HELLO! Thank you for taking a moment to check out our campaign for ISLA ANIMALS , a 501c3 non-profit organization located on the island of Isla Mujeres , Mexico. We are going to have a FREE, large scale SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC (plus vaccines, education, & more!) for the dogs and cats of Isla Mujeres. Alison Sawyer Current, Isla Animals' founder, has provided all of the info on the upcoming clinic below. With your support (even with a $5.00 donation), we hope to make it a great success!
Quick Facts: Spay/Neuter Clinic (for dogs & cats) and Pet Care Expo + vaccines, education & more... * Dates: NOVEMBER 17-21, 2014, Hours: 8.30am-6pm * UPDATE 11/10: We have added Nov. 22 as an Education for children (no surgeries) with activities to learn how to care for your dog, assisting bathing, vaccines and more! *Location: UPDATE 11/10 Agapito and the municipal give given us a space for the third time, and the clinic will be at the Sindicato de Taxis in La Gloria!
Isla Animals Spay/Neuter Details:
A Spay or Neuter at a clinic by Isla Animals  is NOT simply a surgery. ALL animals ALSO receive FREE OF CHARGE: *De-worming medicine * Tick removal * Application of flea and tick medicine * Nail clipping * Hair cut/shave if needed *Treatment/medicine for other medical conditions if found
****Owners are encouraged to stay with their pets and participate in the recovery, where we can show them how to clean ears, administer flea/tick medicine, clip nails, etc. Our ultimate goal is to provide education and create responsibility, involvement, and pride in dog ownership. At our last clinic, some pets could not be operated on because they required medications for illness. IA has been treating & monitoring these cases (for free). They are now well enough for surgery!***
PHOTO: A lesson on how to clean ears & clip nails at the March clinic.
*IA volunteers also go door to door in various neighborhoods prior to clinics to offer/explain the spay/neuter surgeries. There are also many people without transportation, or crates, and IA volunteers will actually pick-up and drop-off people's pets for them on the day of surgery if they have no other option, or provide them with crates or traps as needed.
PHOTO: Deliveries and check ups at Guadalupana in the Blue Streak.
*Leashes, collars, food, medicine,  flea/tick treatments, and vaccinnes often go home FREE of charge, for exchange of volunteer services, or for a minimal donation.
PHOTO: A hungry puppy gets a nutritious meal.

Why is THIS Spay/Neuter Clinic special?:

1- This will be a FIVE DAY Spay/Neuter Clinic that will be FREE OF CHARGE for all dog and cat owners of Isla Mujeres. In addition, ALL stray dogs and cats we can round up will receive surgeries and after care. 
PHOTO: A kitten arriving for surgery.
2- We also want to have a VACCINATION STATION to administer vaccines as well as other medicines as necessary. The cost will be a small donation (we find that when owners have to pay a small donation, they take greater responsibility in pet ownership, and value the service more than a handout.) OR an exchange for volunteer time. 
PHOTO: ABOVE ^ This poor baby, Knight, came to the October clinic in Punta Sam. He had so many ticks, he had to be anesthetized to remove all of them and is now receiving treatment for Erlichia. BELOW v Just two weeks later, Knight is still receiving treatment from Isla Animals and has a forever home lined up with Kodi! Look at those eyes, there is HOPE. What a difference two weeks of love and care from Isla Animals can make!
3-We want to have a shaving station where owners can bring their dogs that are severely matted.
PHOTO: (ABOVE) The BEFORE. Street dog Ernie came to a clinic covered in burrs and matted. (BELOW) The AFTER. Ernie after an Isla Animals cleanup. He now has a loving home with Marla & Javi & new dog brother Aubie on Isla.
4-Depending on location and funds, we would like to have a flea and tick dog bath/dip for owners to bathe their dogs with assistance of a volunteer. ALL shampoos/flea and tick shampoos/towels will be supplied by Isla Animals free of charge) 
5-Isla Animals also wants to have a small table of items for sale at very low cost for pet owners (flea/tick treatment, food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, etc. OR they can exchange goods for volunteer time. In the case where someone absolutely cannot afford the smallest donation, they will be given free of charge.
PHOTO: Sales table at the March campaign 
6- There will be an EDUCATION STATION: One for children with coloring books and crayons donated by Isla Animals, and one for adults, which will include education on how to take care of your pet as well as general information for quick and easy solutions for using household items to care for their pet while keeping costs down. At our last clinic in March one little girl stayed the entire day helping and now wants to be a vet! That is so exciting, the children are the future and education is key! See our Wish List below for the printing of coloring books!
PHOTO: Children learning at the education station at the March clinic.

