Life without John Please help

RIP John 1-3-2016


John change a world, helped change the face of cancer and his ideas live on. We learned much but are sad to say we did not learn fast enough, He did not over come Sudden and we have very large shoes to fill and many bills to cover. Please help with time or funds and give. 


Please give what you are able and if you are local it is not just money we need to get back on our feet. There is still much work to do to change the face of cancer so no family has to loose a life too early so life will stay connect making us all stronger and better than before. 

Power of the fork and Connect to heal

Thanks for beleving

We have changed the face of Cancer together 


Cindy, Kelly, Ashley, Shaun, Gabe, Gary and in the memory of John. 

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Two days after John's passing I spoke to a doctor asked them if they knew what Nagalase was and he knew. I asked how and he told me Dr. Dhaliwal, who is the partner of Gary's Oncologist which had never heard of Nagalase. We many not get credit but we will create a change, we will change the face of cancer.



The last words to Ashley were "I love you"
The last words to me was "I am sorry"

It was the words and time spent together in the last two years that healing gave us a way to connect like no other time in our lives, between John and myself, with Kelly, Ashley, Gabe, Shaun, Gary and all our friends, family and strangers. John's and my words and idea touch doctor's and people we have never met and eveyone we have met in the last two years. We hear them incoverstations many times.  John's voice is heard and we will never let it go silent for one day we all will be in a bed that your healing and well being are dependent on thier belief, knoleage and exprience. 


The orignial story and our mission to Change the face of Cancer. 

John is healing. He is doing what he is able each day to be who he is intended to be. He is your father, your brother, your uncle, your son. In helping John we help all. We learn what is possible through John's healing.

It is simple we all produce cancer cells everyday, some say up to 10,000 cells per day. Between cancer and anyone is the immune system. We do not have to destroy the cancer, just change it. It has been over 2 years and the cancer is dying (according to scans). In helping John connect to healing we are able to learn how to help others to Change the Face of Cancer, to know it is not a death sentence, Cancer is a reminder we are off track and disconnected. Cancer loves isolation, it seems to thrive in many ways when we disconnect. It is now time to reconnect to fill the need, to learn to live, to thrive, to want for nothing.

Please give what you are able, it helps us to find a way to activate the immune system with the ordinary everyday life that is available to all. Our goal is to make healing cancer an everyday thought and reality so cancer never creates a Sudden. We all understand enough to over come the many saddens in health as it was nothing at all. Thanks for believing, it makes healing possible. Together we are the difference.

On this path of healing we help hospital, doctor's, lab, people connect to change from just a cure to a healing path where the body is able to survive until it is able to thrive. Once we learn how to heal we can all become "stronger" than the world unaffected by Sudden. We change the cancer instead of the cancer changing us.

Please click on donate and give what you are able

Freedom to Heal

Cindy, John and Gary

Help us find a way...... to connect.... to thrive.... please give and share

building bridges for all to use: 

Sudden happened to John Cearley, November 2013, John was identified with a head sized sarcoma with no viable options formed Team JOHN to help John heal. Today John is healing the mass is dying and we are discoving working soltuions everyday. We need your help for full healing in 2015, we need payers, good thoughts and freedom of funds to support the freedom of healing. John's job to heal and get back to normal.  

Team JOHN's job...........

Sudden happens! Team JOHN strive to empower minds of many to solve for x to find a way for real world solutions found within nature. Life is a conversation of many levels including words, thoughts, cell to cell. We created Strophic Cascading Healing accessing the volcano within to solve for x.

We create Real World Solutions that are working for the one to help the many creating empahty to action with each day of healing that happens others find a way in thier own life. 



Please be John's wingman share and give today. 


Freedom of funds creates a focus on solutions of healing the body, mind and soul to become strong enough to help others help themselves.  John needs your help to heal with every dollar supporting a way to find a way back to normal and beyond. We need  anyone who wants to help us help others, and create the ground breaking solutions

 Thanks for believing

Become a part of history

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Connecting one to many Team JOHN

Stop Read DiscoverDiscover more to the story

Over a lifetime 40% will develop cancer.
22% will die.

No family should suffer needlessly.

We are finding real world answers to heal John fully and help create a CANCER FREE WORLD in body, mind and belief.  Possible for everyone.


