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The first time I met Kelly, She was full of life, drive, and love. We met through a band we both enjoy and I actually had never though she would even talk to me. It wasn't long after that we started dating and calling each other our significant other.

Kelly had been working in film, doing her dream job, special effects make-up and also acting roles. She had a great list of projects and people that she had met and future goals seeming to fall in front of her. During this time I had no idea but she was silently already fighting the pain.

Last year things got really bad on our valentines date and we ended up in the ER. This was relatively early in our relationship and I had no idea what was happening, neither did the doctors. We left with no answers and her still feeling very bad. It didn't help that her pain was being undermined by everyone at the hospital. 

Time passed, she would have her good days and bad days, mostly bad days. Things got worst quick, we were going to the ER and doctors every week. Trying to find answers and help. She had to move in with me, not being able to work. She had to leave her position at the movie studio because she couldn't bare to even stand up long enough to work. We had no idea where to turn.

We both started searching for answers on our own because no doctor could seem to take us seriously. She had been dealing with this pain since her teenage years but now it had become an extreme enough problem where going to the store is almost impossible. 

Getting Answers:

We starting looking into Endometriosis/Adenomyosis more and started to take that path because of all the signs that Kelly was going through. We quickly found that it was in her family and that most likely was the cause of the pain. 

For those of you who do not know what endometriosis is this is a short video that explains it. Adenomyosis is also a huge part of her pain which is where there is growth inside of the uterus muscle lining, its hidden and causes a lot of pressure and pain in the abdomen.

Summing Up The Past Year

Kelly had an un-experienced surgeon tell her if she did have endometriosis she would need a hysterectomy to cure it. (This is not a cure nor does it solve the pain.) She had a laparoscopic surgery and the surgeon said she found nothing. This is common with un-experienced doctors and unfortunately many women who have the disease have hysterectomy's  trusting their doctors and end up 2 weeks after the surgery with the same pains.

We were also told ablation was an option, which is "burning" of the endometriosis lesions, This is also not a great option because you are only burning the top of the lesion and not removing the entire thing.

Again Kelly was at the ER which sharp pain in her right side along with the extreme pains of endometriosis. The doctors suggested taking her appendix out in an emergency surgery. We also asked the surgeon if he could take a video and photos of the surgery. The surgery went well but only took away the pain she was experiencing from the inflamed appendix. 

They wanted to do a pathology report on the appendix and found a pre-cancerous tumor. These are very rare but can cause a lot of trouble if not found. This was a shock and had no idea that this would be a part of finding answers. She now has to go through other specialized doctors to make sure that there aren't other tumors. This will be a life long journey on its own.

Why We Need Your Help

We found that Excision Surgery is the gold standard in endometriosis as well as a few other procedures that help with Adenomyosis. Excision is a procedure which cuts out the entire lesion from the root and eliminates the possibility of regrowth. There are not many doctors around the world who do this, or who are educated to.  We started searching for a doctor who could help us.

After lots of searching, Talking to other women who have this disease, and further educating ourselves we narrowed it down to a few doctors.  None of which are in Louisiana, Kelly's home state. We started to search out of state. Unfortunately, Medicaid does not cover this surgery or our of state surgery's. She traveled all the way to Dallas, TX with her family and was turned away. She was devastated because she thought it was an answer.  We tried a few other doctors, but they also couldn't take her. She became hopeless and wanted to give up.

We finally found a doctor who wants to help us and exclaimed that he could get Kelly's life back. After looking at the video and photos from the appendectomy he immediately saw endometriosis and suspected adenomyosis.

They are located in Jacksonville, FL. It's an 8 to 9 hour drive from where I currently live. It is tough to have to make the travel to be able to do a surgery but we cannot find anything closer or doctors who can help us.

The cost of excision surgery, plus the other things that she has to go through nears $20,000. This is not including the cost of us having to get a hotel, travel, etc.  Its an overwhelming number but how much is a persons life worth. We cannot let a number stop us from fighting this and we wont.

The surgery date is scheduled for March 15, which is very soon. We did not expect to get in this early but are greatful because every day is a challenge to get through for Kelly.

How You Can Help

It's never easy asking for money and help but we are at the point where we can't do this alone. We appreciate anything and everything and it means the world to us. If you can't help with money then sharing this in hopes of finding someone who can is all we can ask for. 

Kelly has a bright future of doing some great things, she just needs to overcome this bump in her life to get it back. Not only to be able to provide a future for her 4 year old son, but wants to help others going through this same issue. She wants to get back into helping her community, other aspiring make-up artists, and the small film community in rural areas. 

In the future we also would like to make a documentary on this disease and all of the anomalies sorrounding it in hopes to helping other people like Kelly.

Thank you.
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