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InaFlash Video Non-Return Movie Rentals on a Flashdrive 

I am raising money to start a non return movie and game rental on a flash drive business. I will be partnering with retailers across the USA, Canada,Europe, Australia and anywhere people want to rent.

While developing this business model I pledged 25% of taxable income every year to to make sure this business always pays it forward. does wonderful things all over the world by drilling fresh water wells, water purification and sanitation. Doesn't everyone deserve clean water!



My name is Robert Luttrall, I am a 51 year old commercial building contractor in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

If you are reading this, you are privileged to have internet access. A large majority do not and do not have the options you have to watch movies. This is what Rbox lives on.

There are several competing dynamics in the current home movie marketplace. Movie studios are not happy with the current state of movie rentals through companies such as Redbox. The studios have tried to placed limits on how quickly new movies can be rented through rental outlets.

The reasons include a loss of revenue to studios because this would infringe on their video sales. Consumers, on the other hand, would enjoy the convenience of seeing movies in their own home closer to the video release date without having to buy . A marketplace is looking for a solution that compensates studios when movies are watched, while giving customers the ability to watch the movie closer to its release date. A partnership with the studios would allow an earlier release of movies because it would compensate studios for loss of video sale revenues.

Another marketplace dynamic is that consumers have moved to streaming in greater numbers because of the ability to have the movie they want as well as the convenience of home delivery. It is frustrating when a consumer tries to rent a popular movie and it is not available. Also, the convenience of having a movie delivered to your home is compelling. However, studies have found that consumers start to abandon streaming video after 2 seconds of lag in delivery. After 60 seconds of lag, 80% of consumers will abandon their streaming content. Clearly, the market needs the ability to obtain whatever movie is desired along with as much convenience as possible, with home delivery being optimal.


Phase 1
InaFlash Video will partner with major pizza franchises and independent retailers to offer movie rentals loaded on a flash drive to customers . This is a low cost plan which only requires a stand alone touch screen computer with internal and external hard drive logged into InaFlashVideo website to enable unzipping and coping video files to a proprietary flash drive.
This eliminates costly cabinet , card scanners and printers plus no need for technicians to provided upkeep.

Phase 2
InaFlashvideo will place along with expanding restaurant partners kiosk style consumer vending machines in high traffic areas to compete directly with hard disc rental vending machine like Redbox, Blockbuster and Hollywood video which account for majority of a $4,000,000,000 a year hard disc rental industry .

InaFlashvideo will profit share with the studios in order to obtain movies faster than the competition and be able to copy movies to flash drives using industry standard copy protection. Copying movies to flash means that there are no longer any issues with inventory load balancing of popular movies. InaFlashvideo will be able to create as many copies as demand requires on a timed rental basis.

The initial product will be movie rentals via thumb or flash drive made to order at restaurant or in Phase 2 at our kiosks. Sales will be solicited through a combination of advertising, partner locations, and partner delivery.

InaFlashvideo plans an innovative distribution method in addition to the traditional kiosk locations such as grocery stores, drug stores and service stations. Customers have shown a preference for home delivery of their content. InaFlashvideo will partner with leading national and local food delivery such as pizzerias, Chinese food, grocery and restaurant delivery franchises. There are over 1 Billion pizzas delivered per year. This is a symbiotic relationship because viewers tend to buy a pizza and watch a movie. If they could get both a pizza and a movie delivered at the same time, it would promote business for both InaFlashvideo as well as delivery partners. Additional locations which have not been currently leveraged to date are bank branches. Having kiosks located at banks would increase availability of InaFlashvideo distribution.

Other revenue streams to be pursued after initial rollout include downloads to InaFlashvideo Flash drives, partnering with content providers for old pay-per-view content such as sporting events, early content movie releases, etc.


Phase 1
Will involve partnering with food franchises and independent retailers
The Point of Sale unit for this Phase will be $800-$1000 installed

Phase 2
InaFlashvideo will begin operations with movie rentals based on content copied to a flash drive made to order. The InaFlashvideo kiosks will cost about $2500 - $5000 installed which is less than a quarter the price of a Redbox kiosk and allows for faster placement. Content will be copied onto proprietary flash drives that the customer buys and can re-use. The specially formatted flash drives present an added revenue stream.

