Mama's miracle

Michelle's story
How do I begin to describe my mother...hmmmm , lets start with the basics. Does selfless, genereous, loving , caring , amazing describe it ...NO! Ever since I was a little girl my mom has been my rock. NEVER disappointed, ever! My mom was a modern day Mrs. Cleaver. Always home when I got home with a home cooked meal, always there with warm loving arms. My mom was the picture of health growing up, a runner, eating organically ( even before we knew what it meant) , she has always been an ideal mom! While in my 20's and 30's my mom gave up her life to help me raise my kids so that I could build my business and help provide for my family. She was a second mom to my own kids and my constant cheerleader. Always rooting me on, pushing me to the second level. I can honestly say without a doubt that my mom is one of the most beautiful souls you could ever come across . This diagnosis has come to us a complete shock and the work ahead of us and the cost is even more shocking. We are a proud family but in times like this I need to make sure that this is not about pride and its about family. Please help me to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we will need to give her a fighting chance.

Alex's story

For as long as I can remember my grandmother Yadira has put everyone before herself. She's a remarkable woman with a heart of gold. My grandmother helped my single mom raise three children. My two younger sisters, Jess and Jazlin, and I. With my mom working most of the time in order to pay for a family of four, my grandmother became my security net. I would look forward to coming home from a long day at school to her cooking. I could smell the rice and beans as soon as I walked into the house. She would greet me with "I have your favorite." She was right. Rice and beans are my favorite.

5 years ago my grandmother was diagnosed with chronic lung disease. My entire family was absolutely devastated considering my grandmother has lived a healthy lifestyle all her life. The doctors could not give my family any explanations for the disease. My mom took action in sending my grandmother to have multiple tests ran at various hospitals in hopes to help my grandmother. After trying numerous medications to no avail, the doctors had come to the conclusion that she needed a double lung transplant.

After years of watching my grandmother suffer my family and I were desperate for our prayers to be answered. The woman who has managed to keep our family together sometimes can't even get out of bed. You can see it in her eyes, she's just so tired. My grandmother wants to get better. She craves to get out of bed, to sit in the yard and breathe in fresh air.

Our prayers were answered about a week ago. My grandmother has been placed on the donor list at MGH. Since she is so severely sick she will be receiving a double lung transplant in the near future. Her medical insurance will not cover the full surgery or medications that she will need to take for the rest of her life in order for her body to not reject the lungs. My family is dedicated to raising enough money to cover the lung transplant and medication to save my grandmothers life. It is time that we stand up and put her before us like she has done for our whole family.

Jess's story 
My grandmother has always been a selfless and caring women, she took care of everyone in our family and never complained about it. When she was diagnosed with this horrible lung disease, we were all very confused... She doesn’t smoke or drink, so how is this possible? In the last couple years we’ve done everything we can to try to stop the progression of the disease but none of the treatments were working. Now knowing she needs a double lung transplant we are ready and confident that this will be the answer to our prayers, we just need some help from our friends!

Jazlin's story
She is an amazing strong women who does nothing but put others before herself She has never done anything harmful to her body yet she still has to struggle everyday with this illness The daily struggles she faces breaks the hearts of so many people who love and care for her She cares so much for others and put so much effort into her family and loved ones so we wish to do nothing but put that same effort in for her and her life It is sad to think that such an amazing person with an amazing heart has to live with so much pain and suffering Your help and support means so much to all of us and is something we can't thank you enough for. 

What the money will be used for:
Medical bills
Doctors appts
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