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**Any leftover funds will be donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to fighting sexual abuse such as RAINN.**

Please read through this all.
It’s with a heavy heart that I must ask you guys for help. I am an independent artist who found a home within the competitive gaming space while in my teens and grew a following from there. My time in the space took me on a journey to seeing the darker sides, and I witnessed many counts of abuse, sexual assault, rape, and even pedophilia amongst the scene (source).
In July of 2020, the #MeToo movement took hold of gaming at large. Large gamers and gaming companies such as Blizzard and Riot were facing a multitude of allegations. Being one of the only women in the Smash Bros community with a platform, I wanted to do everything I could to help. I spoke out about my own experiences, and thus encouraged many others to come forward with theirs.

While many top figures fell from grace, the biggest was the undisputed best Smash 4 Player at the time and by far the largest content creator and competitor within the scene. He was found sexting multiple underage girls, and attempting to solicit child porn from them, which he has since admitted to (source ).

No matter if I’m right-- the internet is not a court of law. Continuing to respond publicly with evidence would do nothing but fan the flames. We’re at the point now where legal professionals are now involved and it’s up to them to handle it.
Why I need the money
Unfortunately, this does not stop anyone from being able to file a suit. When a suit is filed against you-- no matter if you are right or wrong-- you must hire a lawyer. When hiring a lawyer, the process becomes expensive as you are usually asked to give a large sum (typically $10k-$50k) upfront, and then billed hourly after (anywhere from $200-1200/hr) or in large chunks per each step of the process ($10k minimum).
Obviously, that is a lot of money. I am not a millionaire, and no matter how much money I make-- there is no universe where I can afford the possibility of a high 5-digit or even 6-digit figure. I cannot estimate how much this will cost. It is entirely out of my control, and it’s completely possible that the entire process from start to finish will cost me more than I’ve made in my entire lifetime.
What if it doesn’t end up costing that much?
That is my goal. I’ve already dedicated a SIGNIFICANT amount of time and effort to expediting this and making it as cheap as possible (I even had to drop out of school). Unfortunately, I am not a legal professional and all of the professionals I have contacted expressed that their biggest concern is my lack of funds. Obviously, better lawyers are more expensive, and again, even if you’re right in your case, you still need to hire a good lawyer.
I have no idea how long this will play out. It's possible this takes months to even years. The legal system is super fucked and does not favor swift and just endings. I’m not going into this looking to make any money either as winning a lawsuit does nothing but prove he is wrong. Almost all lawsuits are convoluted money sinks, and I have to prepare for the worst.
How will you use the money?
I’m going to use the money to seek the best possible legal counsel (within reason). With any legal case, there’s multiple ways to tackle it. I’m going to go with the approach my lawyer sees best. If that means adding more steps to the process, then so be it. I can’t control or explain how this money will be spent in detail. I’ve sought out advice and consulted many professionals, but at the end of the day I don’t know the legal system and it’s up to my lawyer to see how the money is spent best.
Any leftover funds will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to fighting sexual abuse such as RAINN

Why should I care?
I know to many of you, I am just another internet stranger begging for money. In no universe do I expect strangers to care about me that much. What I really want people to see though, is that this represents a lot more than just a poor artist girl getting fucked over by some internet celeb-- what this really represents is the opportunity to set a precedent to any onlooking abuser that the justice system will NOT serve them. 
We are living in a day and age now where social change is truly possible. For the longest time, many have stayed silent and endured the abuse from a system stacked against them; but with things like #MeToo we are finally able to find a voice and find strength in numbers.
Huge companies take it upon themselves to make it as DIFFICULT as possible for victims, denying it all-- even when female staff are driven to suicide when her male leaders pass around her nudes for "fun" (source ). They're known to threaten to fire people, bribe the authorities, and even make threats of violence. Suing and threatening their victims into silence is just ONE of many tricks up their sleeve. It has silenced many victims from any sphere in almost any situation of abuse (work, home, sexual, etc). The legal system typically completely favors whichever side has more money and the power leaving the victims tired, broke, and scared into silence.
I am tired, I am drained, and I was close to being silent. This lawsuit has dragged me back out in the spotlight, but now that it’s happening, I’m going to do everything I can to get justice. Beyond just saving my ass, I truly believe that a new precedent can be set. I’m going to do everything I can to take this case and send the message that the abuser-- no matter how much money or power they have-- does not win.
That’s all. Thank you for reading. As I said, I will not make any comment on this situation in the future unless advised to. This is not a matter of internet drama or publicity for me. If any media has any inquiry, you will just be directed to my lawyer. Thank you.

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