Lisa's Funeral Fund

Help Lisa overcome Diffuse Scleroderma with a stem cell transplant.

In 1999, Lisa was diagnosed with Diffuse Scleroderma. Scleroderma is a disease that creates tightening and hardening of the skin and or organs, which can create immense pain for sufferers. At the time of her diagnosis, Lisa was also told by her Doctor that she would have only 5 years left to live. Her strong spirit and will to live for her Husband, 3 children and grandchildren have kept Lisa alive, outliving the Doctors predictions by 10 years. As gracious as Lisa is to be alive at her current age of 44, she has lived in agonizing pain constantly with this disease. She has been immobile for the past 5 years and is completely dependent on the help of others for her daily care. Simple tasks that many of us take for granted, Lisa is unable to accomplish. Such as; using the restroom, preparing meals, changing clothes and checking the mail. Her pain and suffering does not stop her from keeping faith. Every day is a fight and Lisa accepts the challenge by giving her all, when sometimes her all is simply a smile. Lisa holds on to hope and has for the past 15 years. She sees her family as they journey through life, and she hopes to see herself next to them so they can continue the journey together. Lisa has a big heart and has always extended herself to friends and family.

During troubling times, it's the help from others that can uplift us in ways some might consider unimaginable. For Lisa, it's not living in horrific pain 24/7 that is unimaginable, but her family venturing on the journey without her by their side, is. Miracles do happen. And thanks to "Stem Cell Transplant at Northwestern University", there is hope. When Lisa can raise the amount needed to undergo a Stem Cell Transplant, she can begin a new journey of recovery. Lisa would also be helping researchers discover more about Diffuse Scleroderma, so that one day, no one will have to suffer such a painful and debilitating disease. Unfortunately we were unable to get Lisa covered under Medicare, which would cover the cost of this treatment. Lisa is unable to work, and her family struggles while having their hands tied. Watching Lisa deteriorate is heartbreaking. There is the possibility that Lisa can begin healing, with the help of others. The cost of the program is, $125,000.00, plus flight and a 2 month hotel stay that Lisa requires, since she is in Colorado, and the program is in Chicago.

I pray for my sister every day, because each day she succumbs a little more to the disease. We are blessed with her in our lives and we would love to see her regain her health. To watch a loved one suffer for a decade and a half is beyond words. We are reaching out because we know there are enough people out there who can make the Stem cell Transplant happen. The technology is there and Lisa's spirit is up for the challenge. The only thing needed to help Lisa's dream come true, is money to fund the procedure. A little goes a long way and donations small or big are deeply appreciated.

Lisa is a daughter, sister, mother, wife, grandmother, aunt, friend and so much more. Any amount you can contribute will help us move closer to Lisa's goal. Thank you! Credit card donations are accepted. If you would like to help, but prefer to send checks or money orders, you can send them to:

Lisa Sanchez
PO BOX 740891
Arvada, CO. 80006

Thank you to those who have donated and those considering donating, your generosity will never be forgotten.

Please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers
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Lisa Sanchez 
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