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Hello to all of our friends, family & strangers. We are the 3 daughters of our amazing dad Larry and our mother Sharon. If you’ve been to a concert in Vegas chances are you’ve met our dad always supporting local Vegas bands and even bands touring through Vegas or maybe you've worked with him for the 30+ years he worked at Circus Circus, Slots O' Fun, Silver City or The Cal as Security. Well he and our family are desperately in need of your help to raise money to get him the treatment of his newly diagnosed stage 4 Bladder cancer.

Allow us to catch you up further on what’s actually going on from the beginning. Since September of 2018 my father had been in and out of the hospital for several issues One being an unknown “mass” that was found in his bladder and the other was a huge aneurism within his aorta. This started our journey on what we knew wouldn’t be an easy road, but a manageable one or so we thought. From September 2018 till about January or February of 2019 my father was basically shoved around between two doctors in Vegas a urologist and a cardiologist whom which went back and forth over and over on which surgery to do first... the bladder or the AAA (aneurism) this took MONTHS for them to finally settle on one. Mind you, these doctors not once at this point referred my father to an oncologist nor did they order a full body pet scan to assess if the bladder mass was cancer and if it was anywhere else in his body, they just assumed it needed to be removed. Finally they went in after MONTHS of back and forth and my father having countless calls not returned and countless times of them mis-scheduling things my father had his bladder surgery to remove the mass. Turns out it was cancer and there was a lot of it, but not to worry the doctor said he got it all and we didn’t need to remove the bladder. THANK GOODNESS! Fast forward to a week later my father is having terrible pain in his urethra having trouble peeing lots of blood so the doctors go in with a scope and say... oh, looks like we actually DIDN’T get all of it out we will need to bring you back in Again. Mind you my father is 71 at this point and surgeries at his age are a huge risk. So they go back in and “remove the rest they missed” and they realize that there is a little bit that they couldn’t get that had been in the ureter (the little tube that connects to the kidneys and the bladder. So now there’s cancer in his ureter which is considered an aggressive place to have cancer. More months go by, more doctors visits more BS and then finally in November of 2019 he finally gets his AAA surgery on his aneurism. This surgery is a success THANK GOD! Because it’s a serious one. After this my fathers urologist then tells him that he has one bad kidney that the cancer has spread to (most likely Bc of the ureter spreading it there) and that his kidney must be removed. Mind you... at this point they STILL hadn’t ordered him a full body pet scan NOR have they sent him to a proper oncologist. Now we are in the month of February 2020, I urge my father to demand a full body pet scan before they schedule a kidney removal and open him up for the 4th time in a year. FINALLY they did the scan (not sure why I had to be the doctor in this situation, but I’m glad I did) turns out the cancer was for sure in the ureter and was spreading. They schedule his kidney removal ASAP for March 28th? Don’t quote me on all the dates exactly. This is when covid hit... all the hospitals are basically cancelling all surgeries that aren’t considered trauma, not to mention none of the doctors had followed up with my father on what to expect with covid and having surgery in the middle of it especially since he has cancer and is considered high risk in general. So out of fear my fathers surgery doesn’t happen. April goes by, May goes by, June goes by and my father and mother’s general doctor decides to retire and their Humana insurance then stuck them with this 56 year old woman who mind you has only been in practice for 5 years!! During these months my fathers health starts deteriorating lots of pain in his kidney just lots of pain. So at this point it’s been 5 months since his last pet scan and the thought of the cancer spreading is turning very real judging by how my father looked and felt. This new doctor in her words “Refused to order another pet scan, Bc he just had one in February” she said “I want to get you in ASAP to get that kidney out and THEN we can assess further” now.. why would you open up a 71 year old man to take out his cancerous not working kidney without looking to see where his cancer has spread in his body first? Cancer spreads when it is exposed to outside air Bc cancer HATES oxygen and you basically piss it off when you agitate it in any way. So why would she take that chance but also take the chance of having to open him up for a 5th time after?! So after tons of searching around my father refused to move forward without another scan, we needed to know if this had spread and to where. Then he finally was referred to an oncologist who finally was opening to listening to my father. He immediately ordered the pet scan and on July 10 2020 my fathers cancer had metastasized to a stage 4 bladder cancer. It came back to his bladder, it is now on the inside AND outside of his ureter as well as some of his lymph nodes that the location and the amount of them wasn’t disclosed on the final scan report to the oncologists surprise. These are the options they gave him... surgery to remove the bladder and his kidney, 6 cycles of chemo every 21 days to “shrink” the growths, or without chemo he has 6 months to live. Oh! And as a “courtesy” they said they’d be happy to send over a nurse every so often to the house to pump him full of pain killers mind you this nurse would be sent through hospice. Oh, so they are basically setting my father up for failure again and to die basically. We knew we had to take this into our own hands. My father wasn’t going to do the chemo because we know how this story goes. We have been rigorously researching the affects of naturopathic healing and the effects of cannabis treatment (Rick Simpson oil) I got him started on those immediately. Now we must set him up with a naturopathic doctor that can provide him with an IV therapy treatment 2 times a week, colon hydrotherapy, hypothermic treatment to shrink his tumors all While putting him on a new alkaline diet to rid his body of acid because cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. Needless to say our healthcare system has failed us numerous times and because of their carelessness we are now here with little time and a lot of work to do. Nevada insurance does NOT cover anything to do with naturopath doctors (big surprise big pharma) so everything we are going to do will need to come out of pocket which we already don’t have ESPECIALLY during this pandemic and being jobless. WE NEED YOUR HELP! LARRY NEEDS YOUR HELP! I refuse to let my father die from the carelessness of the American healthcare system and I also want him to be living proof just like so many others that have cured themselves that natural healing is REAL! Let me also throw in here that my mother is also diabetic and just not well herself in health. So now we are trying to scramble to take care of both of them. I don’t want my father to die because we couldn’t afford to keep him alive. Our hearts are breaking. If you can spare ANYTHING in the name of my dad Larry you would be saving his life. Our fathers current state is bad, he won’t eat, he’s depressed, he’s on cannabis oil so he’s sleeping A LOT. He so thin and weak. Thank you in advance and we’ll be keeping everyone up to date as changes arise.

Any donations or sharing would help TREMENDOUSLY!

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