Good blessed day family, and friends.

Sadly, I have been discharged from the HEALTH program because I refused to be compliant to the directors request of participating in certain programs, and activities that went contrary to my convictions. The foundation of the issues were on the basis of God's word and wether I would obey God and do His will, or would I follow what man willed even if it contradicted God's revealed will. I followed the former, and was thought to be unfit to be able to continue the program. I would love to give you all more details about what occurred and would ask you all who willed for God to support me in anyway to please contact me privately and I will give you more details on the specifics.

I praise God for you all, and your prayers, encouragement and donations. Your donations has (PRAISE BE TO GOD) paid for most of the materials that I have been given, classes that I have attended and my boarding and meals these last 3 months in which I am extremely thankful for. And though the hope was for me to graduate in May, with a diploma from the program, know that God is working this seemly disappointment to His appointment to show His love and power in being able to work this all out for good. He's has thankfully already been revealing to me, and is continuing to reveal to me how He will use me to use the tools, and education that I have obtained in the last 3 months. Tools and education that help me in healing, uplifting and bringing souls to our best friend and loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who wishes above all things that we all prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers (3 John 1:2). Know brothers and sisters that the journey has not stopped here but I joyfully can say that this is just the beginning of me being a medical missionary. I bless God for you all, and will continue to strive in the power of His might to share light in the field of health. This has been a stepping stone to my journey that I really enjoyed, and has been the means for me to obtain tools, and education that I previously did not have. Theres still much to learn like in any other field of work but I plan on furthering my education. Thanks be to God, that I can say that I have become a medical missionary and through this experience which was fueled by the grace of God in you all's heart, I have obtained education and tools than just a stethoscope to prove my profession. This experience has brought me closer to the Greatest Physician, and the First Doctor whose tools I will now use to co-operate with Him in the healing of His creation physically, mentally,emotionally and spiritually.

* I now am I need of funds (about 40$) to get back to boston preferably by this wednesday April 1st, and hearts touched by God's grace to help me in paying the remaining tuition funds for these past 3 months. Please Pray.Share.Donate!



My name is Kenol Jean Baptiste and I am in need of giving hearts and helping hands. It has almost been a year now since I was called by God to become a Medical Evangelist. It happened last January while I was attending the GYC (Generation Youth For Christ) conference in Florida asking God to hear His voice more clearly, and had been praying to know what was his purpose for me in life, in the specific context of a career. As question on the basis of my prayers above were on my mind, God answered starting to reveal and answer my prayers above as I attended one of the many powerful seminars that the conference was holding. The seminar was excellent but the call of God came to me after the seminar was over, as the director for HEALTH a Medical evangelist training program located at Weimar Institute in California started to present information about the program to the attendee’s. As I sat there listening to the information I was really impressed by God that this was the route he wanted me to go in my career path (Medical Field) and also the program that he wanted me to attend in order to get there. 

Since December of 2014 I have been using as a tool to advertise my need of help in raising funds in order so I could attend this program. And I want to thank God for all of you who supported me by praying for me and also all those who donated because as of June, 2015 (which was when the program started), I was able to pay off more than half of the entry tuition by the donations of supporters like you.


There were many miracles that occurred for me to get here and I would like to share one of my experiences that God brought me through in order to reafirm and strengthen my confidence that this was indeed God’s will for me to be here at Weimar’s HEALTH program.  

The miracle that I would like to share is how I was able to pay less than half of the money that was expected in order to check in my luggage at the airport. Let me start by telling you what happened the night before the big trip to California.

It was the day before I would be flying out to California and I still hadn’t paid off the entry tuition fee in order to be enrolled into the program but I knew God wanted to be in the program so I decided to step out in faith and go to California despite the fact that I didn’t know at the time how I would be able to pay off the tuition. I had been praying that God would make a way for me to receive all the funds I needed on my journey over because what I had in mind was that the program coordinator would be sitting and expecting the money for the entry fee once I had arrived. Thank God it was not so.

That night I decided to wash my cloths before the big day.  I thank God that He had giving me a place to stay with a couple that was touched by God’s grace and let me stay with them in Phoenix, Arizona until the program started. They were also the ones who let me also use their washer machine in order to wash my cloths. I had 2 bags of laundry and I knew that it would take me all night and ultimately linger into the morning to finish washing my cloths and than dry them. It also had already been late, so I decided that it would be best for me to stay up because I had to watch the cloths in order to put them in the dryer after they were washed, and I also had another load to wash and dry after the first load was done.