John would not just become another number and John will heal . Team JOHN is creating John's Ordinary Healing Now which is using what we have in every day life to support the immune system and dissolve the identified soft tissue sarcoma cancer that anyone could use. Our dream is to create a CANCER FREE WORLD with no invasive treatments. Cancer is one of about 70 other chronic illnesses that have one common factor and present very differently with each disease and person. The real world answers we are looking for would not only work for one but all.

Hard facts.

All cancers are about 90% the same in the way it functions. We look at what is possible to find real world answers.

One year ago John had two masses about the size of a human head. Today one mass is no longer present and the other mass is dissolving. One less and one left to take care of. There has been no chemo, radiation or surgery. There has been hope and faith plus good science and development of a cascading healing created from an ordinary life style which is heavily influenced by converting from dark happiness (happiness that sets off a negative chemistry) to light happiness. In isolating factors we become successful with John healing and are creating a road map for others to find their way. When John heals fully it will give us tools to help every family to remain whole.

We hope you can help a little or a lot anything will help, it is a matter of death or healing at this point. We are John's best hope. We need funds.

Thanks for believing, 

A conversation for life
John's story for hope
Creating a change of heart

Click on the donate button today and share the story of hope to give others hope to survive and thrive. 


November 2013 John Cearley became one, who was identified with a sarcoma cancer almost the size of his head tucked deep in his belly.  Our John is like every father and husband should be, their families world

Team J.O.H.N. (John's Ordinary Healing Now Team) was created with the soul purpose of researching and developing ways of healing through faith. good science and a lot of prayer. 

In one year John's 200 gram tumor (identified as a soft tissue cancer sarcoma) is dying and half gone!

We have the solution we need funds for healing supplies, organic real food, living expenses and time to research to find more options.

With our new knowledge we will be able to help educate and give hope to others. Just by John healing it gives an example of what is possible. The best solutions come from those who do not have to think of money. We do not need a lot funds but we need some and every donation counts. 

Thank you for believing. Please share John's story and give to help all beat the odds. 

Team J.O.H.N
John's Ordinary Healing Now Team
Cindy, Kelly, Ashley, Shaun and Gary
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John's story:

Abnormal cells are on the run! John  Cearley is healing now. John’s mass is shrinking!(original about the size of his head) We created healing and new levels of energy to access, with one mass gone and the other mass reduced by 6 cm as seen in comparing 4 CT scans within the last year. 


“ Go home and enjoy the holiday’s” is what the doctor told John in November 2013. We went to work and formed Team J.O.H.N. (Team John’s Ordinary Healing Now) We believe, we have hope, we rely on faith added in some good science and found a way to help healing happen and bring back the sparkle in John’s eyes.

Today is a new story of hope for John and everyone though our development of cascade healing with no surgery, no chemo and no radiation. It has changed our lives from a certain loss to a grand possibility of healing John, to once again have normal life as every family should.

How you can help?

We need funds to purchase healing supplies and cover cost of living to continue the new path of energy so John doesn’t regress and die.

Our daughters need their dad to see them graduate and to walk Kelly down the isle. I want to wake up next to my John ready for life’s adventures instead of an empty cold spot with thoughts of what should be.

Our future grand children need to experience their grandfather not just stories told about him and 2 dimensional pictures. John is as important as any dad or husband should be to their family.

Please help Team J.O.H.N. before John runs out of time. We have real world solutions that are working every day for John! We need funds to purchase healing supplies so John will have a chance to complete this healing process that our insurance will not pay for.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to heal, instill hope and educate those in need including cancer, autism and seizures. 

Our Goal:

Our goal is for John to heal to normal with critical diverse thinking in place, John at his best to be with his family, able to help educate others and give hope for healing so no one should suffer needlessly.

Finish healing and funds need:

Please help us finish healing John so we can help others. Share this story and donate today. Thank you for believing. John’s goal is to give back with healing support for children and adults dealing with cancer, autism and seizures disorders.  A win for John is a win for everyone.

Please help today by donating $5, $25, $100, $1,000 or more.

Once again thank you for believing and please donate and share John’s story today. Prayers are welcomed.

“Usually we are prisoners of common assumptions.”
~ Bertrand Piccard
(creator and pilot of the forever solar powered plane)

Life is good by design.

Thank you for caring,  

Team J.O.H.N.
John’s Ordinary Healing Now

Cindy, Kelly, Ashley, Shaun and Gary


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Cindy Cearley 
Modesto, CA
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