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Lola Needs Open Heart Surgery

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Please watch our Thank You video on YouTube! If you'd like to follow Lola's journey to surgery, her recovery and beyond please subscribe to Lola's new Instagram page:  @lolasjourney2020 

Video transcript:

           Did you know that over 7.8 million dogs across the U.S. suffer from Mitral Valve Disease?

Now, Lola isn’t just a mini-schnauzer—she’s my world.

I adopted Lola at 8-weeks and, 12 years later, Lola has been right by my side every step of the way.

I have suffered from severe depression and bipolar disorder throughout my entire adult life.

It’s not hyperbole to say the real reason I continue to survive and thrive this disease—yes, you guessed it, Lola!

Lola has undoubtedly saved my life countless times. As you can imagine I would do absolutely anything to save her.

Lola was recently diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease, which has caused her heart to enlarge.

Our cardiologist has given Lola maybe 8-9 months to live.

Over those 8-9 months, her mitral valve which acts as a flap letting the blood flow to the heart will stop working.

When the Mitral Valve stops working the abnormal blood flow starts to send liquid to her lungs.

When her lungs fill up with enough liquid, she drowns and she will experience full heart failure.

But there’s a specialized surgery that not only has an 85-90% success rate, it will add years and years to her life.

An animal cardiologist from Japan, Dr. Masami Uechi—who has invented and perfected an open heart surgery procedure.

Basically, they stop her heart, reshape the enlargement and repair her Mitral Valve.

With this surgery Lola will continue to be able to lead an active, playful life for years and years without any restrictions.

The downside is, because this surgery is so specialized, because Dr. Uechi is of course we want him to do the surgery.

From what I understand, Dr. Uechi is looking to retire at some point, so he’s been teaching this open heart surgery to other cardiologist veterinarians across the U.S.

When more cardiologists know how to perform the surgery with the same success rate, the cost will come way way down.

Until then,  it’s $45,000

I work for an affordable housing nonprofit providing social services to at-risk youth, low-income families and seniors.

As you can imagine, no one goes into nonprofit to get rich so money is always tight for us.

The surgery could only be performed in Japan, but Dr. Uechi will start performing Mitral Valve surgeries on a regular basis at the UF SAH—starting summer 2020

Lola’s case has been reviewed by the surgical team and her case has been accepted for surgery this summer.
We need your help though.

I’ve cashed out my 401K, using every penny of savings and I’m looking to sell my car.

So, if you know anyone looking, 2018 Hyundai Elantra! License but must keep the license plate: LOLANME

Whatever you can give will help with the cost of this surgery.

Please join Team Lola and give her the gift of life.

Let’s save Lola together.

Please share the link to this page to as many people as you can, especially dog owners!

If you have any questions, please email [E-Mail ausgeblendet]

More photos and videos below!

More information about UF SAH Mitral Valve Surgery: University of Florida Small Animal Hospital Mitral Valve Surgery 

Thanks for listening.

Jason and Lola

Lola at 8 weeks.

Lola at 9 weeks old.

I can hear everything!

Post Super Bowl, a very disappointed Lola.

Lola always has my back

2016 Graduation from UC Berkeley, Lola walked the stage with me sporting her Cal hoodie.

Lola hat.

Lola taking a bow.


Striking a pose.

Please watch the entire interview above!

A day in the park.

Lola loves the park.

Trying to smother me so I wake up and feed her.

Those eyes!

What time's our flight?

Go Red Sox!

Central Park at Cedar Hill where I trained her.


Lola's BFF Ninya, Lola loves to scrap with big dogs.

We got through Cal together so naturally...

UF Small Animal Hospital -- Surgery FAQ

Our cardiologist told us about the open heart surgery that will save her life!


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