I understood that I was not going to be able to sleep that night unless I wanted to be late for my plane flight because if I were to leave my cloths unattended than I would not have able to have them dried and washed by the time I had to catch my flight to Cali. So, I decided that I would stay awake until the time of my flight in order to finish washing and drying my cloths than pack them into my suitcase’s.

It was time for my first load. I waited until it was done and then I put them in the dryer. And filled the washer with my second load. I eventually became bored with waiting for the laundry and had been extremely tired, so I decided I would lay down to rest my body and I was determined that I would not fall asleep. Unfortunately my body had other plans and it only took a couple minutes until I fell asleep. I suddenly woke up in a panic and looked at my phone and saw that I had been sleeping for about two hours, which I would like to add felt like seconds. It was now 3am and my first load still wasn’t dried. The reason why is because I had a bunch of cloths in the dryer and they were drenched in water from the wash, and the dryer had an hour and thirty time maximum and after turned off, which wasnt enough time for my amount of cloths to dry. And to make things more interesting I now I had to find another way to dry my second load that finished washing, because I was now unable to dry them in the dryer because of my previous load. I was astonished that I had wasted so much time. I decided that it would be best if compiled some of my second load to my first load that was drying as I dried some of the second load elsewhere. I knew that the cloths would not be done on time if i didnt do so which would make me late to catch my flight. So I goggled a 24 hour Laundromat and thanks be to God that there was one not too far from where I was. So I called an Uber and it picked me up and dropped me at the place. Great I thought, now I know this is going to work out. After drying the rest of my cloths I headed on back to the couples home. My other cloths were now dried and it was time to pack.

I had finally finished packing and it was about 20 min until the flights departure when I arrived at the airport. Awesome I thought that is plenty of time but unfortunately what I didn’t know was there was a cut off time for each plane passenger to check in luggage and I had reached there too late. “Oh no” I thought. “I know I am supposed to go to California” I said to myself, so I decided that I would go to the luggage attendant to see if there was any way for me to get on the flight but unfortunately she told me that there was nothing that they could do for me in order for the to catch the flight. With a sad look on my face and prayers in my heart, the luggage attendant saw my situation and was touched by God to have compassion on me. She started to check if she would be able to get me on another flight, and thanks be to God she was able to, free of charge. I decided that I would check in my luggage than and there so I wouldn’t be in the risk of missing another flight. But another challenge had arisen, I only had about 120$ in possession and that was both in cash and debit. I was able to check in two of my suitcases which was 60$ for them both, but than she told me that in order for me to get in 2 more of the bags that I had checked in it would cost me 150$, which I didn’t have. And even if I did I have it, it was 3 bags in total that I had to be checked in.

At this point I understood that I didn’t have the money to check in the bags so I told her I would be back because I had to sit down. And so I sat down and what did I do? Well I prayed. I called this 24/7-prayer line and told them my situation and asked them to pray for and with me. We were praying that God would do a miracle for me to get enough money to pay the baggage fees. After I hung up the phone, there was this lady that asked me a question and eventually she asked me whom I was praying with. I found out that she was a Christian women and she asked what I needed help with. I told her my situation and we decided to pray for each other. She asked me how much I needed and in hesitation, uncertainty and in a bit of fear of asking for too much I asked her only for 60$. Miraculously she gave me the 60$ and went on her way. I than thought to myself why did I only ask her for 60$ I need more than that. So I prayed and told God that He would touch her heart to come back but she didn’t and o how foolish I thought I was but what a valuable lesson I learned which was never to be ashamed to say your in need of something especially when someone is willing to supply that need. 

So eventually though, I went back to the baggage attendants and asked again how much it would cost for me to check in my luggage praying that the amount changed but it didn’t and they told me that the total for my 3 bags would be 325$. In shock I remembered that that the first luggage attendant had been telling me the cost for two bags was 150$ and that was the price that I had been singling in on. I remember now that she did tell me it would be 325$ in total for 3 bags but I guess I shut that amount out of my mind in disbelief of the lofty price.  

