Save Laraine's Smile

For as long as I have been networking in the business community, many of my friends, family and business connections have complimented me on my ‘SMILE’. 

This month, I have had a wonderful birthday…..continually forging my way into ‘Senior-hood’. 

That said: I plan to age out gracefully………and……KEEP MY SMILE! 

Within that process, many aging health problems are a guarantee.  Oh well……we can’t escape that.  When the gums shrink, under a mouth full of crowns, it poses a little more serious health problem than body aches and pains.  Infections can invade the brain tissue and have very serious side effects. 

An escalating chronic toothache sent me to a semi-emergency visit to my darling, almost ‘family’ member, dentist.  After x-rays and extensive exploration thru my chart, he began shaking his head, rubbing his chin and contemplating his recommendation.  After 15 years (and over 50 hours in his chair) I know ‘that look’….and….it’s not good. 

This investigation disclosed that, to save my smile, I will require oral surgery to removal of existing crowns, 5 more extractions, gum and bone scraping, BEFORE customizing partial dentures for the back left and right top only!  This is to save the top half of my mouth only! That’s just so I can eat and not puree my food.    

The estimate for this type of extensive work is …$8,245!  
$2400 deposit is required by July 14th the remainder due by August 2nd. 
Surgery scheduled for July 18th, and August 2nd final fitting.

My Medicare plan does not cover this type of dental surgery.  The cost is more than I have (or many people have).  I have no choice but to do this quickly because of the infection/abscess under one crown.  

Therefore, dear reader, if you see this request as a valid reason to help me towards that expenditure, I will forever be grateful and in your debt.   

I HAVE A GREAT SMILE…….AND……I am verrrrrry good at HUGS!  Ask anyone!

Thank you in advance for even considering helping me out here!

May you enjoy good teeth, good health and a GREAT SMILE, forever and always!
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Laraine Chulla 
Clearwater, FL