LOVE for Logan Mattson

Please pray for Logan and his parents, Gregg & Doreen Mattson along with sisters Jadyn & Aubry, and all the staff working with him at Milwaukee Children's Hospital.  We know many of you have been wondering what you can do to help.  Please consider giving to help with medical expenses and the many other expenses that come along with the hospital  being over two hours from home. Thank you!

Following is a recap off of Doreens FaceBook page as to what has been going on:

Logan got kneed to the forehead really hard last Saturday while playing on a trampoline. Sunday he woke up with the worst headache, tears and pain. Took him to ER, CT scan done, fever of 101 and ruled it concussion. CT scan showed a dot of fluid where he could see Logan maybe took the blow to the head. Score was not concerned. Tuesday he was still in the same excruciating pain and tears so I had to get him into our Dr. His white blood cell count was very high which was a red flag. Our Dr. wanted to see us again the next day to check his levels. Again, they were slightly high but not as high as Tuesday. Our Dr. knew there must be an infection somewhere but didn't know for sure so she was going to send us home treating him with tick disease (being that we were in Kentucky and near woods, plus he had gone in the woods two weeks prior with his Dad. No, he did not have a ring or any sign of a tick bite). She was also going to give him pretnizone to help with his head as it would help with the infection. I didn't like that answer knowing we were just treating him for some kind of infection. We decided to have another CT scan before leaving and that is where fluid showed up on the forehead. They immediately wanted us to go to Children's Hospital in Milwaukee where we could meet with a neurologist team and go from there. We hurried up home, gathered some things and headed to Milwaukee. Once we arrived they did another CT scan and MRI. The MRI came up showing he had severe infection inside his skull by his brain and also in the nasal cavities. Ruling it as a very bad sinus infection that could have taken a turn for the worse if he hadn't come in. Neuro team cut one side of his scalp to flap open to be able to go in and drill a hole the size of a dime to release and clean out the puss sack. While still being under, the Ears, Nose and Throat team went in and cleaned out all the sinus cavities. Total time in surgery was 3 hours.
Thank you ALL so much for thinking of Logan! This was by the grace of God that he got hurt last Saturday. This has been something going on inside his brain for some time now and we are very grateful to have answers. Children's Hospital has an AMAZING team! We're very grateful for every doctor and nurse we see!!! Looking at being at Children's anywhere from 5-10 days.
Please keep the prayers coming!

Day 2:
Here's an update on our buddy! He had a BIG day today! Very tired as he didn't get out of surgery until 2:57 am. Combined surgery was 4 hours. Had a fever of 103. He had a PICC inserted so now he won't need to get all the pokes anymore. He's happy about that one! Plus this will help long term as he may need to keep getting medicine in him for the next 4-6 weeks. We moved from ICU onto the 7th floor this afternoon. He's talking and up and going to the bathroom.  We really have no idea how long we'll be here. We need to watch for infection, no seizure and incision healing.
Please continue prayers!

Day 3 at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee!
Update on our Ogie man..
MRI this morning at 8:30 am
Results show there's a collection of fluid under the sub epidural, which is the protective layer over the brain. So, now the fluid is between that layer and the brain, where as before it was on the outside of the protective layer. Will do another MRI on Monday and see if another surgery is needed to flush it again.
ENT (ears, nose, throat) say there's inflamation in the sinus's which is normal.
Pain level is between 2-4. Looks good today! More nauseous than he's been. Very little to no appetite yet.

Day 4: Logan has been sleeping a lot! His vitals all looked good today! Tomorrow he goes in for an MRI and we'll go from there to know if further surgery is needed.
No word on us coming home yet.

Day 5: Logan is clinically getting better
Laboratory scale numbers have come down
Picture shows more fluid on the brain than it had 2 days ago but not enough to warrant another surgery just yet. The surgeon is hopeful that the antibiotics will fight off the remaining infection.
His white blood cell count continues to come down.
Will continue to get blood work every day.
He's not out of the woods for surgery yet, repeat MRI again on Wednesday.
**Thank you for your continued prayers**

Update: Day 6
I've been trying to think of how to type this and this is all just really tough. Logan had a bad seizure last night around 10pm. Had a tough time breathing so he had a breathing tube inserted. He was able to have that taken out at this morning. He had another MRI. Dr's have decided to go back into surgery and wash out the collections and culture them to see if we need to change antibiotics.
Logan's two surgeries are complete - 5 1/2 hours later. 

Please pray for Logan❤❤
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