Help Firefighter build VR Simulator

What if you could help train a Firefighter to save a life? 

My name is Blake.  I'm a Firefighter/Paramedic and I've created a Virtual Reality Training Platform for First Responders.  Imagine if you could take someone's experience and recreate it so others could experience it as well.    The goal is to provide realistic, highly immersive training that allows users to gain real experience, without leaving their station and without time wasted setting up or breaking down.  

Money donated will go directly into the simulator's development--initial funds will help purchase the hardware components I will use to build the PC that powers the simulator.  I will also need VR goggles and VR accessories, like wireless adapters and eyetracking.  

Your support will  help me finally make this a reality.  With the hardware assembled, I will be able to, for the first time, put a First Responder INSIDE the virtual experience.  Also, today is my birthday and I am asking for your help  to fund this dream which will enhance education for the heroes who watch over you everyday!

Thank you for stepping up to help First Responders save lives!

Frequently asked questions

How did this start?

Back when Google Cardboard was first coming out (2014) I was experimenting with getting different games and was trying to play one of those Call of Duty type games. My character was promptly shot and the way the body fell looked very similar to a shooting I had run in real life.  That was the light bulb moment.

I kept asking myself, Why isn’t this a thing?  Why aren’t we training this way?  I kept asking this for years while I explored the concept and essentially it boils down to a pretty complicated but common sense answer involving fire service culture, current technology trends, and basic human psychology. 

What is your overall goal?

I want to make it easier for us to get experience, particularly on the mental challenges we face?  What about commanding 10 different units from 3 different agencies?  Right now there is NO way to regularly and reliable train on this way.   Training classes are great when you can have them but cost time and money to organize.  There are localized simulators you must physical travel to and either pay for each time, travel to, whereas my simulator is portable and you can run through the scenarios every shift without any additional cost.  

What will you use THIS money for? 

The software portion is far enough along that I can put firefighters through it.  However, it needs much more powerful hardware than I will be able to squeeze out of a three year old gaming laptop.  The money will go directly towards this machine prototype. 

Google Nvidia Titan GPU and realize I could spend over two thousand dollars on just a video card.  I’m not going to but a huge amount of immersion and overall effectiveness of the simulator will be based on the capability of the hardware.  

Once this is built I can begin taking it to local fire departments and running training classes which will support the development. 

 Do you have plans for developing this into other industry? 

Absolutely!  My first mid-term goal is to do pre-hospital emergency medicine serving EMTs and Paramedics.  Patient assessment is a hugely underserved training industry.  I also have specs written up for Law Enforcement.  (Did you know the cost of a wrongful shooting is more than $500,000? One simulator would pay for itself a hundred times over)

This is just an initial FAQ everyone.  I’m happy to answer any questions.
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