325$ I thought, well I just received money from God through a complete stranger and if He did it once I know He can do it again. So I told the luggage attendant that I would be back. And decided it was time to call the prayer line and solicit prayers again. So I prayed, prayed and prayed but it looked from my natural eyes that nothing was happening. So I went back up to the luggage attendant to find out that I wouldn’t be able make the second flight that I had been rebooked for either because my inability to pay for the rest of my bags and to add to the excitement my two bags that I had checked in were on the plane on its way to Sacramento, California. “Oh no I thought”, “what is going on Lord I know you want me to go to California”. So I decided to sit down and just relax but I honestly didn’t sadly. And in anxiousness I started asking people if they had any money to help me pay off my luggage fees but all I kept on hearing was no’s.  And after sitting down feeling really down I was impressed to talk to another luggage attendant and she told me that I should try to contact someone I know to see if they could help me to pay off my other 3 bags. I have no one I thought. But I kept on getting impressed by God to contact my now future fiancée. No I kept on saying to myself I will not ask her for money, I will get the money some other way but the impression kept coming back and I finally budged and said to God I will only ask her to borrow. So I decided to contact her and thanks be to God, she was willing to let me borrow it. So I went up quickly to the luggage check in and talked to one of the mangers and he told me that they would bend the rules by letting me pay off the fee by phone because I didn’t have my soon to be fiancées card there in the airport with me. Awesome I thought but than my phone had died and at that time and unfortunately I didn’t memorize my future fiancées number(Now I do though and its not only because of what happened that day). So I told them I would be back and they agreed that after I was done charging my phone I could come back and pay off the rest of my luggage.

Awesome I thought everything is going smooth. I soon would run into another challenge which was talking to another luggage attendant because the one that I had spoken went on his break and the manager that was authorizing the transaction wasn’t no where to be found. As I was talking to the new luggage attendant he started giving me a hard time and he wasn’t trying to let me phone out to pay for the rest of my bags.  I than was started getting frustrated, sadly. And the manager that was now there was not trying to authorize what they had previously told me they could do. After a struggle with this one employee in particular that was not trying to let what I had discussed with his other employee I departed from him and moved my way down to the other end of the luggage check in where now the new manager was. As we talked, and told him the situation, he decided that because my other bags were on a completely different receipt and they had been checked in, and were on board the second plane flight that I had missed he would instead having me call my fiancee to have her pray over the phone he would instead accept 60$ in cash from me, to pay off the rest of my bags.
Elated I gave him the 60$ in cash that God through the Christian women had given me earlier that day. 

Skeptics might call it a coincidence but I know for a fact that my God had worked all this out for me. God loves to put us in trying places at times to show us that HE is the God that makes impossible situations possible. He is a personal God that cares about every detail in our lives not because He is a tyrant NO but because He is a loving Father, and like a earthly father which pales in comparison to Him but the idea is still the same, He watches over us so that nothing bad will happen to us who He loves so much that He sent His only Son to die for us that we can be freed from our sins. Even though God keeps the sun in place with His large and mighty hand, He still with that same hand provides for even the little ant. Though our God sits high on a throne above us all, he isn’t high-minded but humbly bends low to draw near to his suffering little ones here on earth. This is not what he intended but pain, heartache and death is a result of us as a human family leaving Him who is the author, creator, and source of everything that is good. He loves to show us that He cares for us and is willing to help us. Once we pray and believe that He will answer according to how He see’s best, He will provide for our every need, he always have our best interest in mind. See God could’ve if he wanted to made money come out of thin air for me to pay off my luggage but He instead brought me through a trying experience that tested my patience and faith in Him that in result made me cling on to His promise’s in His word the Holy bible like John 14:14 If ye ask me anything in my name, I will do it and showed me that He is truly Good. See God never intended for any of us to suffer but He doesn’t use our suffering or tears go to waste but He can turn all of our test’s in life to testimonies that make us learn about His tender care for us and His deep love and interest for each and every one of us. Through this experience He strengthened me and show me that I can trust Him without any reservations with my life and lean on all of His promises because they are true. God showed me that He can work out every situation out for my good as long as I trust and put my life in His Hands and let Him do so. In conclusion, what I would like you to remember is that there is a God that exist and He cares about each and every individuals life on this planet and He is someone you can count on to come through in any difficult situation and give you peace and help you through it. Our God is a God of making impossibilities possible and He loves us with a Love that cannot ever be expressed on the keys of this keyboard. Trust Him.

With agape Love, God bless you all!
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Kenol Elysee Jean Baptiste 
Boston, MA
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