Kiosks will be designed to be able to handle from one to many customers at once and this will be based upon location volume. Locations will be selected based on a combination of walking traffic as well as volume potential. Traditional sites such as service stations, grocery stores, Walmarts and drug stores are in play today, however locations such as banks, shopping malls, restaurants, vacation destinations, post offices, quick mail facilities and other large chain stores are open for expansion. Once a preference for “Rental without Limits” (never out of movies), current chains will also be approached with better revenue sharing and converted from Redbox locations.

Our partnering model for food delivery is also a very strong business model that gives both InaFlashvideo as well as our partners added revenues and stronger customer royalties. A kiosk will be placed in pizza delivery businesses and when a customer orders a pizza (or any other food delivery, the restaurant can take an order for a movie, put the movie on a flash drive and deliver it with the pizza. This gives their customers a reason to buy from them and gives them an opportunity for revenue sharing and a service charge to enhance their profits. This also gives InaFlashvideo lots of opportunity for product placement with 62,000 pizza restaurants available. This market also includes Chinese, sandwich and any other types of food delivery which puts it over 100,000 all by itself.

My idea is downloading movies to a flash-drive instead of dvd for the purpose of movie rental. The flash-drive will have a programmed-in erase function that can be set to a specified amount of time which will not start till you insert it into a usb slot. This will give you the option of when you want the timer to start. When you order your movie, there will be 10,000's of titles to choose from and an unlimited stock of the newest releases.



In the first phase of this business model, we will be partnering with one of the major pizza franchises which will allow for you to order a movie with your food, have it delivered or pick it up with or without food order. We will also be working with independent retailers to offer them an opportunity to increase income and traffic.

How money will be used.
1st phase.
1. 75,000 will be used to develop Operating System that will link Retailer and our server. This is a very complex system.
2. 1,250,000 will be used to purchase and then place 500 units in Retailers.
3. The remaing balance will pay wages to staff.
4.All profit will be used to place more units till we have placed a unit close to everyone.

Flash-drives will require a one time refundable deposit. Under this model the movie you want to watch is always available and there will be thousands of titles to chose from. Even request a classic movie with advanced notice to the location you rent from. You will also have the option to choose how long you want to rent. The timer will not start until you plug the flash-drive into your player. So you choose when you watch it. This allows for you to store up on movies for the week or before you go on vacation. Under this business model we will be profit sharing with the studios increasing their revenue from dvd rentals which currently is less then 5%(RBox) to 30+%, allowing the studios more money to invest in more and better movies which is win-win for consumer and studio. This model could also promote earlier release dates, even the possibility of simultaneous release during theater release, with of course higher rental fees which is great for people with young children or those just don't like theater experience . Under this model you will not need a credit card to rent so it eliminates the possibilities of having your bank account or credit card charged for late fees on something you returned, but somehow it was not accounted for, which is a very major problem with current Rbox rentals. Fact is, most people do not check their bank or Credit card statements so a majority of these charges go unknown . One other thing to consider is about 40% of families have access to high speed internet leaving 60% that are forced to use kiosk Rbox rentals. By helping fund this project, you will be making history, not unlike when VHS and DVD rentals changed the world.

The Funding of $1.5 million will supply 500 Point Of Sale units in the Pizza Franchise, provide a stock of flash-drives, setup up an accounting department and pay for operating system of POS units. It will also employ many people while this product is brought to market.

If you are sick of lack of inventory, lack of selection or the hassle of having to return a rental, then LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

InaFlash Video, the next age in movie rentals

Phase two will be an online store for downloads to Flash-drives.

Every dollar over the funding goal will be used to open more locations which will enable us to launch this even faster, giving More People A Better Choice. My ultimate goal is to have 40,000 locations across the US, Canada and Europe by the end of first year of operation.

It is past time for a new media, especially since the players already exist and are even coming installed in new smart tvs. It is time to get rid of our current method of movie rentals, who choose to stand behind a loophole in copyright laws, basically ripping off studios of their revenues that they could use to make more or better movies. If you are sick of a limited supply, small selection of some current methods of rental, don't like the hassle of returning the rental or tired of constant buffering by internet method, you should be a major force in bringing about this change, even if you only contribute by helping spread the word. Besides the original perks, contributors will receive special offers such as free rentals, flash drives, free food and latest marketing merchandise as this model becomes the Next Big Thing . Contributors will never be forgotten and my Thanks will never cease.
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Robert Luttrall 
Weatherford, TX
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