Let's Beat Leukemia-Once and 4 ALL

Our mission is simple - to cure leukemia. We want to provide all people with a natural, low cost, effective, and sustainable treatment for leukemia, an approach that saved my life when I was diagnosed with leukemia as a child.

So far, this approach has helped 7 out of 7 leukemia patients, including myself, to reach complete remission. A little more than 2 years ago, I recruited my first volunteer to participate in our research study, a late stage Biphenotypic Acute Leukemia patient, to use this approach to fight leukemia. To monitor the Volunteer's progression, we performed regular CBC blood tests and other medical tests at accredited labatories and hospitals. Additionally, we documented the entire process on film as part of an on-going documentary film. I also encouraged the volunteer to continue to see his own doctor for consultation, further tests, second opinions, suggestions, and updates about his progress. The tests and data from his own hospital was also valuable in confirming our own test results. With this approach, the volunteer reached remission after 14 weeks.

After years of research and using past volunteers' data, I was able to uncover the immunological pathway in which this approach can identify, kill, and immunize our bodies against leukemia. And now, our immediate priority is to help more leukemia sufferers beat leukemia with this approach by participating in our research study but there's just one problem, we need more funding. So, we setup a crowdfunding campaign to ask you for your help.



My name’s Daniel Lin and I was born with leukemia. I was diagnosed with ALL at 2 weeks old and had only weeks to live. There was no doctor that could save me and just when all hope was lost, I was saved by something else, something that can be explained scientifically. I was saved by my grandmother’s herbal soup remedy, a formula from an ancient Chinese medical journal that has been passed down in my family for generations.

Initially, when I first discovered my childhood leukemia diagnosis and a mysterious remedy as my treatment at the age of 17, I was very skeptical. However, after witnessing my father use the remedy to help an additional 5 leukemia patients reach complete remission, all remaining doubt of the remedy’s efficacy was gone and after I learned more about the origins of the remedy, my life’s purpose became strikingly clear - to help more people beat leukemia and then prove the remedy's efficacy for all to benefit.

Growing up in the States, I knew no one was going to take this seriously if I didn’t first have evidence of the remedy’s efficacy with data and science. Thus, the plan was to educate myself, research the remedy, collect data, share it with others, and initiate hospital-sponsored trials in order to legitimize this potential cure for leukemia and erase leukemia for good.


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- Naturally harness the power of your immune system
- Almost immediate immune response reducing leukemia symptoms
- All-natural with no artificial ingredients or chemicals
- Low cost alternative to conventional costly treatments
- Relatively fast recovery time
- No relapses with this approach to date
- Completely non-invasive
- Increased quality of life
- No side effects of chemotherapy such as hair-loss, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, constipation, headaches, muscle pain, and more

- Provided the remedy to various volunteers for free
- Successfully helped 7 leukemia patients beat leukemia
- Years of extensive research to discover the exact immunological pathway in which the remedy triggers our bodies to identify, eradicate, and immunize our bodies against all types of leukemia
- Conducted food safety tests and gained certifications at internationally accredited laboratories, in accordance with FDA food safety testing standards, to ensure that the remedy is completely safe for consumption and contains no harmful substances whatsoever
- Paid for clinical tests, legal consultation, cookware, research equipment, sourced various ingredients, and proper food safety packaging and labeling
- Successfully set up the proper framework and process for potential volunteers to safely benefit from the remedy

- Crowdfund $300,000 USD, to provide the remedy to 50 additional volunteers, free of charge
- Raise awareness and support of this redefining approach to leukemia with many benefits that considerably outweigh conventional options
- Get the remedy to the ones in dire need and accept 50 additional volunteers with varying types of leukemia to encompass a broad sample range
- Successfully help 50 volunteers beat leukemia and collect their data for analysis and research to organize into scientific reports
- Present data, results, and research to hospitals or research institutions to initiate hospital-sponsored clinical trials
- Begin preparations for FDA approval requirements

Our target is $300,000 USD, to provide the remedy to 50 additional volunteers. Every $6000 dollars raised will go towards all costs for an additional volunteer to safely benefit from the remedy including the following:

- Blood tests performed at accredited hospitals and laboratories
- Data processing and collection for the patient
- Bedside services from licensed medical care staff
- Ingredients, labor, and associated costs of the remedy
- Medical research and analysis for each patient’s data
- Research equipment and other equipment required for the patients
- Film and photography documentation throughout regimen
- Local transportation

* Donations over $300,000 will go towards accepting more volunteers with every $6000 raised. Not included in our $6000 budget are the travel expenses (airfare, lodging, & meals) for the volunteers and/or accompanying family. In order to provide a complete, safe, and thorough recovery for each volunteer, the donated funds used may vary above or below $6000 due to varying factors such as prices of goods, clinical tests, duration of recovery, and other variables of each case and location. For more information, please feel free to contact us through our website at letsbeatleukemia.org


- Being part of something bigger, the potential cure for leukemia
- Good karma. Always good to have an abundance of good karma. I wouldn’t be alive without it
- Helping leukemia sufferers with no other options, hope, and/or financial means to beat leukemia to have a fighting chance
- When your donation is allocated to a specific volunteer we will notify you of the exact volunteer you've sponsored
- We will display the names of all our donors on our website as thanks for your generous donations. For privacy of our donors we will display only the first letter of your first name. Donors who wish to remain anonymous please donate anonymously.

