At 3:15am today, this world lost it's brightest light. For all those whose lives she touched, consider yourself blessed. Alyson was - and is - an angel.

Thank God that she is at peace now, but will be missed tremendously.

I love you Bunny - you fought that good fight to the end. Mommy loves you.

So, in Alyson's words, "LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU ALL. BE KIND TO EACH OTHER. See ya on the flip side...."

THIS IS THE LATEST - FROM 4/23 - Alyson has been in the hospital for like 2 weeks now. Originally started with going to ER for pain management. That turned into an admission. Then after many tests, Alyson insisting on getting a chest x-ray before they were going to discharge her. It turned out that she has large amounts of fluid around her lungs. That turned into surgical procedures to insert drainage tubes. Then they had to do a treatment to adhere the lungs to be able remove the tubes, but they could only do 1 at a time. OMG the pain that caused - for hours!! Her little body is too weak for this much pain...she's saying she might not want the 2nd treatment for the other lung.

So... once again I'm reaching out for your help, support and prayers. This is so's something I can't even stop from's unbelievably hard for me to watch this unfold. Thank you all...
From 4/12 -  Alyson's primary medication that helps keep her out of pain was not approved for insurance covereage in time and she ran out of medication days ago.  We go through this BS with the insurance every month.  On Monday (4/10) we went to the Oncologist before chemo and my son came with us. He boldly asked straight out how long the Dr. estimates she has and the Dr. said IF the chemo works, probably 6 - 12 months. If the chemo doesn't work, probably less. He says the cancer is incurable. I don't even know how to deal right now.

On Tuesday, (4/11) pain got so unbearable I had to take her back to the hospital and she's still there.  They are having an unbelievably hard time managing the pain. Why can't they just get it stratight and stop torturing someone already in such distress.  AAARRRGGHHH makes me as mad as it does sad to see her.

I love you all for helping with the prayers and the GoFundMe.  It's especially urgent right now...
Alyson got released from the hospital on 3/29 and still experiencing horrible pain from lymphedema, kidney issues and cancer pain in her back. 
She can't even stand up straight and when she does try to stand, can barely walk because of the swelling from the waist down.  The medical supply company is sending another piece of equipment that will hopefully make it a bit easier for her to get around - a walker with a built-in seat.  She's supposed to start chemo treatments again this coming Monday - please God let it work!!!!!

Think about it - this is a vibrant young lady in her very early 30's with a fucking wheelchair, mechanical hospital bed, and now a walker.  Please pray and please donate to the bucket list campaign. 
ANY amount helps!!  ALL prayers welcomed!!    <3
Yesterday (3/25/17) was the 3 year "anniversary" of the first cancer diagnosis.
As of 3/25/17, Alyson has spent over a week in the hospital again. The lymphedema from her waist down is so bad, that the nurses say her skin is stretched as far as it can go and unless they find something to make it go down, her skin could actually start cracking. They can't totally pinpoint the infection that she has (one of the reasons she got admitted). They're treating with antibiotics, diuretics, essential fluids, and god knows what else. BUT SHE'S STILL FIGHTING!!! Please include this brave sweet soul in your prayers and as always, ANY donation is so greatly appreciated. <I love you bunny>
Alyson's update from 3/13/17:
OK, so I was in the hospital twice over the past week. They found I have a pulmonary embolism in my left lower lung. It's a blood clot with a fancy name that traveled up from my leg. They gave me Xarelto to treat it but the medication is doing weird things and making my urine straight blood. It is listed as a side effect but it's still worrisome to me so I'll check that out on Tuesday when I see the Urologist. Also, there is cancer on my lower spine as well as the middle of my spine and a CT scan showed a small new spot on my liver, so apparently the chemo before wasn't working and the shit keeps fucking spreading. I finally know why I can't stand up straight or lay down flat and have to sleep in a sitting position. The damn cancer on my spine. One doctor mentioned the word 'paralysis' but I'm trying not to think about that ever happening. Going to keep my body strong and stay active like I've been.

I start a third type of chemo today so I pray this shit works. If not, my doc said after this, then I can see if I qualify for clinical trials of Immunotherapy. If I don't qualify, he said there's not much else to do, so I'd basically go on hospice care to keep me out of pain, but I could do it at home. I'd have an IV so I can be comfortable and not have to go to the hospital, but that would mean no more treatment. If this chemo fails, I'm going to check with MD Anderson which I've been hearing so much about to see if they have any other ideas or methods they'd try outside of what's already been attempted. Please keep me and my family, friends and loved ones in your prayers. Keep sending those positive vibes and good energy. And as always, thank you for following me on my journey. Lettuce sea what happens. Love and light to you all!

#fuckcancer #lettucesea
For those who do not know the story, Alyson became pregnant at the end of 2013 and we celebrated the great news during the holidays that year.  However, not long after that she had to have an emergency C-section because of abnormal bleeding caused by cervical cancer that was discovered during her pregnancy. Sadly, the baby (Alessandra) did not make it - she was just too early and could not develop. Her little lungs couldn't work and she had so many issues.

But we still consider the baby to be a miracle, because had my daughter not become pregnant, they wouldn't have discovered her cancer. So now Alyson is fighting that battle, and we are hopeful she will beat it.

This difficult time has caused the family to experience tremendous financial and emotional

So even up to the current time, being the holiday season again we're reaching out to our friends and family for love, prayers and donations. Your gifts help cover Alyson's cancer treatments, travel to the numerous doctors, tests, and other care.  

Any and all donations are so greatly appreciated.

So, here we are, 20 or so months later, and the battle is back on. Alyson is a fighter, a sweet spirit, an inspiration, and one bad-ass b----. The following is one of the updates posted on FB, but first.... BACK OFF CANCER! You will not win!

Update: So as it turns out, the cancer has indeed made its presumed comeback. It's metastasized in my chest, abdomen, groin, and paraortic areas. Because it is so high up in my body, my chemo doc is declaring it Stage IV. In speaking to him and weighing out my options, we have decided to do a biopsy just to rule out infection and start 3 rounds of chemo, once every three weeks beginning January 21st. In three months, I'll have another PET scan to check my progress and see how my body responds to the chemo.

As for physical therapy, I was too late yesterday as my first appointment ran over so I didn't get wrapped. BUT, I am going to today so I'll have pictures of that up later. Let the penguin shuffle commence!

I'll post updates as I get them and pics of progress. Thanks to all of you for following my journey, for making it interesting and for all the kind words. I love you all. A little something I occasionally tell some people I know: "Once you strip away all human emotion, the only thing left is love." This is true. Love is not an emotion, rather a state of being. Be kind to each other. <3
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