***This is why we need your support! Please consider donating if you are in a position to do so. And/or help by sharing this campaign on your social media!***

If you would like to see some of Alison's story and how she became involved with the animals, I STRONGLY encourage you to watch the below short film about her work. Animals in Mexico don't have a voice, there are no services here like the ASPCA. This film is incredibly enlightening as to the battle of helping dogs in Mexico-And  Isla Animals will never stop fighting to be a voice for the animals!:

Who is our Veterinary Team for the Spay/Neuter Clinic?: (Please keep in mind that our vets are volunteering their time, and additionally pay their own flights and/or transportation, often raising funds for/bringing their own medicine. Isla Animals finds them volunteered housing for the duration of the clinic).
PHOTO ABOVE: Dr. Jorge Arturo Dzul León is the owner of Petland Cancun Animal Clinic. He is also the official veterinarian of Isla Animals.
PHOTO ABOVE: Dr. Jonas Watson is a companion animal veterinarian working in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and regularly holds veterinary clinics in remote communities throughout Northern Canada. He works closely with, and provides medical and surgical services to several local dog and cat rescue organizations in Winnipeg. Dr. Watson presently serves as the Manitoba Veterinary Medical Association's representative on the board of directors for the Winnipeg Humane Society, as a director on the board of the Canadian Animal Blood Bank, and as a member of council for the MVMA.

Why is your goal $5,000.00?:
Our goal for this Spay/Neuter Clinic & Expo is to perform surgeries on 200 animals. (We did 220 surgeries at the last big clinic!!!!)Through our extremely streamlined process we have reduced the cost of surgeries to $20 for a complete Neuter, and $30 for a complete Spay. If we have 100 spays and 100 neuters, we are at 200 surgeries: $5,000.00. And with more surgeries expected, and all of the medicines, vaccinations, flea/tick treatments, collars, leashes, etc. that will be given away, it should be MUCH higher. UPDATE: 11/16 We are thrilled to have surpassed our goal and have raised it to $6,000.00. The more we raise, the more we can do! As always, 100% of funds raised will go to the animals. 
Why is Spay and Neuter the main focus of Isla Animals?:
*Pups born on the street or to poor families that don't care for them and are on their own by the time they are 6-8 weeks old. Their health suffers, they are born into a life of starvation, neglect, aggressive dogs, aggressive people, busy streets in a world that doesn't value them and sees them as a nuisance just for being born.
*Street dog overpopulation means: less food for more dogs - more aggressive dogs fighting for the food that there is - less healthy dogs with skin issues that are even less appealing because they are eating garbage and not enough - more dogs to spread highly infectious and fatal diseases such as distemper - wounded dogs everywhere that become a common sight and therefore it creates less sympathy - they are kicked - hit by cars - in dog fights and on and on...
*There is also a cancerous tumor in Mexico that is sexually transmitted called a TVT. They grow quickly and kill both male and female dogs. If the animals are spayed and neutered than they are not sexually active and will not get this tumor.
*Animals can go into heat at 6 months of age before they are done growing themselves and it sucks everything out of their bodies that they need to grow. (We once trapped a cat that was pegnant and spayed her, she was only going to have one kitten, and probably would not have been able to birth it because she was so weak and she had no teeth because she probably had her first litter too young and it sucked al the calcium that she needed to finish growing and put it into her babies.
PHOTO: This is an incredible example of what happens to a street dog that is not spayed and has litter after litter... It sucks all the vitamins out of the mom. Having all those puppies just kills her at a young age. This is NOT an old dog, but she was worn out when she was rescued off the street with tons of wounds from fighting for food most likely. There is nothing that a female street dog can do when she goes into heat, every male is after her. I can't even imagine what this dog has been through. She just sat there in that chair all day without moving, waiting her turn to be spayed. This momma was lucky to be picked up, spayed and then adopted by a very kind woman, so her breeding days are thankfully over.)

