K9 Purchase Antioch Police Dept.

The K9 Unit is called in instances when either a dangerous call is in progress, such as a burglary, robbery, or vehicle pursuit.  The dogs are able to clear areas before officers approach on foot and perform area, canyon, or building searches for fleeing and hidden suspects. All K9s are trained in the areas of protection, searching, tracking, article searching and narcotics detection. The use of the K9s in our department enhances not only our efficiency, but our effectiveness in our efforts to apprehend criminal violators, locating missing persons and the locating of crucial items of evidence. All donations will go to purchase and train a new K9 unit for the Antioch Police Department.

Q. What is a K9 Officer?

A. A police dog, known in some English-speaking countries as a "K-9" or "K9" (a homophone of "canine"), is a dog that is specifically trained to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel.

Q. What do K9 Officers do?

A. K9 Officers are used to locate and subdue suspects or enemies, to provide security for sensitive or controlled areas, to locate suspects or find missing people or objects and to detect illicit substances such as drugs or explosives which may be carried on a person or in their effects.

Q. Why are dogs used for police work?

A. A dog team can search an area 50 times faster than a human and can smell up to 500,000 times better with a much-enhanced degree of certainty. A dog could smell a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water. K9s can differentiate between identical twins. Police Dogs Can Smell A Human Buried Up To 12 Feet Underground. K9s Have Been Trained To Sniff Out Electronics Like Hard Drives, Thumb Drives, And Other Pieces Of Technology To Find Illegal Data. For example, humans can smell beef stew cooking, whereas a K9 smells individual ingredients like the onions, carrots, and thyme. For that reason K9s are used to sweep venues for explosives, search buildings for narcotics and apprehend suspects on the run. These characteristics make K9 officers very valuable to our police departments.

Q. Where does a K9 Officer live?

A. While at work, the K9s are the officer’s partner. After work, they go home with the officers where they are truly part of the officer’s family. They enjoy the family home and family outings just like any other traditional pet. To say the least, the bond that develops between the officer and the canine is quite strong.

Q. Who pays for the K9s food, medical and other needs.

A. The handler takes care of the K9 just as you would love your own pet.

Q. How long does it take to train a K9 Officer?

A. A dog is chosen for their special characteristics. Once chosen, it takes about 10 weeks to train one.

Q. How long does a K9 Officer work for the police department?

A. Police K9 office has an average career of 6 to 8 years.

Q. What happens to a K9 Officer once he is no longer able to work?

A. The K9 Handler is allowed to purchase the dog for $1.00. The dog will continue to live with the officer as a family pet.

Q. Why should I donate to help purchase a new K9?

A. Most police departments are under funded and have many positions that need filling. A K9 can save a city money and can do the work of several human officers. K9s save lives, find missing children and take dangerous criminals off the street. The question is, what are you waiting for?
  • Mohan & Jyostna Patel 
    • $300 
    • 50 mos
  • Alma Guzman  
    • $20 
    • 50 mos
  • Anthony Desiervi 
    • $100 
    • 50 mos
  • Dianne Lamendola 
    • $50 
    • 51 mos
  • Lynn Confetti-Ledbetter 
    • $200 
    • 51 mos
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