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UPDATE: I found the company that installs the hand controls and they said the VA was asking for way too much and that he shouldn't have to pay more than $2000 for hand controls.  Bill already completed his jams control training so just has to pick a control type and save up a little more $$.  THANK YOU to everyone who donated!

Theater Command Sgt Major William John Roy, aka "Doc," served 40, yes FORTY, years in the US Army with 20 Active Duty in such places as Vietnam and Afghanistan and 20 Reserve.  Having been a medic and fireman for many years, in the Army and in the civilian sector, respectively, Doc has taken care of and helped many service members over his many years of service. A military man and first responder, it has unfortunately become time for Sgt Maj Bill Roy to need help himself.   Sad to say he's in bankruptcy, has the VA working against him instead of for him, has an ex from decades (only married a little over 1/2 decade) trying to get hold of his retirement and he's at risk of becoming homeless after owning his home for many years.

Living in the Temecula area of Southern California, Bill and his service dog Bailey (a beautiful sweet Japanese Akita) keep each other company now adays.  Bailey watches over Bill and vice versa.  Bailey can tell when Bill is about to have a seizure and pins him against the wall or other surface to let him know to sit down.  He knows when Bill's PTSD is starting to get out of hand and gives him a lickin'.   It's makes me sad that we haven't been able to see Bill and Bailey at group and our occasional dinners lately because of his situation.

A DOUBLE LEG  (below the knee) AMPUTEE, Sgt Maj Bill has been through more challenges than I could EVER imagine in my 20 years in the USAF reserve.   

Bill is going through one of the toughest times of his life right now, physically, mentally and financially. The VA drags it feet with urgent matters like fixing his shorted out power chair (just got the new power cable instead of a new chair), his only way to get around while he's healing and trying to get better, then getting him trained to drive a vehicle with just his hands.  

Not only did serving his country take away this man's ability to walk but delays don't allow him to get around easily.  I can't even imagine the depression that grows when losing one's freedom BUT after serving the country for 40 years, he has earned the need to be taken care of and made as whole as he can be as quickly as possible, with as much dignity as possible.  

If you agree, please help.  Whether it's a small or large donation or sending the link for this page to those who you know are philanthropic, compassionate, kind people or merely offer your suggestions for non-profits or other help that is available that we might not know of, it will be appreciated.

Kudos to Sgt Major Bill Roy and a BIG THANK YOU sir!!! Yeah, that's right Bill, I called you "SIR" even though you worked for a living.

Additional info:

Since Bill's retirement from the US Army, he hasn't been sitting idly at home.  He was going to the VA for PTSD coping groups, every couple of weeks, a bunch of us from an old long forgotten PTSD group would meet for early dinner to relate and help each other cope, he was volunteering at the Loma Linda University Medical Center in Murrieta, CA. 

To get around again, Bill really needs a newer truck.  If anyone knows a dealer or private party with a pick up that has under 35,000 miles on it and isn't too old, and is willing to donate or sell it for a very good discount, please pass this along to them.  The VA will only put hand controls in a truck with those parameters.  His current truck, with ramp on the back for his power chair, is way too old and he has far too many miles on it, they say, so they won't install the hand controls.  Well that just causes it to sit in the driveway and get older and Bill to sit in the house and get older!   If he had his 100% service connection back from the VA, who screwed him over, they'd actually put $11,000 toward a new truck but when they get you, they get you good.  Now he would just love an F-150 Crew Cab 4x4 but that might be over $50k and even though the VA would modify that for him, he has to pay his mortgage first, which keeps him cooped up in the house. 

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