What is the history and the effects of Isla Animals' Spay/Neuter campaigns in the local community?:
*After 15 years of our Spay and Neuter Clinics, people are seeing a BIG difference. There used to be wild dogs on the beaches here and these are the survivors. They are smart, fast and impossible to catch. They used to pack up and go after people every once in a while. More sterilization means less puppies & less street dogs, and people are starting to take better care of the dogs they have.
*Street dogs are a health hazard - they spread garbage - defecate in the street - get aggressive-bite people, chase motos - neighborhoods don't want them but, feel helpless to control the situation.
*The normal cycle here was that a family dog had pups, and as soon as the mom stopped cleaning up the poop or the pups required extra food they were boxed up and left in an empty lot. Those that survived learned to live on the street and were rejected and became more fearful and wary and the problem just got bigger and bigger.
*Now that there are less street dogs due to yearly spay and neuter people are seeing an improvement. Children were taught to fear animals but now there are less animals, therefore less danger. And people are objecting to their neighbors putting their dogs in the street. They are seeing that a dog can be respected and trained and walked and cleaned and maybe even brought into the house as a member of the family.

We hope, with your help, to make this clinic a great success. A donation of as little as $5.00 will go a long way - that is the cost of 25% of a surgery-possibly more with donated medicines. If we had 380 people donate just $10.00, we could meet our goal. (As always, 100% of funds raised are deposited directly into Isla Animals' bank account from gofundme) We thank you for taking the time to check our page, and for sharing it!

We completely encourage anyone who prefers other Donation methods to consider contributing to this fund via PAYPAL, CHECK/MAIL, or IN PERSON. (Please include a message if donating via Paypal, Check/Mail, or In Person that you would like funds to be used for the Spay/Neuter Clinic, and we will add your name and/or message online here, and put those funds towards our overall goal! If you wish to remain Anonymous that is ok too!) Here is how can:
----->CHECK/Mail: Payable To: Isla Animals. Mailing Address: Alison Sawyer, 1750 30th St #197, Boulder CO 80301
------>PAYPAL: You can donate on *Please include "November Clinic " in the message and any note you may like so we may add it to this site!
-----> CASH In Person on Isla Mujeres (pesos/usd):
1 - At MARINA PARAISO HOTEL/BARLITO  (1 mile south of ferry dock) with Tiffany Wareing. 
2 - At Casa el Pio Hotel  (in centro on Av. Hidalgo behind the basketball court) with Sally Margolis (Mon-Sat 9am-12pm) *Please include your name, email address, and Spay/Neuter Clinic with cash donations so we may add it to this site!*
PHOTO: Pamela of Isla Animals, giving a leash to a family walking a dog on a rope. The pup is saying Thank You.

I will be on Isla Mujeres November 17-22, can I Volunteer?:
Yes, please!!! We welcome with open arms any and all volunteers at this clinic! You don't need any special skills or experience. (We will have our vets and vet techs doing all of the work that requires special training.)  Our volunteers play a huge role in set-up, checking animals in, keeping paperwork in order, walking dogs, bathing dogs, assisting with recovery, and more. If you are hard working, willing, and an animal lover, this is a great opportunity to help the animals and the community of Isla Mujeres. I have volunteered at many clinics and learned so much, as well as had a lot of fun with my fellow volunteers.
Photo: Trina and Bundy of CARM  at our March clinic, super volunteers! 
PHOTO: Super volunteers, Eileen & Bonnie.

How do I sign up to volunteer?:

We are asking for people to sign up for shifts: 8am-1pm & 1pm-6pm. But, of course are COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE. You may sign up for as many shifts as you like, or just one if you desire. We ask that you wear clothing you don't mind getting dirty, and comfortable shoes. You may email Alison at [email redacted] to schedule a shift.
PHOTO: Super volunteer Dr. Barlow never misses a clinic.

