friends again. After witnessing what everyone believed to be the beginning stages of Mindy’s recovery, on Thursday morning, monitors that were attached to Mindy displayed signs that something was not right. With her medical team present, the ICU filled as Mindy coded again!
Following this setback, the next step was moving Mindy to Cardiac ICU, where medical staff would begin to prep her for surgery to implant a temporary pacemaker-defibrillator.
This procedure went well and baby boy was still going strong. Chris and Mindy got to see him playing with his hands in an ultrasound to check on him. The pacemaker was set at 120 (like running) to keep her heart regulated. The next day they started her on beta blockers to regulate her heart with medication without using the pacemaker.
After two days of medication, when the medical staff would lower Mindy pacemaker her heart would get out of rhythm again.  High hopes started to fade away.
On Monday, July 10, doctors performed a cardiac ablation procedure with an ultrasound- safe for baby (read more here ). It is a huge blessing to everyone that not only Mindy made it through surgery like a champ, but after all that has happened, baby boy did too and is still going strong!  The Sergical Doctor was able to take care of the extra beat her heart was putting out and they turned the pacemaker down to where it was not having to assist.
Next step was to install her permanent pacemaker-defibrillator as a fail safe, if she were to need it, on Tuesday.
After 11 long days, Mindy was released to go home!!

It has truly been a miracle to witness the strength that these two have, but we do not want them to be strong alone. We want to remind them that they have a strong support team that loves them very much!

Gender reveal celebration:

Chris and Mindy's little firecracker is a .... BOY!!

Oscar is ready for his little brother to arive!

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