Just A Bit More Incentive
For those passionate about helping our cause and financially capable of donating more, we wanted to give something back in return for your generosity.

- Single donations above $1000 - we will provide one full remedy regimen for every $1000 dollars donated for you or someone you designate, if god forbid, you or someone you designate are ever diagnosed with leukemia in the future.

- Single donations above $6000 - we will provide one full remedy regimen for every $6000 dollars donated for you or someone you designate that is currently diagnosed with leukemia and would like to volunteer for our research study.

*For more information and details please contact us through our website at letsbeatleukemia.org


I have gone beyond my own means attempting to achieve this mission on my own and while I have complete confidence in the remedy’s efficacy and even more so now with the data from past volunteers, nonetheless, I’m still afraid of how others may view my campaign, judge its plausibility, and the potential attention it may bring. In spite of knowing the tremendous amount of hard work and struggles ahead of me, they won’t stop me from achieving this mission and helping more leukemia sufferers, and I know if we can unite and support each to accomplish this together we can reach a future where leukemia will be merely a word of the past.

So I hope you can join us and support this cause with your generous donations to deliver this remedy to more leukemia sufferers. Each dollar, and every post, re-post, share, and re-share will be invaluable in getting an additional volunteer the support they need to beat leukemia, and each successful volunteer will be a huge step closer to a world without leukemia.

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Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I was never one to believe in destiny. I’ve always thought we created our own path, but after learning more about the origins of the remedy, I couldn’t deny the possibility of a greater design that maybe everything happens for a reason. Born into a traditional Taiwanese family, my father wasn’t really the type to openly share stories or emotions, but then again I never asked. So after discovering my childhood diagnosis and insisted on learning more about my grandma’s remedy, I found that it was a homeless man that would ultimately shape my life’s purpose.

I could remember moments from my childhood of my grandma’s generosity and her eager passion to help others. The entire town she used to live in would always greet her with so much respect and love but I never really knew the extent of the lives she had touched in her life. One person in particular that she saved, was a homeless street beggar. She helped this beggar off the streets, housed him for many months, and treated him like a member of our family. After my grandma helped this man get on his feet and save some money of his own, the man decided that he could no longer continue to be a burden to my grandparents and ultimately left to start a new life.

This homeless street beggar turned out to be a well respected Chinese doctor that escaped China to seek refuge in Taiwan due to the rise of the communist party and the cultural revolution from the 1940s - 1960s. After his departure, my grandmother found the man's treasured medical journals with recipes and formulas from ancient Chinese doctors passed down for thousands of years with a heartfelt note expressing his everlasting gratitude and eternal debt to my grandma. My grandma never saw this man again. At the time, western medicine was generally viewed as untrustworthy or too expensive for ordinary citizens and Chinese herbal medicine was still very popular. So with her innate passion to help others, she used this book of ancient herbal formulas to help family, friends, and people of the town with various illnesses throughout the years and became a well respected doctor herself.

It sounds like something out of a movie but it was this movie that made me realize that if it weren’t for my grandmother’s passion to help others, she wouldn’t have learned the remedy to treat leukemia and I wouldn’t be alive today. In my opinion, I believe the Master Healer left the medical journals for my grandmother not only as a gift but also because he recognized my grandmother’s sincere care for others and knew that the secrets of the journals would be best put to use in her hands.

I also realized that if it weren’t for all the events that happened exactly as they did, beginning from thousands of years of Chinese medicine mastery, the cultural revolution, the man’s will to preserve the treasured medical journals and his own livelihood, my grandma’s passion to help those less fortunate than herself and the example she set for my father, which led my father to continue her legacy of helping others, I wouldn’t be alive today and concluded that this was my life’s purpose - to continue this movie and their mission of helping others suffering various illnesses starting with leukemia by adding the missing ingredient, data and empirical evidence.

To read more about our story please visit our website at: www.letsbeatleukemia.org or follow us on facebook or twitter


My time with YC, the first volunteer, and his family was truly the most rewarding experience of my life, and I am forever grateful to them for allowing me to fulfill my goal of using my grandmother’s remedy that had saved my life to help him beat leukemia as well. From the very beginning, YC and his family were so thankful for my help as they had already lost all hope, but I was even more grateful to them for keeping an open mind and having faith in me. Before the remedy, YC and his family didn’t believe that he was going to be alive for his son 5th birthday nor his own 34th birthday. Having been able to share those beautiful memories with them was the best gift I could ask for.

To read more about our story please visit our website at www.letsbeatleukemia.org or follow us facebook and twitter

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