I don't have time to volunteer at clinic, but, can I donate anything during the clinic while I am on Isla Mujeres?:
Yes! We would LOVE people to stop in to donate:
*USED CLEAN TOWELS! These are in HIGH demand and SHORT supply during clinics. Animals are wrapped in towels post-surgery to keep body temperature up during recovery and we ALWAYS need more than we have. And with (hopeful) addition of a Bathing Station at this clinic, even more than usual will be necessary.
*Soft drinks, gatorade, fruit drinks, bottled water, garafons of water (&plastic cups) are SO appreciated. We have many volunteers and vets working long and hard hours in the heat. It is vital to keep hydrated. People that stop by to donate cold drinks are often the highlight of the day!
*Granola bars, cookies, and other snacks that can be eaten quickly, are also appreciated.
*Crayons for the kids coloring books
*Paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, zip ties, duct tape, permanent markers, pens, gauze (3X3 & 4X4), cotton, Q-tips, tweezers
*We are also looking for someone to sponsor the printing of 100 "coloring books". That is 6 pages per book, or 600 copies. 
*Our ongoing general medical and non-medical supplies wish list can be found here.
*We are always looking for pet escorts to help us fly pups to their forever homes out of Cancun. All the paperwork is taken care of as well as all the costs. Options for cargo and in-cabin pups. Contact Alison directly for more information on how you can be an escort!: [email redacted]

Come learn about ISLA ANIMALS, a 501C3 organization started in 1999, 100% funded by donations. We have rescued over 5,400+ dogs since 1999 and are dedicated to decreasing the unwanted pet population on Isla Mujeres, Mexico through on-going spay/neuter programs, education, vaccinations and adoption. Our Goals:
--->To provide free spay/neuter clinics to help control the animal population on Isla Mujeres.
--->To provide free or reduced cost veterinary services and vaccinations
--->To offer animal foster care and promote adoptions in Mexico, USA and Canada
--->To educate pet owners about humane animal treatment, care and responsibility
--->To do all of the above in the most humane, compassionate way possible
And learn about how you can volunteer if you are coming to the island, or if you can bring donations (even EXPIRED medicine is useful-and we are ALWAYS in need of tweezers and good scissors!)
Please visit our web page at:
And our Facebook page:

DEDICATION: Although we have been working on this page for a few weeks, we would like to dedicate this campaign to Lucky, an Isla street dog, who was taken off the street a few days ago and electrocuted. This has to end. I only wish he had been taken to Isla Animals instead. This is exactly why Spay/Neuter and Education campaigns are so important to this island. I hope this never happens again. May he rest in peace. "This is Lucky's campaign, let's make it everything it can be." - Alison Sawyer Current

Thank you for your support. Let's end on a happy note with some IA success stories below:

MAGIC MIKE (ABOVE): Two tourists witnessed Poor Magic Mike, a poodle, being dumped at Punta Sur late one night. He went running off after the moto he was thrown from, and the two tourists who were star gazing at the time, jumped in their golf cart and chased after them. The moto stopped, picked up the dog, threw him into the golf cart and gestured they didn’t want him anymore and then sped off.  Mike found a forever home through Isla Animals and will finally  be loved and cared for like a dog should.

This is IA volunteer Eileen and Estrella (BEFORE ABOVE....AFTER BELOW). Estrella belongs to an older couple who live in downtown, Isla Mujeres. Eileen showed up in the Blue Streak and offered to groom the poor matted dog right there on her golf cart. Apparently the owners saw the whole thing, clapping and happy as they watched their poor dog being relieved of about five pounds of knots.

This is Ebony.  She was thrown from a moving car and luckily someone saved her by tying her to his gate until we could pick her up. She had been used for breeding and then I guess they didn’t need her anymore. She has had tons of TLC to make her feel safe - to skin problems - to putting some meat on her bones - to deworming and vitamins - to vaccinating her and then finally spaying her. She’s not happy in her cone but she’s healthy and the beautiful dog she was always supposed to be. She is looking for her forever home!

Gerdy (ABOVE BEFORE, BELOW AFTER)We found Gerdy skinny covered with ticks and fleas and wounded, she was about four months old. After taking care of her we wanted to keep her but the owner insisted on having her back and promised that she would care for her properly. When we went to check on Gerdy she was worse than the first time that we found her. After that she was ours, never going back. The before picture is of her the second time we took her and the after is of her now in her forever home. Look at the difference in her eyes. We can do this with every sad case with enough time, energy and money. 

Have a beautiful day!

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